Rejection and Tolerance: Proceedings of the 25th Conference on Transplantation and Clinical Immunology, 24-26 May 1993

Rejection and Tolerance: Proceedings of the 25th Conference on Transplantation and Clinical Immunology, 24-26 May 1993

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1994)

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ISBN-13: 9789401043458
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 03/14/2013
Series: Transplantation and Clinical Immunology , #25
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1994
Pages: 459
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

1. Ethics and organ transplantation; J. Bernard. 2. The crisis of adolescence in organ transplantation; J. Traeger. 3. From serology to molecular histocompatibility; E.D. Albert. 4. Continuing developments in transplantation; P.J. Morris. 5. The 'Burst' of pulmonary transplantation; J.H. Dauber. 6. Xenotransplantation: the current status of understanding; F.H. Bach, W.J. van der Werf, M.L. Blakely, B. Vanhove, R. de Martin, H. Winkler. 7. Xenotransplantation: the present and the future; B. Weill, D. Houssin. 8. Risk factors for rejection and predictive factors for chronic rejection in kidney transplantation; P. Deteix, C. Carrias, E. Albuisson. 9. Characterization of graft infiltration lymphocytes involved in cardiac transplant rejection; R.J. Duquesnoy, R. Moliterno, M. Chen-Woan, C. Kaufman, T.R. Zerbe, A. Zeevi. 10. Distinct T cells mediating acute and chronic rejection; J.R. Batchelor, M.Y. Braun. 11. Role of anti-HLA immune responses in organ transplant rejection; Z. Liu, E. Reed, P. Harris, N. Suciu-Foca. 12. Tolerogenecity of thymic epithelial cells: studies with allogeneic and xenogeneic chimeras; J. Sprent, H. Kosaka, C.D. Surh. 13. HLA matching in liver transplant immunity; R.J. Duquesnoy. 14. Transgenic pigs as potential donors for xenografts; J. Dunning, D. White, J. Wallwork. 15. Percutaneous aspiration and drainage of fluid collections after pancreatic or renal transplantation; C. Pangaud, D. Lyonnet. 16. Endourologic resolution of transplant complications; N.P. Pardalidis, A.D. Smith. 17. Dilation or open surgery in treatment of ureteral stenosis; G. Benoit, R. Dergham, P. Blanchet, H. Bensadoun, B. Charpentier, A. Jardin. 18. Renal transplant artery stenosis (RTAS): Diagnosis and treatment; O. Rouvière, J. Wodey, G. Genin, D. Lyonnet. 19. Urinary fistula as a complication of renal transplantation; P. Alabate, G. Molina, L.C. Feitosa, X. Martin, J.M. Dubernard. 20. Endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteric reflux in own kidneys of renal transplant candidates and transplanted kidneys; P. Cloix, X. Martin, A. Gelet, J.M. Dubernard. 21. Nonsurgical treatment of biliary complication after liver transplantation; E.L. Ward. 22. Peripheral T cell tolerance; B. Charpentier, P. Alard, C. Hiesse, O. Lantz. 23. Induction of donor-specific tolerance by intrathymic cellular transplantation; G.L. Mayo, A.M. Posselt, L. Campos, B.C. Deli, S.P. Mayo, C.F. Barker, A. Naji. 24. Use of anti-CD4 monoclonal antibodies for tolerance induction; K.J. Wood. 25. Clonal deletion and clonal anergy mediated by antibodies to the human CD4 protein; S. Fournel, C. Vincent, A. Fathmi, J. Wijdenes, J.P. Revillard. 26. Tolerance to alloantigens and recognition for 'ALLO + X' induced in humans by fetal stem cell transplantation; J.-L. Touraine, M.G. Roncarolo, H. Plotnicky, R. Bacchetta, H. Spits, L. Gebuhrer, H. Betuel. 27. Role of IL-10 in transplantation tolerance; M.G. Roncarolo, R. Bacchetta, J.-L. Touraine, R. de Waal Malefyt, J.E. de Vries. 28. Veto-cells and the inducti

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