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Reflective Empowerment: Empower Yourself

Reflective Empowerment: Empower Yourself

by Philip Guy Rochford
Reflective Empowerment: Empower Yourself

Reflective Empowerment: Empower Yourself

by Philip Guy Rochford


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If you want to design the best life for yourself change old habits that no longer serve your best interests. Introduce new habits that will empower you.

Reflective Empowerment facilitates building an internal structure that gives you a mind set to release your potential and greatness. A key is to reflect on the content as you read along, and act on the elements that empower you to success. It is not merely reading for information. You have to be proactive in responding in a structured, consistent manner to what you read

Reflective Empowerment shows you:

- How to move from apathy to empowerment
- Secrets and benefits of reflection
- Importance and benefits of action
- The practice of examining your life
- Where to put emphasis in your strategic thinking

Reflective Empowerment is designed as a one-year program to increase your personal empowerment. There are 52 weeks in a year, and there is a different Empowerment Reflection for the first five days of each week, with review and action steps for you to take on the 6th and 7th day of each week. Space is provided in the appropriate places in the book to do this. The simple manner in which the book, Reflective Empowerment, is structured facilitates the release of a person's potential and greatness. You are asked to read reflectively, and to take appropriate consistent action that will empower your success. Read, Reflect, and Review to Reveal Your Brilliance. You can be personally empowered, as you are the star of your own show. The choice is yours. Do it!

Reflective Empowerment provides the backdrop to enable you to design the precise life you want-it details how to empower yourself. The route to your empowerment is mapped out in Reflective Empowerment that gives the background to 7 critical steps of empowerment:

- Self-awareness
- Vision of your purpose
- Clarify and detail your goals
- Embrace persistence
- Upgrade your skills
- Take others to new heights
- Review your results and target your better performance

The fruits of empowering yourself are an enhanced life, and your improved contribution to others, your environment, and your community. The photographs in Reflective Empowerment capture some of the expressions in the course of empowering yourself.

Documentation of my experiences for the benefit of all is found in my four motivational and two co-authored books:

- Live a Life of "Virtual" Success (2003)
- The Executive Speaks (2005)
- Infinite Possibilities (2007)
- A Search for Purpose - co-author (2007)
- Glimpses of Greatness [my autobiography] (2009)
- Discover your Inner Strength - co-author (2009)

Reflective Empowerment is a compilation of my weekly e-newsletter that I sent out for the past six years to support my reading audience via the medium of the internet. May you be empowered as you read, reflect, design, act, and create an empowered life

Everything you think, speak, and do impact your life. You therefore have the power to make your life what you want it to be. Reflective Empowerment provides a simple program to design the life you want. It is a one-year program that builds one brick of empowerment, on another brick of empowerment, until your full brilliance of empowerment is unleashed.

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