Religious Thoughts, Stories and Poetry

Religious Thoughts, Stories and Poetry

by Peter Knoester


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Religious Thoughts, Stories and Poetry by Peter Knoester

It's true enough that these my thoughts and opinions on things, are of a religious nature. But it is also true that in it are segments pertaining to everyday life, that in one way or another affect us all. I realize that it is an odd mixture, but then again, why not. The person reading this book can understand the different aspects of life and see things in a different light. The one hope I have is this, that through this book I may enlighten a few people and to make others aware that they are not alone in their thoughts or state of mind. It is not my goal to convert anyone to my way of thinking, only to open a door through which a person may enter in and see a different world other than the one that he or she may be use to. There is an urge in most of us to leave something behind after we are gone, to be remembered by, for me it are the things I wrote about, may it be to good use even if it is only for one person. I would like to dedicate this work to my wife Catherine who passed away on the 22nd of May 2003 and put up with me all those years.

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ISBN-13: 9781456319465
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/04/2010
Pages: 90
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My first book "Poems and Stories for Children" was published by Xlibris and is a great read for all ages but aimed at children via parents, grandparents and teachers. AS far as my bio is concerned, I love writing small stories and poetry and hope that they will be enjoyed by all or be a lesson to some. I am retired from the automotive industry and live in Hamilton Ontario Canada. I am 75 years old and in reasonably good health. I had a heart attack in June and had a couple of stents put in. I am a widower who was separated from his wife who passed away in 2003.

