Reinventing management thinking: Using science to liberate the human spirit

Reinventing management thinking: Using science to liberate the human spirit

by Jeremy Old


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"This is a terrific book. It is a great business studies manual, and a superb contribution to the application of psychology in business and leadership."

Thirty years of progress in the field of neuroscience and psychology are changing the way we need to think about leadership and management. Utilizing this revolution in management thinking, gives you principles, concepts, tools and techniques that transform organisational destiny.

Reinventing Management Thinking demonstrates why most leaders are still working against human nature when it comes to designing organisational activity, motivating people and improving productivity. As a direct result, the common experience of organizational life is high-stress and low performance. Everywhere you look it seems that group outcomes are woefully below the full human potential latent in the entire workforce.

This is an immensely practical book drawing on a wealth of easy to digest research findings as well as the author's twenty-five years experience as a turnaround specialist and psychotherapist. The book is crammed full of practical advice to help you redesign organisations to work with human nature.

Despite the ground-breaking nature of the ideas, any conscientious manager or owner-manager will find they can make immediate good use of these guidelines and principles, as they are easy to handle and are ultimately based on the author's own day-to-day experience in improving performance across dozens of organisations large and small

Reinventing management thinking shows you:

  • How to get your team's inherent survival instincts working for you rather than against you.
  • How to work with innate human needs to liberate employee creativity, loyalty, commitment and focus and boost energy levels by 60%.
  • How to escape the trap of stress-driven quick-fix decision-making.
  • How to prevent beliefs obstructing organizational learning.
  • The simple steps to build a financial business case for employee wellbeing.
  • Ten golden rules from neuroscience that underpin new management thinking.
  • The twelve qualities to cultivate for successful leadership.
  • Eight methods to help you reduce dangerous bias in planning and decision-making.
  • Why your dreaming brain is a key ingredient in organizational success.
  • How to use the '30 stressors model' to design stress out of your organisation.

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ISBN-13: 9780992910433
Publisher: Team Business Development Ltd
Publication date: 10/26/2015
Pages: 328
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About the Author

Jeremy Old's twenty-five year experience as a management coach, dealing with stressed managers and stressed organisations, inspired him to write 'Reinventing management thinking'. His training as a psychotherapist has helped him see that the root cause of low engagement, poor productivity and leaden organisational performance, are due to the unhealthy brain states people habitually sink into when at work. In contrast to this almost universal negative, he sees people express the natural qualities of enthusiasm, commitment and desire to improve things when participating in his collaborative planning workshops. From first hand every-day experience he has witnessed for himself the new scientific understanding that the human species is a highly socialised, collaborative problem-solving mammal.

People love collaborating and they thrive off it, as do the organisations they work for.

Jeremy became determined to share this illuminating experience with a wider audience. Work doesn't have to be tedious and stultifying; organisations don't have to be bureaucratic nightmares. What is needed to vastly improve employee engagement and productivity is for managers to understand the reasons why they unwittingly demotivate their staff and undermine their own best efforts to manage effectively.

Jeremy developed the concept of 'organisational stress' to include his '30 stressors model' so as to explain the cause of dysfunctional and sub-optimum organisational behaviour. Jeremy now uses this model in his 'organisational stress audits' to help design stress out of an organisation. Remove the stress and you galvanize a sea-change in employee engagement.

Originally based on systems thinking and psychology research carried out at Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Jeremy has used his planning methods in over fifty assignments and always finds them to be highly motivational and a rapid way to develop a turnaround plan or dynamic growth strategy.

Jeremy's psychotherapy training made him realise that this spontaneous eruption of enthusiasm and creative problem-solving arose from a well-structured collaborative atmosphere. Essentially, team-planning meets a number of key emotional needs and this makes working together so exhilarating. He feels that if leaders everywhere can learn how to tap into this innate collaborative quality they will transform organisational life and we will all be the happier for it.

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