Refocusing the Vision: Religious Life into the Future

Refocusing the Vision: Religious Life into the Future

by Barbara Fiand


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Refocusing the Vision: Religious Life into the Future by Barbara Fiand

Refocusing the Vision is the revised and greatly expanded version of Barbara Fiand's best-selling book, Living the Vision. Fiand revisits this earlier work with the eyes and experience of ten years. In Living the Vision, Barbara Fiand mapped an agenda for nuns living with the reforms set forth by the Second Vatican Council. These reforms included relaxing the rules regarding dress and living arrangements. Today many nuns live in apartment-style convents and dress in secular clothing. In addition, many nuns have eschewed traditional roles such as teaching and missionary work in favor of more fulfilling careers in social action and spirituality. Many nuns today even run parishes where no priest is available. In this new edition the reader will find three added Appendices, but by far the most revision and expansion will be found in chapter 4. The questions raised there are provocative and may be disturbing to some.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780824518905
Publisher: Crossroad Publishing Company
Publication date: 03/28/2001
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.79(d)

Table of Contents

1.Turning Point17
Culture in Crisis19
Thinking into Our Myths25
Refounding Our Myths30
Toward a Holistic Paradigm40
Questions for Focus, Reflection, and Discussion53
2.What Matters Is Vision54
No Longer Set Apart56
The Primacy of Disposition66
Questions for Focus, Reflection, and Discussion74
3.Blessed Are the Poor76
The Question of Solidarity76
Called to Self-Sacrifice80
A Personal Yes83
True Poverty86
The Unity of Interiority and Justice88
Toward Softness of Heart91
Some Reflections on Our Existential Situation92
"Haves and Have-Nots,"95
Personal Responsibility for Justice100
Questions for Focus, Reflection, and Discussion102
4.Community, Celibacy, and Intimacy104
Revisiting the Issues105
Models for Group Living117
Our Gathering Priorities123
Relationship and Intimacy126
Called to Vulnerability133
Taking Ownership of Our Feelings135
Living the Tension139
Some Reflections on Our Existential Situation140
Encountering the Shadow143
Further Reflections on Intimacy145
Our Homesickness for God150
Questions for Focus, Reflection, and Discussion159
5.Creative Fidelity162
Facing the Crisis164
Authoritarian Obedience166
The Consequences of Authoritarian Obedience170
Co-authority and Co-obedience174
Autonomous Obedience176
Creative Fidelity180
Unifying Force for All Three Vows183
Fiat People185
Some Reflections on Our Existential Situation187
Obedience That Touches the Universe191
Questions for Focus, Reflection, and Discussion197
6.Conversion toward Increase200
Expectations and Assumptions206
The Stress Factor210
Drawn to Prayer and to Community213
Organic Incorporation217
Questions for Focus, Reflection, and Discussion220
Appendix 1Conversion of Consciousness227
Personal Maturity235
Cultural Maturation237
Participatory Consciousness240
Appendix 2Paradigm Shift246
Foundations of the Modern Worldview247
The Values of This "Modern" Worldview248
Discoveries and Theories of Post-"Modern" Science250
Implications for Religious Self-Understanding252
Appendix 3Religious: A New Way of Living, a New Way of Dying256

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