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Religious Thoughts, Stories and Poetry 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
JSHAH21 More than 1 year ago
Though individuals will undoubtedly have dissenting opinions, Peter Knoester's Religious Thoughts, Stories and Poetry is certainly thought-provoking and helps put life in perspective. These are Knoester's thoughts, but affect all individuals in some way, shape, or form. The intricate web of life ties all of us together and forces us to face life and the myriad questions it directs toward us on a daily basis. The most impressive aspect of Peter Knoester's content and writing is the healthy discussion that spawns from it. Knoester is not worried about what others think, but rather focused on delivering his message. In Knoester's interpretations, the audience will find themselves face-to-face with probing conundrums such as the reason for our existence on earth. The alarming aspect of his writing is that much of it was produced during a time when he was diagnosed with an orange-sized growth in his liver. From his thoughts about the untimely death of Princess Diana to creationism and religion, Knoester's thoughts vary widely and cover just about everything on the world spectrum. There is something for everyone to gather and learn from his writing and thoughts. While Peter's writing may not be spectacular, it certainly is powerful and there is little doubt he lays it all out on the paper. The audience will enjoy reading his thoughts and perhaps will be able to dig deeper into their own psyche thereafter. There is so much buried within us, and it usually needs a trigger to be extracted out. Peter Knoester's Religious Thoughts, Stories and Poetry is that trigger.
emiggs More than 1 year ago
Religion isn't always an easy topic to tackle. Many writers and thinkers who try to approach religion these days have their works judged before they even have time to speak. Knoester, however, has approached modern activities through a religious paradigm, thus uniting what is often regarded as an antiquated idea with the modern context. In drawing on such themes as the computer, family, travel and love, Knoester uses prose and poetry to explore a theme that is both difficult to pin down and nearly universal.
jsoda079 More than 1 year ago
Peter Knoester does a great job of relaying his thoughts and opinions without trying to impress those same thoughts and opinions on his reader. Instead, he offers up his own version of thought, and invites his readers to find their own, if only using his perspective as a starting off point. Peter is brave and shows his vulnerability to the world, and he does not disappoint!
thebeardenexperience More than 1 year ago
Peter Knoester has delivered yet another stellar work with "Religious Thoughts, Stories, and Poetry," a collection of reflections, stories, and poetry to nourish your soul and enlighten you. Knoester's work is both personal and an expression of the human collective, relating intimate thoughts, yet expressing and reflecting the very same thoughts and feelings shared by readers. It is an evocative work that will touch your spirit and leave an indelible impression on your soul. For anyone who enjoyed "Poems and Stories from the Heart" and "Stories and Poetry in Motion," or anyone seeking spiritual guidance and an enlightening read, this is the perfect collection.
MayRay More than 1 year ago
Koester's Religious Thoughts is a wonderful glimpse inside the mind of a wise human who is able to assimilate the information and wisdom of many years. This book is a unique combination of personal memoir, religious musings, and poetry by someone who has spent a lot of time considering the subject matter. This book is a great gift idea for a special Christian in your life, for someone considering a religious career, or for a younger person who needs some thoughtful inspiration.
palmbeachprincess More than 1 year ago
In Religious Thoughts, Stories, and Poetry, Peter Knoester offers his personal outlook and thoughts on religion and everyday life. Knoester uses an approachable and likeable tone that immediately draws readers in, giving us the feeling that we are sharing in his most intimate thoughts and moments. Although it addresses many spiritual topics, Knoester does not seek to preach or convert, rather to share the underlying human experience and his own experiences with faith, a personal record meant to inspire and enlighten us, reminding us that our path is not a lonely one and that others share our thoughts and feelings.
Nicole8080 More than 1 year ago
It takes a lot of courage to speak on one's own religious thoughts but it is such an amazing and fortunate thing that Peter Knoester did just that. Religious Thoughts, Stories and Poetry is a relatable, educational and enlightening book. The poetry, specifically a personal favorite called "Our Goal," truly shows the author at his most vulnerable and it is very touching. Knoester's ability to look into his own faith and document it at a very difficult time in his own life speaks volumes to his reader.
Msclassy More than 1 year ago
The book by Peter Knoester is great read book which gives you so much information. It is very excellent, educational book based on so many facts. While reading the book you can see the different aspects of life and things in different ways. Author writing is deeply personal and it is perfect read for anyone wants some guidance, some purpose in life, or a universal soul to reflect the themes of our lives.
MizBanks More than 1 year ago
In Religious Thoughts Stories and Poetry author Peter Knoester writes ". time is an elusive thing that cannot be held in check but rolls on relentlessly ." This is true. After I read this part it set my mind thinking about those things that can be held and understood. Knoester explains early in the book that he will be satisfied if only one person is encouraged to think long, deep and differently about life. I did think long and deep about some things, and I know that others who read this book will be inspired to do so, too. The book reads like a personal journal, and you'll come to learn a lot about Knoester as well as make some discoveries about yourself.
Kimberly_Fisher More than 1 year ago
The book "Religious Thoughts, Stories and Poetry" by Peter Knoester is an educational read. Full of facts, the book is also graced with expressions of poetry and stories. Knoester has a way of inviting the reader into his life and work, and providing prospective, understanding and solace. It has insight on several matters such as love, trust and bonding. Great information not meant to convert anyone, merely enlighten people and give new perspectives.
blondfaeriegirl2 More than 1 year ago
Peter Knoester's Religious Thoughts, Stories and Poetry is an excellent book filled with thoughts and ideas that all of us experience at one point or another during our lives. I enjoyed how he touches on a number of different subjects from love, trust to computers. I also found the poetry to be refreshing and heart-felt. This is a wonderful book that would also make an excellent gift. I give it 5 stars.
bwbatlarge More than 1 year ago
