Reiki and Your Intuition: A Union of Healing and Wisdom

Reiki and Your Intuition: A Union of Healing and Wisdom

by Tina M Zion
Reiki and Your Intuition: A Union of Healing and Wisdom

Reiki and Your Intuition: A Union of Healing and Wisdom

by Tina M Zion


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More than just another Reiki book, Reiki and Your Intuition: A Union of Healing and Wisdom is a step-by-step process for exploring your intuition, your heart, and your soul as Reiki touches your life, enters your experience, and becomes a part of who you are.

This manual will assist you, as a practitioner or a teacher, in understanding all the strange and sometimes weird and scary intuitive perceptions that Reiki opens you up to. Using a clear and knowledgeable framework presented in this book, prepare to become a better healing vessel as you discover the beautiful union between healing and intuitive wisdom.

Within the covers of this book, you will:
  • Find spaces to privately document your heightened awareness
  • Realize what intuition truly is and the keys to being a successful intuitive Reiki practitioner
  • Learn that your intuition is awakened by the Reiki attunements
  • Begin to utilize all the intuitive pathways to assist others and yourself
  • Learn that thoughts and emotions are a vital key to illness, suffering, and wellness
  • Find out why empaths suffer and what to do to help yourself and others
  • Protect yourself in a new way
  • Create a sacred union with intuition and the wisdom of Reiki

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ISBN-13: 9781608082131
Publisher: Boutique of Quality Books
Publication date: 05/01/2019
Series: The Reiki Healing Series
Edition description: None
Pages: 140
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About the Author

Tina M Zion is a fourth generation intuitive who has worked in the mental health field as a registered nurse and is also a Gestalt trained counselor and clinical hypnotherapist. Her published works include The Reiki Teacher's Manual, Become a Medical Intuitive, and Advanced Medical Intuition, among others.

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Reiki Opens New Doorways

My toes feel the deep rich grass. The sun warms my back. I look down and see a large black fish swim past in the deep pool, and when I look up I see the famous Tor at the top of the tallest steep hill. I am sitting in the sacred grounds of King Arthur's grave at Glastonbury, England.

I travel around the globe because of Reiki. I have a voice because of Reiki. I am a vessel of energy and words that are not mine. I teach about intuition, medical intuition, and intuitive Reiki. People seem to appreciate the information and the laughter that comes through me. I am free, strong, confident, and vital because of the brightest Light of Reiki running through my physical body and my energetic soul. This is just a split second about my life. This is just an example of where Reiki will take you if that is where you want to go.

Reiki tends to blast doors open in our physical world, and at the same time it blows off doors that hinder or block the intuitive healer within you. Begin by exploring the intuitive you and the Reiki healer within. What do you want to do? What do you want to become? What are you meant to do in the current life that you have right now? What dreams keep popping up and repeating no matter what else you are doing? Where do you want to go in your current life? The word "where" does not necessarily mean a certain geographical place. It could mean a certain direction of thinking, an achievement, an award, a goal, or a level of awareness. It could mean achieving a certain level of knowledge, a certain certificate, or a wisdom. It could be about you becoming the Reiki healer you are meant to become.

YOUR MOMENT OF Self-Awareness

What leaps into your mind as you read this first portion of the book? What are your struggles regarding Reiki and intuition? Write down the instant details in your awareness.




Notice already that this is more than just another Reiki book. This is a step-by-step process for exploring your heart and soul as Reiki touches your life, enters your experience, and becomes an integral part of who you are. I now offer this book as the next step to assist you, as a practitioner or a teacher, in understanding all the strange and sometimes weird and scary intuitive perceptions that Reiki opens us up to. My intent for this manual is to provide a clear and knowledgeable framework that assists you, as a healing vessel, in creating a beautiful union between healing and intuitive wisdom.

Intuition and Reiki

Intuition is a deep concern within the massive worldwide community of Reiki practitioners. People trained in the hands-on energy healing called Reiki have interestingly placed themselves within one of two groups. One group adamantly states that intuition has no place in Reiki healing sessions, while the other group declares that it is impossible to stop intuitive awareness from happening while offering Reiki.

