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Religion 531 - The Master's Course: 2000 Years of History Can't Be Wrong, Can It?

Religion 531 - The Master's Course: 2000 Years of History Can't Be Wrong, Can It?

by Josephus the Scribe
Religion 531 - The Master's Course: 2000 Years of History Can't Be Wrong, Can It?

Religion 531 - The Master's Course: 2000 Years of History Can't Be Wrong, Can It?

by Josephus the Scribe


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Everyone views their existence in a backward manner. We are not material beings with a spiritual nature. We are spiritual beings that happen to be in a material body at the moment. The spiritual part of us is our soul. We have all existed from the beginning. We are all a part of God. You, me, Jesus and everyone else are spiritual siblings – God’s children. Even though we were all ‘born’ spiritually at the beginning of time, Jesus is like our older brother – a mentor. He caught on to the workings of the family business a little faster than we have, so he tried to ‘show us the ropes’ a bit during his material life on earth to help us catch up.

What he showed us has, for the most part, been lost, misunderstood or suppressed over time. “Religion 531 – The Master’s Course” explores what was suppressed for 1900 years and rediscovered in the last 100 years about what Jesus really taught. It analyzes what is currently mentioned in the Bible in light of this newly found information, revealing entirely new meaning to what Jesus is credited with saying. You will find:

God does not judge you – you judge yourself. You are your own moral agent.

You reap exactly what you sow – you receive ‘good’ for what you do correctly and ‘bad’ for what you do incorrectly. Your ‘good’ comes to you when you need it most and your ‘bad’ comes to you when it offers you the best opportunity to learn the lesson you need to learn.

You live as many material lives as it takes for you to reap all you have sown. Each life affords you the opportunity to sow more, so learn to sow only ‘good’.

There are no victims. There are no disasters. There are only people reaping what they have sown.

Your hatred of another person is your own shortcomings being reflected back to you.

The ONLY thing you can control is your attitude.

You will also learn the Christian religion was not started by Jesus. He had nothing to do with its early beliefs, rules or dogma (or current ones, for that matter.) Immediately after Jesus’ resurrection, Peter, Paul and James could not agree on what Jesus actually said, or, if they agreed on the words, they could not agree on what they meant. By the time the Gospels were written (approximately 50 years later), major schisms were appearing throughout the early believers. Some believed Jesus said (or meant) He would ‘save’ them. Others believed He showed the way for each to ‘save’ themselves.

By the 300s CE, there were literally hundreds of ‘Christian Churches’, each with their own sacred books and differing beliefs. In 325 CE, the Roman Emperor Constantine, who was looking for a way to gain better control over his failing empire, summoned all the Bishops of the disparate ‘Christian’ churches to Nicea. Approximately 300 Bishops attended. The Council of Bishops turned control of the Church over to the state – the Roman Empire and Constantine for certain ‘benefits.’ Beliefs, as well as Gospels, letters, prayers and the like were changed to reflect the level of control Constantine demanded for a ‘State Religion.’

Countless other changes to early Christian beliefs have been made since Constantine and continue to this day.

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