Peter Knoester, author of "Poems and Stories from the Heart", "Poems and Stories for Children," and "Stories and Poetry in Motion" offers readers a truly compelling collection that stimulates deep thought and personal growth from his writings and wisdom in his new work, "Religious Thoughts, Stories, and Poetry." His collection of short thoughts and reflections provide the perfect-sized chapters to read at the beginning of each day to inspire us to approach the world with purpose and meaning. Knoester explores everything from the "profound effect" and "lifetime bond" of love to the "constant change" of the "self" to who we put our trust in. He uses poetry, personal reflection, anecdotes, history, and spirituality to explore the themes of humanity. Knoester writes that he hopes that "through this book I may enlighten a few people and to make others aware that they are not alone in their thoughts or state of mind" and makes it clear that it is not his goal "to convert anyone to my way of thinking, only to open a door through which a person may enter in and see a different world than the one he or she may be used to. He opens many doors in our minds and unlocks many chambers in our hearts, engaging us mind, heart, and soul in his work to which it is evident that he has given these very things. Religious Thoughts, Stories, and Poetry was inspired by his experience with a growth in his liver, which, while waiting until a biopsy could be done, he decided to address and write down the "realities of life and death I started to be aware of, like a garment that one puts on every day." While Knoester's writings are deeply personal, they address the universal, exploring the underlying humanity that unites us. Although much of his writing is spiritual, it is accessible to all, expressing the greater meaning of life and the universe with respect for the Creator but without becoming preachy. It is the perfect read for anyone seeking guidance, purpose, or a common soul to reflect the themes of our lives.
giantwarrior More than 1 year ago
In RELIGIOUS THOUGHTS, STORIES, AND POETRY, Peter Knoester chronicles the human experience, relating his thoughts on God, love, and life, recorded while he waited to have a biopsy, which inspired him to put a voice to the things that one reflects on when facing serious illness. It is a deeply moving work, stirring readers with his insight and beauty of his words. As he ponders on our reason for being here and the hereafter, it is evident how much of his heart and soul he put into his words. This is a beautiful book that will touch your soul and inspire inner reflection.
SweetEM More than 1 year ago
Religious Thoughts, Stories And Poetry by Peter Knoester is a very insightful read. Written as if engaged in conversation, the author discusses various topics (from himself to the human dilemma) all while incorporating fact and giving his opinion of each. The book gives wonderful insight into the mind of the author and how he views these issues as a result of his faith. A great read!
texasgirl76 More than 1 year ago
Peter Knoester's "Religious Thoughts, Stories, and Poetry is excellent read. It is a wonderful collection of stories, memories, and poetry about life by an author in a very sad time in his life. After the death of his wife, he writes this for her. The author writes about his personal beliefs but is not pushy about it. Wonderful book and makes you think about your own faith.
Jcroichy More than 1 year ago
One word: memorable! This specific literature is absolutely powerful! In life, it is definitely hard to deal with personal issues. Through the words of this book, readers can relate and get a sense of direction in life. There are so many people looking for an answer of peace, hope, joy and this literature has that answer. Thus, with the from  literature, individuals can read a book filled with wonderful messages of inspiration.
TRW More than 1 year ago
Peter Knoester offers an insightful, personal approach to life itself. He is not pushy in his opinions, rather, he thoughtfully and eloquently relates things that he has learned. Even those who may disagree with his opinions will find a refreshing perspective in these pages, and something to spark meaningful conversation. I recommend it.
M_R_Shah More than 1 year ago
Though Peter Knoester's Religious Thoughts and Poetry borders on the bold, he should be admired and commended for portraying everyday issues that one tackles in life. Peter addresses the myriad questions that we, the collective human race, attempt to turn away from and deny; deep within our very essence, however, we know that these thoughts exist. From questions about what are purpose is on Earth, to probing into the great divide, the mysterious realm beyond death, Peter thoroughly dismantles and untangles each and every theory, so that it can be understood-through short stories and poems-in a simple manner. More importantly, Peter's discussions regarding life, though different, are thought-provoking and lend itself to healthy discussions. In many ways, Religious Thoughts and Poetry is written at Peter's most vulnerable time, when he discovered that a mass the size of an orange was logged in his liver. Though the news can be daunting, it is certainly eye-opening for an individual to realize that his very existence is in jeopardy. Only then does one realize that life is truly temporal, resulting in the profound questions that, cover-to-cover, adorn the layers of Peter's book. From the compilation, the essay/short story "What are we Anyway" is particularly compelling. The poem, "An Ode or Two," is my personal favorite from the poetry collection. The passage that stands out from the Foreword-and is one of the eternal truths for humankind-states, "It may seem that some of the things written are of a repetitive nature, but some things need to be repeated in order to stick in our mind." Peter Knoester's Religious Thoughts and Poetry is enjoyable and creates awareness as to the temporality of life.
MrCHeadley More than 1 year ago
You know how most people wish they could read someone's journal? Look no further. Religious Thoughts, Stories and Poetry is truly an enlightening book that provides you with great knowledge that can be applied to your everyday living. After reading this book, I felt as though it could help others reflect on their lives and find their true purpose in life. Although this book contains a lot of deep information... It is still a relatively light read.
AmyU10 More than 1 year ago
This book is probably a book unlike anything you have ever read before. Here you will find the thoughts and opinions on various popular and sometimes controversial topics written by an everyday Christian man. The thoughts and opinions were written by the author, Peter Knoester, while he was facing the possibility of death due to Cancer. You can tell as you read the book, that Mr. Knoester being faced with death really led him to ponder life and everything that goes on around him whether it be in the news, religion, day to day life, etc. This book is definitely a book that will get you thinking about life and viewing it in ways that you may have never viewed it before. A refreshing change to your everyday novel, this book is a book that I highly recommend to all.
Piyush0 More than 1 year ago
The book "Religious Thoughts, Stories and Poetry" by Peter Knoester is an educational read and full of facts. The person reading this book can understand the different aspects of life and see things in a different light. The book is truly compelling read, inspiring bottomless thought and personal growth from his writings and wisdom. Author's collection of short thoughts provides perfect sized chapters which inspire us to approach the world with some purpose and meaning.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is a different way of looking at things through the eyes of Peter Knoester he may not always be right but he is telling things as he sees them. His poetry is not exceptional but in his own way gets it done by simply writing them as it comes into his heart with a flair you don't see much anymore.