Regions Less Parallel: Early Works & Rarities 1996-2004

Regions Less Parallel: Early Works & Rarities 1996-2004

by Auburn Lull


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Auburn Lull and their Michigan colleagues Windy & Carl went on hiatus in the late '90s, returning in 2004 in full force with music so high in quality it sounded as if neither group really went away -- they had just gone to the shed and waited for someone to shine the all-clear symbol on Detroit's skyline. This Auburn Lull CD isn't a new release, however, but rather a collection of hard-to-find and previously unreleased selections from the group's eight-year existence. Like Rembrandt limiting himself in color palette and working with predominantly one shade, Auburn Lull weave textures and patterns of guitars and synths tightly around one another while arrangements slowly take shape as songs progress. It can be a bit monotonous for those who aren't paying close attention to detail, but those who listen carefully can hear a multitude of things happening below the surface. And although there are moments when more traditional, song-based compositions make their presence known, Auburn Lull shine when the E-bowed drone guitars and bare-bones percussion remain the artery from which everything else flows. Ethereal and relaxed from start to finished, it's a beautiful release from a woefully underrated group, and an excellent starting point to dive into Auburn Lull's back catalog.

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Release Date: 04/26/2005
Label: Darla Records
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