Relax, It's Only Uncertainty: Lead the Way When the Way is Changing / Edition 1

Relax, It's Only Uncertainty: Lead the Way When the Way is Changing / Edition 1

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Pearson FT Press
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Relax, It's Only Uncertainty: Lead the Way When the Way is Changing / Edition 1

In times of uncertainty, the ability to act without fear of failure can be a huge asset. In a world where the only thing you can be certain of is uncertainty, business leaders need to stop trying to control the uncontrollable, and start embracing the unknown. This book will show you how to be comfortable with ambiguity, confident with change, open to discovery and at ease with the new world of business. Then you can lead with confidence and flexibility, whatever the situation.

Want to be more confident about the ambiguities that you and your business face? Ask yourself these questions:
Am I drawn instinctively to the edge of my knowledge rather than the centre of it?
Am I attracted to projects and problems with an element of the unknown in them?
Do I have trouble with heated situations?
Will I generally take a chance and make a decision?
Do I prefer to have a full set of information before deciding?
Do I ask penetrating questions about what's going on?
Can I decide what are the most important things to do?
Can I capture a business strategy in a single sentence?

Your answers will reveal some of the essential elements of personal and corporate success in the new economy. Curiosity, risk taking, focus, persuasion and energy are personal skills that you can bring to bear to tackle tough issues, simplify complex topics, gather energy from complex challenges and carry people with you.

Relax... will help you decide intuitively, act decisively and lead through ambiguity and change. This inventive and interactive book will help you develop the behaviours lead the way when the way is changing.

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ISBN-13: 9780273652410
Publisher: Pearson FT Press
Publication date: 05/24/2001
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents




Welcome to uncertainty. Start with behavior. Leaders, leaders everywhere. The real work of leadership is embracing ambiguity. Where are the role models? Why relax?

1. How old is new?

It's what you do, not what you meant to do. Who are we writing for? Finding answers to the questions. Send in the metaphors. Two kinds of ambiguity and uncertainty. The real work of leadership.

2. The real change saloon.

Damaging illusions from the twentieth century. The ABCs of enhancement. The MBE of action.

3. What are Enablers?

What does each Enabler do? Are some Enablers more important than others?

Enabler 1. Motivated by mysteries.

Motivated by what? Mystery-Seekers are. Signs of Mystery-Seekers. Case study. What happens if no one is motivated by mysteries? Difficult learning. Links with other Enablers. How to be more motivated by mysteries. Explore and expand.

Enabler 2. Be risk tolerant.

What is risk? Risk-Tolerators are. Signs of Risk-Tolerators. Case study. What happens if no one wants to tolerate risk? Links with other Enablers. How to be more risk tolerant. Explore and expand.

Enabler 3. Scan ahead.

Polish up your personal radar. Future-Scanners are. Signs of Future-Scanners. Futurists. Deep drillers. Case study. What happens if no one scans ahead? Where's the vision? How to enhance your future-scanning. Explore and expand.

Enabler 4. Tackle tough issues.

It isn't interesting if it isn't challenging. Tenacious Challengers are. Signs of Tenacious Challengers. Motivated by challenge. Tenacious. Case study. What happens when no one wants to tackle tough issues? Links with other Enablers. How to enhance your ability to tackle tough issues. Explore and expand.

Enabler 5. Create excitement.

Who's having fun? Exciters are. Signs of Exciters. Enthusiastic. Invigorating. Case study. What happens when no one creates excitement? Links with other Enablers. How to create more excitement. Explore and expand.

Enabler 6. Be flexible.

Flexible Adjusters are not rigid. Flexible Adjusters are. Signs of Flexible Adjusters. Making on-line adjustments. Sell change. Case study. What happens when no one is flexible? Links with other Enablers. How to be more flexible. Explore and expand.

Enabler 7. Be a simplifier.

Making the complex simple. Simplifiers are. Signs of Simplifiers. Essence detectors. Clarifiers. Interpreters. Case study. What happens when no one acts as a Simplifier? Links with other Enablers. How to be a better Simplifier. Explore and expand.

Enabler 8. Be focused.

What won't we do today? Focusers are. Signs of Focusers. Case study. What happens when no one focuses? Links with other Enablers. How to be better focused. Explore and expand.

4. What are Restrainers?

How can I find out how well I am doing?

Restrainer 1. Having trouble with transitions.

What problems will being a Poor Transitioner bring me? Poor Transitioners are Signs of Poor Transitioners. Case study. How to become better at managing transitions. Explore and expand.

Restrainer 2. Not motivated by work.

Are you a Wet Blanket? Wet Blankets are. Signs of Wet Blankets. Case study. How to throw off the Wet Blanket. Explore and expand.

Restrainer 3. Fear of conflict.

Do you avoid conflict? Conflict-Avoiders are. Signs of Conflict-Avoiders. Case study. How conflict avoidance reduces effectiveness. How to reduce your aversion to conflict. Explore and expand. Introduction to Restrainers 4 and 5. Who did you confuse today - yourself or someone else?

Restrainer 4. Muddy thinking.

You may be confusing yourself. Muddy Thinkers are. Signs of Muddy Thinkers. Case study. Get rid of the mud! Explore and expand.

Restrainer 5. Complex communication.

Did you confuse someone else today? Complex Communicators are. Signs of Complex Communicators. Case study. How to make the complex seem simple. Explore and expand.

Introduction to Restrainers 6 and 7.

Did I miss something?

Restrainer 6. Hooked on detail.

Could you be more precise, please? Detail Junkies are. Signs of Detail Junkies. Case study. How to treat the Detail Junkie habit. Explore and expand.

Restrainer 7. Narrow-band thinking.

Why didn't I think of that? Narrow Thinkers are. Signs of Narrow Thinkers. Case study. What to do about narrow thinking. Explore and expand.

Restrainer 8. Tethered to the past.

How good and how old were the “good old days?” Repeaters are. Signs of Repeaters. Case study. How not to become too tethered to the past. Explore and expand.

5. Leadership—the ne(x)t generation.

How will more leadership theory help me? Take me to your leader. Leaders were born, but now they're grown. War Office WOSBIES. The task and the people. Situational solutions. I have a dream. A new leadership style—learning leadership. Beam me up, Scotty. Toward a comprehensive leadership map. Do leaders manage or do managers lead?

6. Field notes from the front line.

The uncertainty of the new. The responsibility of the new.

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Relax, It's Only Uncertainty: Lead the Way When the Way is Changing 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Philip Hodgson and Randall P. White provide practical instructions for dealing with change, as all leaders must. Rather than assuming that only certain personality types and traits are suitable for leadership in changing times, they addresses the behavior patterns that mark a successful leader. The authors place their behavioral concepts in a familiar context with case histories. The true value of their book lies in specific exercises that will enhance your ambiguity-coping skills. Some level-headed readers may be slightly put off by the seeming wackiness of some of these notions (they range from ¿spend some time around children¿ to ¿analyze how you spend your time¿) and the light-hearted tone (they do refer to Star Trek). Lighthearted or not, the advice in this book may just save your job ¿ or your company¿s future. We recommend this book to senior executives, regardless of industry, as well as to anyone who is concerned about the fast pace of change and wants some help keeping up.