Relationship: Notes on Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Marriage, and Divorce

Relationship: Notes on Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Marriage, and Divorce

by A William Benitez


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Relationships are not always easy but they can be happy, peaceful, and harmonious with a little effort. That's what I found in relationships over the years, and my goal with this book is to share much of what I've learned so readers might find something of value for their relationships. Looking back on my life experience, I wish someone had shared some of this with me so I could have avoided learning many things the hard way. As a precaution, I emphasized my lack of experience as a therapist which lead one of the first readers to comment as follows. Oftentimes clear, true insight comes from someone not "trained" or "educated" in a particular field of thought. This book represents one of those times. The subject of "relationships" is so complicated few outside the legal/ counseling/mental health arenas even attempt to address it for fear of being ignored, misunderstood or, worse yet, laughed at.The author's conversational style makes his book about the subject quite easy to read/understand and as one absorbs his meaning . . . believable. It rings so true that as I was reading, I kept wanting to cut out paragraphs to put on my computer, refrigerator, and bathroom mirror!Read this book. You will be glad you found it. In fact, you will probably send a copy to your child . . . I did! JHB, RN, BSN, MHAAnother early reader said I found this book to be such an informative and important read offering tips for all types. I couldn't agree with the author more about never taking your partner for granted and that love means ALWAYS saying you're sorry- as quickly, whole-heartedly and as often as needed. I'd recommend Bill's book to add zest to an already good relationship or to help you create the one you long for. Denise FleckRelationship: Notes on Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Marriage, and Divorce contains ten easy to read and understand chapters with valuable, down-to-earth notes based on real life experience. In addition to a Preface and Introduction, the chapters are: What is LoveWhat is A Good RelationshipFostering and Nurturing RelationshipsHarming RelationshipsMutual RespectBoundariesMarriageBreakupsDivorceHelpful TipsFinal Thoughts. While relationships are seldom simple, this book boils it down to no-fluff basics.Not everything in this book will feel comfortable to everyone. You may find some of the suggestions uncomfortable or even intrusive. I fully expect some push back from men and perhaps some women. To write this book, I felt it was essential to establish a definition of love, and this has caused some conversation, but I still feel strongly that happy relationships require a full understanding of love and such an understanding benefits from a firm definition.Every relationship involves two unique individuals and only you and your partner can decide what may be of value to you. I believe there is much in this book worth exploring, and I hope many couples will benefit from the reading.I'm fortunate to be in a wonderful relationship, and I wish everyone the same happiness that Barbara and I share. In addition to the information in this book, I welcome your questions and comments by email at: and at my relationship blog at:

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ISBN-13: 9780985687670
Publisher: Positive Imaging, LLC
Publication date: 08/05/2014
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.26(d)

About the Author

A. William (Bill) Benitez

I had various occupations starting at age twelve spenting summers and weekends working with my dad, a general contractor, building homes and buildings. I learned a lot from him and used the lessons to contract my first home by age nineteen.

I've operated one-person businesses for more than 30 years. Twelve years of my life were spent working for local government running federally-assisted housing programs starting as an inspector and moving to Director of Community Improvement with 78 employees when I resigned to do writing and consulting full-time.

Writing, Publishing and Consulting

My first publishing company was Rehab Notes Library and we published a monthly newsletter (Rehab Notes) with subscribers in all 50 states, Canada and England. I also did consulting and public speaking on housing related topics for agencies and organizations in cities across the country.

I wrote and published nine guidebooks on the subject of housing rehabilitation. After 1980 when most federal funding was pulled from housing activities, I took advantage of my construction and business experience and started a handyman and woodworking business.

Over Twenty-Five Years of Woodworking

For over twenty-five years, first in Tampa, Florida and then in Austin, Texas, I built hundreds of small and large cabinet and furniture projects for individuals, companies and government agencies. During these years I began writing books about my experiences and still write them today with my latest published in January of 2016.

Personal One-on-One Publishing

My company, Positive Imaging, LLC, does what I call positive publishing of my books and the books of others. I help authors to publish their books with one-on-one, personal assistance. To date I have published twenty print books in addition to the nine on housing, more than a half dozen ebooks, and presently have several books in various stages of completion.

Computer Experience

My computer experience dates back more than twenty years and began in response to poor technical support for my wife Barbara's computer. I used home study to acquire A+ and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certifications and became the IT Manager for the Hyatt Regency in Austin, Texas where I just retired January 2016 after 20 years.

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and moved to Austin, Texas in 1986, where I now live with my wife, Barbara Frances.

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