by Tom Jones
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It had been six years since Tom Jones released his last stateside record, but this one scored big in England and on the Continent, for good reason. Ultra-modern and topical, Reload suggests you can easily ignore Jones' "What's New Pussycat?" past. Not only does Jones deliver one of the more invigorating workings of modern pop here, his selection of material and choice of mates prove that in addition to his routinely extraordinary performances, he's still recording quite potently, thank you. Like 1994's underrated "The Lead and How To Swing It, a lesser seller from the Interscope label, "Reload" finds Tom in collaborative mode. But where The Lead stressed original tunes and producer chops (everyone from Teddy Riley to Flood to Trevor Horn weighed in), Reload focuses on contemporary artists and cover songs. The artists are a motley, and very talented, crew indeed. Jones more than holds his own, turning the tunes into unusually personal and expressive vehicles. Jones launches the disc with Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House," working it brisk and funky with the Cardigans and lending David Byrne's opaque lyrics a fresh vigor. Then, with Stereophonics, he resurrects Randy Newman's "Mama Told Me Not to Come," refreshing the Three Dog Night chestnut with unexpected lasciviousness. The selections are as peculiar as they are successful, spanning "Sometimes We Cry" (a sparsely arranged duet with Van Morrison), a sharp interpretation of Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" with Chrissie Hynde's Pretenders, and a fruity, truly bizarre take on the George Baker Selection's "Little Green Bag" with Barenaked Ladies. Jones probably doesn't do knee drops anymore, but he sure as hell does vocal swoops; check out "Ain't That a Lot of Love" with Simply Red's Mick Hucknall or his resurrection of Fine Young Cannibals' "She Drives Me Crazy" with Zucchero for throat acrobatics. Jones is in the uncomfortable position of being a retro novelty, and although he may not ignite the U.S. charts anymore (his last notable effort here was his great collaboration with the Art of Noise on the Prince tune "Kiss," in 1988), his music is as contemporary and driving as ever.

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Release Date: 01/04/2000
Label: Import [generic]
UPC: 5033197093024
catalogNumber: 33251

