Religion in the Making: The Emergence of the Sciences of Religion

Religion in the Making: The Emergence of the Sciences of Religion


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This volume explores the ways in which religion became the object of scientific research in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Most obvious is the development of an increasingly autonomous science of religion (with founding fathers like Max Müller and C.P. Tiele). However, within anthropology (Tylor, Frazer), sociology (Durkheim, Max Weber), and psychology (William James), religion also came to be seen as a separate entity to be studied comparatively. To capture this wide field this book focuses on the emergence of the discourse on religion in a broad academic context, among different disciplines. The emphasis is on general socio-historical developments, rather than on individual biographies.
Part I deals with the institutionalization of science of religion in France, Britain, and the Netherlands. Part II focuses on boundary disputes between the emerging "sciences of religion". Part III examines new conceptualizations of religion underlying the new endeavour ("ritual", "magic", "survival").

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ISBN-13: 9789004112391
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 11/20/1998
Series: Numen Book Series , #80
Pages: 318
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About the Author

Arie L. Molendijk, Ph.D. (1991) in Theology, Leiden University, holds a post-doctoral position at Leiden University. He has published extensively on the history of 19th and 20th-century philosophy and theology in Germany and the Netherlands. His most recent book Zwischen Theologie und Soziologie (Gerd Mohn, 1996) is on Ernst Troeltsch' famous typology Church, Sect, Mysticism.
Peter Pels, Ph.D. (1993) in Cultural Anthropology, University of Amsterdam, lectures at the Research Centre Religion and Society at the University of Amsterdam. His most recent book is A Politics of Presence. Contacts between Missionaries and Waluguru in Late Colonial Tanganyika (Harwood Publishers, 1998).

Table of Contents


Introduction, Arie L. Molendijk

PART ONE. Institutionalization: National Settings
Sciences of Religion in France during the July Monarchy (1830-1848), Michel Despland
The Foundations of the Study of Religion in the British Context, Peter Byrne
Transforming Theology: The Institutionalization of the Science of Religion in the Netherlands, Arie L. Molendijk

PART TWO. Emerging Disciplines: Boundary Disputes
The Science of Religion and Theology: The Question of Their Interrelationship, Sigurd Hjelde
J.G. Frazer and the Cambridge Ritualists and the "Scientific" Study of Religion, Robert Ackerman
The Ironies of Fin-de-Siècle Rebellions against Historicism and Empiricism in the École Pratique des Hautes Études, Fifth Section, Ivan Strenski
Rethinking the Rise and Fall of the Psychology of Religion, David M. Wulff

PART THREE. Rethinking Religion: Conceptual Innovations
How Religion Became Scientific, Robert J. Baird
Religion Posed as a Racial Category. A Reading of Émile Burnouf, Adolph Moses, and Eliza Sunderland, Miriam Peskowitz
The Emergence of the Academic Science of Magic: The Occult Philosophy in Tylor and Frazer, Wouter J. Hanegraaff
British Roots of the Concept of Ritual, Barbara Boudewijnse
Survivals: Conceiving of Religious History in an Age of Development, Hans G. Kippenberg

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