Regency Radical: Selected Writings of William Hone

Regency Radical: Selected Writings of William Hone

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Wayne State University Press

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Regency Radical: Selected Writings of William Hone

The English satirist William Hone (1780-1842) became famous for his brilliant self-defense and acquittal when tried in 1817 for parodying parts of the Book of Common Prayer. His trial for "blasphemous libel" went on record as one of the most hilarious in English history, but Hone's reform-minded contemporaries, including Keats and Coleridge, viewed it as an important battle against a wave of government oppression. In this, the first comprehensive selection of Hone's writings, David A. Kent and D. R. Ewen seek to expand our understanding of this writer, political radical, publisher, and bookseller as a major figure in the reform movement of the Regency period. Illustrated with over sixty woodcuts by Hone's frequent collaborator, George Cruikshank, this book reveals the writer's commitment to such issues as parliamentary reform, religious liberty, reform of asylums, and freedom of the press, while conveying the many dimensions of his humane personality. 'Regency Radical' includes selections from Hone's early radical writings, miscellaneous prose volumes, and letters displaying his amiable wit and engaging intimacy. The trials of 1817 are reprinted for the first time in over a century, and the drama of Hone's legal battle with Lord Ellenborough, Chief Justice of England, remains gripping. Reprints of four of Hone's most successful satires, including 'The Political House that Jack Built,' appear along with Cruikshank's woodcuts to re-create the look of the original publications. The volume features an introduction, a chronology of Hone's life, a total of over seventy illustrations, and a selected bibliography.

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ISBN-13: 9780814330609
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
Publication date: 12/28/2002
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1The Trials and Other Writings
The Bullet Te Deum with the Canticle of the Stone (1817)37
From Hone's Reformists' Register (1817)43
From The Three Trials of William Hone (1818)63
From The First Trial65
From The Second Trial99
The Third Trial132
Part 2Satires
The Political House that Jack Built (1819)191
The Queen's Matrimonial Ladder (1820)215
"Non Mi Ricordo!" (1820)237
The Political Showman--At Home! (1821)249
Part 3Prose
From The Every-Day Book (1825-26)283
From The Table Book (1827)319
From The Year Book (1832)331
Part 4Selected Letters of Hone
To John Hunt, 8 May 1817345
To Francis Place, 26 June 1817346
To Sir Samuel Shepherd, 23 November 1817347
To William Upcott, 22 July 1818348
To John Childs, 8 January 1819348
To Matthew D. Hill, 1820349
To John Childs, 11 December 1820350
To Francis Place, 20 December 1820351
To John Childs, 16 March 1821352
To Mrs. Mary Cruikshank, 8 July 1822353
To Mr. Rhodes, 4 January 1823354
To Walter Wilson, 22 January 1823355
To Francis Place, 6 October 1824357
To James Montgomery, 12 April 1825358
To Robert Childs, 5 October 1825360
To John Childs, 24 April 1826361
To Robert Southey, 23 April 1830363
To Walter Wilson, 5 May 1830364
To Francis Place, 23 September 1830366
To Robert Southey, 25 November 1830368
To Robert Childs, 4 June 1831369
To Robert Childs, 13 June 1831371
To Charles Sturgeon, 27 September 1831374
To Charles Mott, 14 October 1831375
To John Childs, 7 February 1832376
To Matthew D. Hill, 29 March 1833378
To Joseph Hone, 22 April 1834380
To John Childs, 2-4 November 1839382
To Alice Hone, 30 November 1840384
Selected Bibliography459

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