by William C. Berry


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The Preface offers an overview of why this book was written and outlines mans' necessity to change his ways to keep pace with the rapid advances in the technological, biochemical, and medical fields each outpacing our legal and moral infrastructures.

There are as many beliefs in how and when God's promised salvation will be attained as there denominations, independent churches, and evangelists preaching the subject. Such preaching is not Biblical unless it follows the sequence of Resurrection before Judgment, and Judgment before Salvation. Otherwise, constant Judgments would be required if souls go directly to heaven as many preach. The Bible explains only two separate Judgments.

The message of the Bible is that when man, or women die, they enter 'The Sleep of Death', not to be resurrected until the day Jesus returns, Then, after receiving a favorable judgment, can salvation be attained. The book documents when and where salvation will be rewarded, and who and who not, will receive it. Since many preceded Christ Jesus on earth, the writing covers how the just and righteous amongst the ancient peoples will be treated.

The where salvation will occur is presented in this writing for the first time. It is designated Cyberheavens, representing where in God's universe He will choose to house the vast numbers of the just and righteous to be awarded eternal salvation, These will be from many time frames back to the days of Able, almost 6,000 years ago. It will fulfill Gods' glory to Himself for His creation of man and the universe.

God's complete Plan of Salvation is presented for the first time, historically and Biblically, in four distinct phases covering a time frame of 400 years.

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