I was completely pumped up and feeling excited, happy, and energized when I declared to a group of medical intuitive students, "Reiki will blast open any limiting blockages. Your closed gates will swing wide open, and you will enter into new realms of learning and new levels of wisdom. Your intuition will pop open! You will walk with one foot in the physical and one foot in the non-physical. Reiki blasts open your natural intuitive skills!"

A firm, deep female voice from the back row had her own announcement. She declared, "You are never to receive intuition while you are giving Reiki!"

I calmly responded, "Why do you say that?"

"My Reiki instructor always tells everyone that intuition has no place in a Reiki session."

I was not alarmed at what she was saying. I was alarmed at how distraught the medical intuitive student was. She looked as if she was struggling and suffering while sitting in a three-day medical intuitive intensive workshop. She was literally and figuratively sitting in the midst of her struggles.

A year later, a student in a different medical intuition class stated, "I am getting so much intuitive information while I am doing Reiki sessions that I am confused. I am overwhelmed, and I do not know what to do. I am about to stop doing Reiki because I am in such conflict. I do not know if this is part of Reiki or if I am doing it wrong. Should I be receiving intuitive information about my client or should I push it aside or should I just stop doing Reiki sessions? To be truthful I have decided to just stop offering Reiki!"

Who will these students believe, me or their Reiki teachers? Who should they trust, me or the other teachers? How will the students sort through the anguish I see on their faces? The answer to my questions is simple: each of you needs to honor your own sense of self and allow your own intuitive wisdom to guide you. You need to be the discerning guide within yourself and work in harmony with your own personal sense of healing. We all learn from teachers that come along throughout our lives, but they are not our masters unless we allow them to master over us. True learning is about listening to ourselves and mastering our own lives.

My intent is never to participate in the ongoing and escalating battles about Reiki and intuition. Reiki is unconditional. People are usually not unconditional. Rules have been generated by teachers to fit their own needs and wants, or even to help them through their own personal fears. I have poured over many Reiki books and noticed that no two agree. There are versions upon versions of treatment protocols, symbols, attunements, fees and yes, even rules.

Reiki Rules

In Frank Arjava Petter's book, Reiki Fire and in The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui by Christine M. Grimm, Petter explains how in 1997, T. Oishi gave him Usui's original handbook of notes and other old documents. These two books give details from Usui himself for such things as his hand placements on the recipient. Mikao Usui did not seem to have any rules. Petter states, "Intuitive Reiki by Dr. Usui is different: It asks that we free ourselves of the rules. Rules are meant to give us support. The moment that they begin to hinder us, they no longer fulfill their purpose." Petter went on to say, "We are all basically intuitive. We just have to learn to listen to the inspiration that is already there and 'translate' it correctly."

The myriad of Reiki books can be experienced as a rich variety of information celebrating diversity or as conflict. Reiki is alive within itself, and what is alive always changes and transforms. Reiki has already swept through the world. It seems that everyone is or at least knows a Reiki practitioner. What people do not expect is that Reiki is quite real. It is a distinct and powerful frequency of energy that heals the practitioner just as much as the client. The reality is that these changes are inevitable, expansive, positive, transformational … and sometimes extremely scary.

My Hopes for You

I want you to know that you are not alone as a Reiki person, you are not alone as an intuitive, and you are not alone as an intuitive Reiki practitioner. If your goal for being a Reiki person is to crank up your intuition, then you are on the wrong track. Reiki is not about developing your intuition. Your intuition being blasted open is simply a natural side effect of your internal healing. Reiki is all about opening up a certain energetic channel to be a vessel of cosmic love and Light for all. The act of opening such a channel also opens your intuitive pathways to receive non-physical information.

I will share some of my stories, but I have also reached out to other Reiki people to share their life stories with you. You will see yourself in some of our stories and potentially learn some new ideas that will assist you to expand beyond any limitations that hinder you.

I have three hopes for you as you read our stories: Hope One: That you realize you are not alone in having intuitive experiences while giving Reiki to others or to yourself.

