Reincarnation QED

Reincarnation QED

by Vimal Sehgal

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Reincarnation QED by Vimal Sehgal

The author presents a coherent theory and explanation of reincarnation with reasoning, available research and scriptural evidence. The author also describes certain fundamentals of life, the nature of soul, the role of desire and mind in our destiny, proof of reincarnation and the process and significance of reincarnation along with illustrative tales from scriptures.
“As the embodied soul continually passes in this body from boyhood to youth and then to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death.”
The bodily changes from birth to death can be seen but the movement of the soul into another body after death cannot be perceived. When the soul sheds the physical body at death, he is carried by the subtle body consisting of mind, intelligence and false ego into a new body which gradually develops and thus the person takes birth again. The person remains unchanged. The soul is an eternal individual person and the bodily changes do not pertain to him. Under no conditions or circumstances can the living being be annihilated or transformed. Although he may unfortunately be covered by a material body; and then he behaves according to the manifestation of the body. For example we behave as children when we have a child’s body and as our body grows up our behaviour also changes. The contents of the mind, the memory etc. may all change but the owner of the body remains the same person. The owner of the body is different from the body just as the passenger in a car is different from the car in which he rides. The body is like a garment that the soul wears and periodically changes as the body gets worn out or unusable.

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About the Author

The author belongs to the Vaishnav Chaitanya Gaudiya spiritual tradition in India. Previously he worked as a systems analyst with Govt. of Canada after graduation in electrical engineering and computer sciences from IIT Delhi and University of Ottawa.

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