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Rejecting Jesus: Why You Should

Rejecting Jesus: Why You Should

by Neil Robinson


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'Rejecting Jesus: Why You Should', is a sparkling series of irreverent, funny and, yes, blasphemous blog posts from the successful blog by Neil Robinson. With their satirical pictures - a popular feature of the blog - they're now collected together under one cover for the first time. (A few have previously been available in print). Each serves as a little antidote to the virus that holds millions in its delusional thrall.

With over 2 billion adherents worldwide, Christianity is still the most popular and insidious belief system in the world. But it makes truth claims and promises it cannot and has never met and offers a perspective of reality based on fantasy figures and scenarios for which no evidence exists. It contradicts almost everything science tells us about reality and asks its adherents to accept its propositions on 'faith', without question or the exercise of critical faculties. It expects them too to spread the virus whenever and wherever they can.

The author knows this because he was once a Christian. He knows from the inside what Christians believe, having bought into the false promises, failed prophecies and impossible morality presented in the Bible. And impossible morality it is, which is why, as he says here, most Christians practise it as if it were a form of homeopathy; in miniscule amounts and only to their own taste.

Yet, we're all expected to respect this faith, as if believing some of the daftest things imaginable is something that deserves to be tiptoed round; as if a virus of epidemic proportions merits 'respect' rather than treatment.

Well, you'll find no respect in these pages, he's pleased to tell you. There might instead be some treatment, some therapy perhaps, that can help deliver minds from contagion. He'd like to think so.

'Rejecting Jesus' the book (and the blog too) can only do you good!

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ISBN-13: 9781516855889
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/15/2015
Pages: 322
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About the Author

Neil is a recently retired English lecturer from a University in the north of England (early retirement he would like you to know!) having previously been a primary school headteacher for many years.

His academic writing has principally been concerned with the influence of Christianity on works of literature and he published the decidedly non-academic and contentious 'Why Christians Don't Do What Jesus Tells Them To ...And What They Believe Instead' in 2012.

That book prompted his blog,, which in turn led to his new book of roughly the same name; 'Rejecting Jesus' is a collection of scurrilous blog posts adapted to book form.

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