Reliable Object-Oriented Software: Applying Analysis and Design

Reliable Object-Oriented Software: Applying Analysis and Design

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Reliable Object-Oriented Software: Applying Analysis and Design

Reliable Object-Oriented Software presents the underlying principles associated with object-orientation and its practical application. More than just another text on methodology, this book focuses on the fundamental concepts related to the process of software development and architectural design in order to lay the basis necessary for the development of robust, maintainable, and evolvable software. The authors present both formal concepts and practical applications. The book includes proven problem-solving techniques designed to develop readers' engineering judgment and to focus their attention on the principles of good software design and its successful application. In addition, an extensive bibliography has been compiled to guide the reader in further studies and to crystallize what is commonly accepted in the field and what is still controversial.

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ISBN-13: 9781884842184
Publisher: SIGS
Publication date: 10/28/1995
Series: Advances in Object Technology Ser.
Pages: 413

Table of Contents

Part I. INTRODUCTION: 1. Software engineering; 2. Object orientation; 3. Process; Part II. TECHNIQUES: 4. Classes and dependencies; 5. Objects and messages; 6. States and transitions; Part III. APPLICATIONS: 7. The superbike control system; 8. The Fantasy Baseball Statistics System; 9. The Acme Satellite Data System; APPENDICES: Appendix A. Textual notation; Appendix B. Graphical notation; Appendix C. Glossary of Concepts and Principles.

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