Religion, Pluralism, and Public Life: Abraham Kuyper's Legacy for the Twenty-First Century

Religion, Pluralism, and Public Life: Abraham Kuyper's Legacy for the Twenty-First Century

by Luis E. Lugo (Editor)



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ISBN-13: 9780802847164
Publisher: Eerdmans, William B. Publishing Company
Publication date: 10/28/2000
Pages: 403
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Table of Contents

Ronald A. Wells

Max Stackhouse

Part I
Kuyper: The Man and His Context

Abraham Kuyper: Puritan, Victorian, Modern
James D. Bratt

The Meeting of the Wellsprings: Kuyper and Warfield at Princeton
Peter S. Heslam

Calvinism and Romanticism: Abraham Kuyper as a Calvinist Politician
Jan de Bruijn

The Carrot and the Stick: Kuyper on Gender, Family, and Class
Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen

Part II
Theology and Public Discourse

Some Reflections on Sphere Sovereignty
Richard J. Mouw

Is Theology in Public Discourse Possible outside Communities of Faith?
Michael Welker

A Diamond in the Dark: Kuyper's Doctrine of Scripture
Harriet A. Harris

Abraham Kuyper, Leo XIII, Walter Rauschenbusch, and the Search for an American Public Theology
John Bolt

Part III
Spheres of Justice and Civil Society

Multiform Responsibility and the Revitalization of Civil Society
Henk E. S. Woldring

Sphere Sovereignty and the Anglo-American Tradition
Elaine Storkey

Subsidiarity, Solidarity, and Liberation: Alternative Approaches in Catholic Social Thought
Paul E. Sigmund

Prospects for a Christian Social Philosophy in a Shrinking World
M. Elaine Botha

Part IV
Religious Pluralism and the Demands of Democracy

The Biography and Biology of Liberty: Abraham Kuyper and the American Experiment
John Witte Jr.

The African and African-American Understanding of Our Common Humanity: A Critique of Abraham Kuyper's Anthropology
Peter J. Paris

Living in Christendom: Jews and Modern Democracy
Elliott Abrams

Part V
Globalization and the Emergence of a Transitional Society

The Clash of World Religions in the Emerging Global Society
M. Thomas Thangaraj

Extending the Covenant: Federalism and Constitutionalism in a Global Era
Daniel J. Elazar

Globalization, Regionalization, and Sphere Sovereignty
Bob Goudzwaard

Is Blood Thicker Than Justice? The Legacy of Abraham Kuyper for Southern Africa
H. Russel Botman


Why Kuyper Now?
James W. Skillen


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