Reign of Injustice: The Cal Harris Story

Reign of Injustice: The Cal Harris Story

by David M Beers, Katherine McCarthy

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On September 12, 2001, Michele Harris went missing from a small town in upstate New York. She has never been found, and the mystery surrounding her disappearance remains. Four years after she went missing, her wealthy husband, Cal Harris, was arrested and charged with her murder.

With neither a body nor a murder weapon, Cal was shockingly tried and convicted of her murder. Then new evidence surfaced. His conviction was overturned, and a new trial granted. But once again, he was convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. That conviction, too, was overturned on appeal. The saga continued as Cal went on trial for the third time. This one ended in a mistrial.

By the time Cal went on trial the fourth time, Michele had been missing for nearly 15 years.

Defense investigator, David M. Beers, worked on the Cal Harris case from start-to-finish. His account, "Reign of Injustice," walks you through the details and events of the case never before revealed. It provides a inside view of the scandalous case facts you will not find elsewhere, including why he considers Cal's story a reign of injustice.

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ISBN-13: 9781087904535
Publisher: David M. Beers
Publication date: 08/05/2020
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 486
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About the Author

David M. Beers holds a Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree from Empire State College. Previously, he served six-years in the United States Marine Corps before being honorably, discharged at the rank of Staff-Sergeant. Thereafter, Beers became a sworn member of the New York State Police. As a trooper, he excelled in his regular duties and became a police instructor. Later, helping to develop, implement and teach a state-wide highway drug-interdiction program. After being promoted to the rank of Investigator, Beers received additional training and experience and served in several specialized venues, including narcotics, major crimes, violent felony warrants, and forensics. Where he attained experience and proficiency in several forensic disciplines including, evidence collection and preservation, crime-scene investigation, fingerprints, arson awareness, fire cause and origin and blood stain/pattern analysis. Over several years receiving numerous commendations, while routinely maintaining excellent and/or outstanding performance evaluations. Beers' career in law enforcement ended prematurely as the result of what later became known as the, New York State Police, Troop 'C' evidence tampering scandal. Beers, who was initially cleared of any wrong doing was later falsely accused of a host of crimes related to his work as a police officer. After a two-year legal battle that included two trials, Beers was totally exonerated of all criminal charges. But having been tainted by the criminal accusations, despite his complete exoneration, Beers was fired from his position as a police officer. Even though his law-enforcement career had been ripped away, his training and experience had not. Over the next two years, Beers transitioned his training and experience into the private sector, where he became a licensed private investigator. With his collective experience as a police officer, defendant, and now as a private investigator, Beers developed a unique perspective of the criminal justice system. Starting from scratch, he organized and started his own investigative business he would justly name; New Perspective Investigations, specializing in criminal defense investigation and consulting. Since then, he has worked on numerous high-profile murder cases, including the one he will detail in this book, as one of the most unique and challenging cases of his career.

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