Reflections on Self Psychology (Psychology Revivals)

Reflections on Self Psychology (Psychology Revivals)


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ISBN-13: 9780415718431
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/09/2015
Pages: 448
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

Joseph D. Lichtenberg Introduction. Samuel Kaplan and Joseph D. Lichtenberg Acknowledgements Part 1. Introductory Section 1 Ralph J. Kahana Reflections on Narcissism in Boston 2 John Demos Introduction of Dr Heinz Kohut 3 Heinz Kohut Greetings 4 Arnold M. Cooper Psychoanalytic Inquiry and New Knowledge Part 2. The Development of the Self: Infant Research 5 Donald Silver Prologue 6 Gerald Stechler Infancy Research: A Contribution to Self Psychology 7 Daniel N. Stern The Early Development of Schemas of Self, Other, and ‘Self with Other’ 8 Louis S. Sander To Begin with – Reflections on Ontogeny 9 Virginia Demos Discussion of Papers by Drs Sander and Stern 10 Marian Tolpin Discussion of Papers by Drs Stern and Sander Part 3. Self Psychology: Implications for Psychoanalytic Practice 11 David A. Berkowitz Self Psychology: Clinical Considerations 12 Anna Ornstein An Idealizing Transference of the Oedipal Phase 13 Helen Meyers The Oedipal Complex and Self Psychology: Discussion of Paper by Dr Ornstein 14 Joseph D. Lichtenberg An Application of the Self Psychological Viewpoint to Psychoanalytic Technique 15 N. Treurniet Discussion of a Paper by Dr Lichtenberg 16 Ernest S. Wolf Discussion of Papers by Drs Lichtenberg and Ornstein Part 4. Self Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theoretical and Clinical Considerations 17 Samuel Kaplan Self Psychology: Relevance to Psychotherapy 18 Michael Franz Basch The Significance of Self Psychology for a Theory of Psychotherapy 19 Robert Michels Discussion of a Paper by Dr Basch 20 Nathaniel J. London Confrontation and Selfobject Transference: A Case Study 21 Sheldon Bach Discussion of a Paper by Dr London 22 Sydney Smith Closing Comment Part 5. Self Psychology: Implications for Psychoanalytic Theory 23 Melvin Bornstein Prologue 24 Robert D. Stolorow Self Psychology – A Structural Psychology 25 Arnold Goldberg Self Psychology and Alternative Perspectives on Internalization 26 Robert S. Wallerstein Self Psychology and ‘Classical’ Psychoanalytic Psychology – The Nature of Their Relationship: A Review and Overview 27 Paul H. Ornstein Discussion of Papers by Drs Goldberg, Stolorow, and Wallerstein Part 6. Theory 28 Heinz Kohut Selected Problems of Self Psychological Theory. Name Index. Subject Index

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