Hope Two: That you relax while reading this book so that you can open up even more to the blessed non-physical reality that exists.

Hope Three: That you deeply and beautifully explore your own body, thoughts, and energy field so you can know the depth of your own personal intuitive Reiki story and journal it here within this book without fear.

Personal Story: Tammy Barton

In being a licensed massage therapist for ten years, I had heard about Reiki from many of my fellow massage therapists, friends, and clients. Many were telling me I needed to learn Reiki and integrate the modality into my healing work.

I was definitely interested in learning Reiki but was also being patient in finding the perfect class and teacher. I wanted Reiki Levels I and II to not be taught within the same weekend. The Universe led me to the right teacher, and I found the blend of learning both Western and Eastern principles provided a wonderful balance and having the classes spread out over a few weeks gave me the opportunity to practice and become more confident in working with the healing powers and energies of Reiki.

What was really fascinating was learning about the Western principles being more structured with certain hand positions placed on different areas of the body, and the Eastern principles being more intuitive and scanning the physical and energetic body with the hands and eyes and trusting the intuitive hits on listening to the clients' body, mind, and spirit on where to go for the greatest level of healing.

The blend of the two principles made perfect sense to me because there are clients needing more structure and ones needing the intuitive flow of healing, and even both healing principles within the same healing session. In integrating Reiki with my clients, I have had the opportunity of witnessing beautiful healing transformations with the decreasing and diminishing of pain, stress, anxiety, and releasing old emotional wounds and increasing joy, love, laughter, peace, and harmony.

Within my own life I have also integrated and received Reiki healing, especially during the time my father was making his transition with leukemia. In experiencing a myriad of feelings and emotions, and being a caretaker for him and my mom during that time, I received Reiki and integrated Reiki on myself using the Reiki symbols, hand positions, and various meditation techniques to help with my emotional and physical body and truly noticed a difference in being able to sleep better, stress levels, and emotional and physical healing.

Learning and working with Reiki energy and symbols and integrating the modality into my healing practice has been a tremendous gift and has made a wonderful difference in my own personal healing and within the lives of my family, friends, and clients.

Tammy Barton


Be the Best Reiki Vessel

My Personal Intuitive Reiki Story

My own Reiki story began around 1991 at a woman's festival in Bloomington, Indiana. My dear feminist friends decided we should all attend one of the workshops called Reiki, taught by someone named Diane Stein. It was packed with more than a hundred women. Diane explained what Reiki is and then said she was going to give an attunement to every person there if they wanted to receive it. As I recall, we all placed ourselves in a giant circle and closed our eyes as she instructed us. She began the attunements on the far side of the room from me. She whispered to herself and waved her arms around the first woman then stepped to the next and then the next. I know this because I was peeking! I needed to see what on earth was happening. After the first twenty or so I decided there was no way this woman could attend to all these people, and yet she continued to give the attunements.

I grew up in a very dysfunctional family with a brutally sadistic mother, but intuition was an integral part of our life. We were all expected to use our intuition, though no one called it that. My family just shared experiences of seeing people in spirit, like who came to see them and what they had to say when they popped in. It was completely matter-of-fact information. No big deal at all.

It was not until I received my first Reiki attunement that new intuitive doors were flung open. I could not get those Reiki thoughts out of my everyday life. So I began to offer Reiki to people I knew. I asked them to spread the word about Reiki sessions, how they benefited from it, and what they noticed about themselves during the session. Little did they know that I was receiving all kinds of intuitive information about them during the sessions.

Each Reiki session began as massive waves of love pouring into me, filling me up, and then gushing through me and into the client's body. I then began to notice that in my mind's eye I was sometimes seeing colors or the lack of color when my hands were on the client's body. I looked for meaning behind the colors and the location of the colors, and I noticed that the lack of color was in direct correlation with their illness or disease. (The meaning of color is discussed more in Chapter 12.) Soon I was looking into the individual's physical body like an X-ray machine. I was fascinated and then I was hooked. Even in an openly intuitive family upbringing, no one mentioned that we could perceive the aura or look into a physical body.

