Reign of Valor

Reign of Valor

by Stanley Phillips


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Journey to Remembrance
Appearing in the condition of some ninety years before, the mission fort silently waited. It waited for the movie crew to be drawn to the actual place and time where history was about to take place.
Fate lends a hand in getting Martin, an old man, whose clothes are dirty and tattered into see a New York City literary agent. Initially, telling his story brings disbelief. However, the agent cannot deny the horrifying truth written within his uninvited guest's eyes.
His tale is about a 1928 silent movie crew that arrives at a proposed movie location in a secluded part of southern Texas. He goes on to tell that shortly after their arrival, they find the year is no longer March 1928, but March 1836 instead. They had somehow appeared at the actual place and time where the battle was to take place.
The mission fort had waited patiently for their arrival, appearing in the same condition it had been some ninety years before. It waited for someone to record and declare the valor of all the brave defenders that were about to die.
We had forgotten the life to death struggle of the men of the Alamo. He said that as of 1928, the siege of the Alamo was a little known sentence in the history books.
As strange as it might sound, what Martin was saying was true. Just because we know so much about the Alamo today, does not necessarily mean it was always so. The transformation of knowledge can take place in the slightest moment known to us. In truth, entire volumes of books can be written and rewritten within the appearance and then disappearance of a flash of a mere glitter of light.
With the heroics of the men of the Alamo now safely recorded for all to cherish, the task was completed. However, the movie crew did not bring that knowledge to light. Someone else completed the task.

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