Relative Origins: Famous Foster and Adopted People

Relative Origins: Famous Foster and Adopted People

by Maria Dever, Aileen Dever



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ISBN-13: 9780894202865
Publisher: National Book Co./ERA Learning
Publication date: 10/01/1992
Pages: 201
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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Highlighted Biographies Edward Albee: Pulitzer Prize winning Playwright
Sir Alexander Bustamante: Prime Minister of Jamaica
George Washington Carver: Scientist
Jacqueline Cochran: Aviator
William Lloyd Garrison: Abolitionist
Evonne Goolagong: World Tennis Champion
Alexander Hamilton: First U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
Scott Hamilton: Olympic Skater
John Lennon: Singer/Songwriter
Hugh Leonard: Irish Author
Gregory Louganis: Olympic Diver
Lue Gim Gong: The Orange Wizard
Catherine McCauley: Founder of the Sisters of Mercy
James Albert Michener: Bestselling Novelist
Carlos Montezuma: Indian Doctor
Moses: Receiver of the Ten Commandments
Jim Palmer: Baseball Player
Edgar Allan Poe: American Author
Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World
Sir Henry Morton Stanley: Explorer
R. David Thomas: Founder of Wendy's International
Maria von Trapp: Singer and Refugee from Nazi Germany
Edgar Wallace: Novelist
Phillis Wheatley: Black Poet of the American Revolution
Daniel Hale Williams: History-Making Surgeon
III. Brief Biographies George Hamilton-Gordon Aberdeen: British Prime Minister
Jean Le Rond d'Alembert: Mathematician and Philosopher
Josephine Antoine: Opera Singer
Aristotle: Greek Philosopher
Ingrid Bergman: Actress
John Green Brady: Governor of Alaska
Angie Elizabeth Brooks: Government official, diplomat, lawyer
Rosie Casals: Tennis Star
Catherine I: Empress of Russia
Nicolas Sebastien-Roche Chamfort: Playwright, Conversationalist
Jean Baptiste Charbonneau: Mountainman, guide
Edward Day Collins: Educator
Countée Porter Cullen: American Poet
Dalai Lama: Spiritual and Temporal Ruler of Tibet
Alexandra Danilova: Ballerina
Peter Duchin: Pianist
Peter Francisco: Revolutionary War Hero
Sir Matthew Hale: Lord Chief Justice of England
John Hancock: Signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence
Deborah Ann Harry, "Blondie" Singer
Joseph Haydn: Austrian Composer
Lemuel Haynes: Minuteman/Clergyman
Herbert Hoover: 31st U.S. President
Langston Hughes: Poet
Stonewall Jackson: Confederate General
Steven Paul Jobs: Cofounder, Apple Computer
Frederick Mckinley Jones: Inventor
Benito Juárez: National Hero and President of Mexico
Edmund Kean: English Actor
Rudyard Kipling: English Author
John Mercer Langston: Black leader, Educator, Diplomat
Robert Laurent: Sculptor
Malcolm X: Militant Black Leader
Nelson Mandela: South African Political Leader
Harry Martinson: Nobel Prize for Literature
Stan Mikita: Hockey Player
Marilyn Monroe: Actress
Anthony Newley: Actor, Director, Writer, Singer, Composer
Gabriel Pascal: Film Director
Pierre Esprit Radisson: French Explorer and Fur Trader
Harold Robbins: Bestselling Novelist
John Baptist Rossi: Saint
Jean Jacques Rousseau: French writer and Philosopher
William Tecumseh Sherman: Civil War General
Vishwanath Pratap Singh: Prime Minister of India
Robyn Smith: Jockey
Dame Kiri (Janette) Te Kanawa: Opera Singer
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo: Italian Painter
Leo Tolstoy: Russian Novelist
Francois Truffaut: French Film Critic and Director
Maxime Weygand: Commanderinchief of Allied Armies
Flip Wilson: Comedian
IV. Foster and Adopted Children in Fiction Louisa May Alcott: Little Men
Mildred Ames: Foster Home
Frank Baum: The Wizard of Oz
Anne Bernays: Growing Up Rich
Rose Blue: Seven Years From Home
David Budbill: Bones on Black Spruce Mountain
Frances Hodgson Burnett: The Secret Garden
Betsy Cromer Byars: The Pinballs
Helen Fern Daringer: Adopted Jane
Charles Dickens: David Copperfield
Judith Guest: Second Heaven
Nan Hayden: Joe Bean
Roberta Hughey: Radio City
Louis L'Amour: Reilly's Luck
Rutgers van der Loeff: Children on the Oregon Trail
George Eliot: Silas Marner
Lucy Maud Montgomery: Anne of Green Gables
Thomas Meehan: Annie
Eleanor Porter: Pollyanna
Jim Razzi (adapter): Pinoccio
Ovida Sebestyen: Far From Home
Roberta Silman: Somebody Else's Child
Mark Twain: Tom Sawyer
Jean Webster: Daddy Long Legs
T. H. White: The Once and Future King,
V Afterword
VI Bibliography

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