I struggled and struggled some more before taking the next step. I was afraid, like you might be now. I wanted to share my intuitive awareness with my Reiki clients but was terrified that the information I was getting would then terrify them. Then the entire room would be filled with terror! I am laughing right now as I write these words to you.

No one became afraid — not one single person. I began first by asking them at the end of the Reiki session if they would like to hear about the intuitive information I received about them. Their eyes opened wide as they quickly said, "Yes! Of course I would." I asked them to sit down and I shared whatever I noticed. I did not try to interpret the awareness. I just described in detail what I noticed and asked if it made any sense to them. People's mouths hung open; they were stunned. Every one of them told me in different words how important and helpful this part of the Reiki was for them. They immediately became very open about their experiences while receiving Reiki. They also shared that they had wanted to tell me about similar experiences but had been afraid I would think they were too weird.

Do you understand that finally sharing my intuitive awareness allowed many others to realize their own intuitive knowledge, which in turn allowed them to open up and share? They did not go home and keep this a secret. My intuitive Reiki practice quickly grew as everyone's fear faded away.

Now many people would say that I am not even a Reiki practitioner because I no longer teach Reiki or offer sessions. Looking at my life from a distance, I guess it does look that way. I have been offering intuitive and medical intuitive readings for many years now. I teach my workshop "Become a Medical Intuitive: Seeing with X-Ray Eyes" all around the globe, and I specialize in teaching people how to do medical intuition with precision and accuracy.

No, I no longer offer Reiki sessions, but like every single one of us, I emanate Reiki in all that I do with others. If you allow Reiki into your life and embrace it into your heart and soul, you are emanating Reiki energy into every moment. We radiate Reiki no matter what we are doing with others.

I hope to prepare all Reiki practitioners at all levels through my Reiki books. I want to explain and to assure practitioners that, because of Reiki, positive changes are happening and will continue to happen in their personal lives. I hope to guide you through your own personal healing challenges and through your startling, unforeseen intuitive skills exploding into other realms of consciousness.

Reiki is alive and follows universal rules, not human rules. It is life force in action. It is constant and continues forever. It is a distinct and powerful frequency of energy that heals the practitioner just as much as the client. The attunement enters into your electromagnetic field, then your physical body, and then it radiates outward into your life, your awareness, your choices, and values. I want this book to assist you in understanding what is happening in your life and how to nurture the changes with confidence and love.

YOUR MOMENT OF Self-Awareness

What leaps into your mind as you read this first portion of the book? What are your struggles regarding Reiki and intuition? Write down the instant details in your awareness.




The Power of Thoughts

Your body, the earth, the Universe, and beyond are all part of the sea of living energy. The energy of the Universe is dynamic, expanding, and encompassing. Energy must always move, change, and transform. This is the natural temperament of energy. Everything around us, no matter the density of the object, has an electrical vibration, and everything pulsates at different frequencies. Your body is an electrically alive, vibratory being. Your body and the chair you are sitting on are both made of moving electrical particles, and yet you, as a human, are so different from that chair. One way we are different from the chair is that the energy of our physical body fluctuates under different circumstances happen in our lives, we have thoughts about those experiences, and thoughts always lead to some type of feelings and emotions.


Excerpted from "Reiki and Your Intuition: A Union of Healing and Wisdom"
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Table of Contents

PART ONE - Intuition: What is It All About?,
Chapter 1: Reiki Opens New Doorways,
Chapter 2: Be the Best Reiki Vessel,
Chapter 3: Common Causes of Suffering,
Chapter 4: Overcoming Fear with Love,
Chapter 5: Your Daily Energy Shower — It Is,
Chapter 6: Be the Intuitive You Are Meant to,
Chapter 7: Take Action as an Intuitive,
Chapter 8: The Non-Physical Realm Is Real,
Chapter 9: Intuitive Reiki with Animals,
PART TWO - A Union of Healing and Wisdom,
Chapter 10: Your Intuitive Wisdom of the,
Chapter 11: Your Intuitive Wisdom of the,
Chapter 12: Intuitive Reiki Healings,
Chapter 13: Reiki and the World Around You,
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