Reimagining Social Welfare: Beyond the Keynesian Welfare State

Reimagining Social Welfare: Beyond the Keynesian Welfare State

by James P. Mulvale


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ISBN-13: 9781551930305
Publisher: University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division
Publication date: 04/01/2001
Pages: 256
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Table of Contents


1. Desperately Seeking a Successor to the Welfare State

Progressive Theories of Social Welfare

    • Social-Democratic Perspectives

    • Marxian and Neo-Marxian Perspectives

    • Feminist Perspectives

    • The Anti-Racist Critique of the Welfare StateThe Green Critique of the Welfare State

    • The Emancipatory Needs-Articulation Approach to Social Welfare

Towards a Theoretical Synthesis

From Theory to Issues

The Social Movements and Organizations


2. Who Works, Who Gets Paid, and Who Cares?

Critical Issue in Social Welfare Policy

Caring Work and Welfare

Revisiting the Question of Job Creation

The Social Economy as a Means of Job Creation

Job Training and Labour-Market Entry Programs

Towards a Fully Inclusive and Just Labour Market

Improved Pay and Benefits for Part-timers

Work-Time Reduction

Overcoming Alienation on the Job and Democratizing the Workplace

The End of (Paid) Work?

Work, Time, and Economic Security

3. Economic Security in an Insecure World

Critical Issue in Social Welfare Policy

Reimagining Economic Security in Canada

    • Income maintenance

    • Security of food supply and adequate nutrition

    • Adequate and affordable housing

    • Good health and health care

The Challenge of Social Welfare

4. The Multiple Axes of Social Equality and Welfare

Critical Issue in Social Welfare Policy

    • Gender

    • Disability

    • Sexual Orientation

    • Race/Ethnicity

    • First Nations

    • Balancing, Blending, and Linking New Initiatives

5. New Dimensions of Citizenship: The Democratization and Greening of Social Welfare

Critical Issue in Social Welfare Policy

Expanding and Enriching Our Definition of Citizenship

Democratization of Social Welfare Policy and Programs

Protecting, Enriching, and Expanding the Civil Commons

The Greening of Social Policy

The Cutting Edge: Promising Responses, and Interconnections

6. Towards a New Vision of Social Welfare for the Twenty-First Century

Taking Stock of Our Theoretical Approaches to Social Welfare

Tracing the Influence of the Theoretical Approaches

Reinventing Social Welfare

A New Vision of Social Welfare

Strategic Challenges in Moving Forward


Appendix I: Key Informant Interviews

Appendix II: Glossary of Acronyms



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