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tom Jones   Primary Artist,Vocals
Andrew Parker   Viola
Paul Kegg   Cello
Ian Kirkham   Saxophone
Chris Laurence   Bass
Roddy Lorimer   Trumpet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Martin Loveday   Cello,Strings
Pauline Lowbury   Violin
Johnny Marr   Harmonica,Background Vocals,Guitar (Baritone)
Van Morrison   Vocals
Ann Morfee   Violin
Mark Nightingale   Trombone,Brass,Overdubs
Steve Pearce   Bass,Guitar (Baritone)
Guy Pratt   Bass,Piano,Bass Guitar
Kevin Robinson   Trumpet
Ralph Salmins   Percussion
Walter Samuel   Recorder
Tim Sanders   Tenor Saxophone
Adam Seymour   Background Vocals,Guitar (Baritone)
Chris Sharrock   Snare Drums
Neil Sidewell   Trombone,Brass
Steve Sidwell   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Vicky Silva   Background Vocals
Beverley Skeete   Background Vocals
Sonia Slany   Violin
Tyler Stewart   Snare Drums
Miriam Stockley   Background Vocals
Jamie Talbot   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
John Thirkell   Trumpet
Cathy Thompson   Strings
Philip Todd   Alto Saxophone
Chris Tombling   Violin
Paul Turner   Bass
Adrian Utley   Bass,Guitar (Baritone)
Annie Whitehead   Trombone
Kate Wilkinson   Viola
Gavyn Wright   Strings,Violin
Gota Yashiki   Keyboards,Guitar (Baritone)
Jim Creeggan   Double Bass
Philip Eastop   Horn
Steven Page   Vocals
Maurice Murphy   Trumpet
Ed Robertson   Electric Guitar
Steve Waterman   Trumpet
Jonathan Williams   Cello
Vaughan Armon   Strings
Bill Hawkes   Viola
Peter Lale   Strings,Viola
Paul Willey   Violin
Nick Busch   Horn
Andy Caine   Background Vocals
Richard Clews   Horn
Beth Gibbons   Background Vocals,Overdubs
Boguslaw Kostecki   Strings
Bruce White   Strings,Viola
Malcolm Mortimore   Snare Drums
Robbie Williams   Vocals
Johnny Douglas   Guitar,Keyboards,Snare Drums
Randy Newman   Track Performer
Pee Wee Ellis   Horn
Zucchero   Vocals
Mick Cox   Acoustic Guitar
Lasse Johansson   Keyboards,Guitar (Baritone)
Duncan Mackay   Trumpet
Alan Ross   Guitar (Baritone)
Ian Thomas   Snare Drums
Geraint Watkins   Keyboards
Paul Robertson   Violin
Guy Barker   Brass,Strings
Pete Beachill   Trombone
Dave Bishop   Baritone Saxophone
Greg Bone   Guitar (Baritone)
James Dean Bradfield   Bass,Vocals,Guitar (Baritone)
Stuart Brooks   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Simon Chamberlain   Piano
Roger Chase   Viola
Simon Clarke   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Nick Cooper   Cello
Laurence Cottle   Bass
Ben Cruft   Violin
Chris Davis   Tenor Saxophone
Clive Deamer   Timpani,Snare Drums
Andy Duncan   Percussion
Geoff Dunn   Snare Drums
Claudia Fontaine   Trombone
Wilfred Gibson   Violin
Mick Hucknall   Vocals
Chrissie Hynde   Vocals
Garfield Jackson   Viola
Sylvia Mason James   Background Vocals
Chester Kamen   Guitar (Baritone)
John Parricelli   Electric Guitar
Rolf Wilson   Violin
Andrew Crowley   Trumpet
James Wiltshire   Keyboards
John Baggot   Piano,Vibraphone
Neil Cowley   Keyboards
Uwe Granitza   Horn
Greg Haver   Snare Drums
Mike Hext   Trombone
Ian Humphries   Violin
Nick Nasmyth   Keyboards
Paul Sherman   Double Bass
Kevin Hearn   Electric Guitar
Tore Johansson   Keyboards
Natalie Imbruglia   Vocals
Rachel Allen   Violin
Peter Svensson   Guitar (Baritone)
Everton Nelson   Violin
Heather Small   Vocals
Neil Hannon   Vocals
Adrian Hallowell   Bass Trombone
Cerys Matthews   Vocals
Lutz Krajenski   Hammond Organ
Iain King   Violin
Dave Palmer   Bass
Rebecca Hirsch   Violin
Rachel Bolt   Strings
Andrew Byrt   Viola
Jamie Murphy   Guitar (Baritone)
Roger Argente   Bass Trombone
Carmen Smart   Background Vocals
Sarah Williams   Brass,Overdubs
Jim Rattigan   Horn
Warren Zielinski   Strings
Sophie Harris   Cello
Anna Hemery   Violin
Roger Linley   Double Bass
Nick Barr   Viola
Simon Gardner   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Brass,Overdubs
John Johnson   Trombone
Richard Jones   Bass
Philippa Ibbotson   Violin
Derek Watkins   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Chris Brown   Organ,Clavinet
Dave Clews   Keyboards
Patrick Jackman   Bass Trombone
Franny Griffiths   Keyboards
Steve Marston   Baritone Saxophone,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Bryan Mills   Bass
Ed Baden-Powell   Bass,Keyboards,Guitar
Pat Berrow   Violin
Leon Caffery   Snare Drums
Harriet Williams   Voices
Sven Anderson   Horn
Miggy Barradas   Snare Drums
Adrian Bradbury   Cello
Raquel Byrt   Violin
Stuart "Pinkie" Bates   Hammond Organ
Stuart Cable   Snare Drums
Kelly Jones   Vocals,Guitar (Baritone)
James Taylor   Hammond Organ
Simply Red   Track Performer
Barenaked Ladies   Track Performer
Space   Track Performer
Lynette Koyana   Background Vocals
Perry Montague-Mason   Strings
John Scott   Guitar (Baritone)
Helen Harthorn   Violin
Helen Hathorn   Violin
Peter Hinderthür   Horn,Bass
Tommy Scott   Vocals
Mike Stevens   Saxophone
John Johnson   Trombone
Tom Jones   Vocals
Bengt Lagerberg   Snare Drums
Jonathan Evans Jones   Violin
Chris DeMargary   Saxophone
Stephen Tees   Viola
Jenny LaTouche   Background Vocals
Magnus Fiennes   Keyboards
Johnny Douglas   Guitar,Keyboards,Snare Drums
Mark Ralph   Guitar (Baritone)
Joby Talbot   Piano
Tony Kirkham   Keyboards
David Daniels [cello]   Cello

Technical Credits

Bob Kraushaar   Engineer
Van Morrison   Producer
Richard Norris   Engineer
Steve Sidwell   Brass Arrangment
Adrian Utley   Producer
Gavyn Wright   Orchestra Director,Orchestra Leader
Gota Yashiki   Programming,Producer
Jeremy Wheatley   Producer
Geoff Barrow   Producer
Johnny Douglas   Producer
Steve Power   Producer
D'Influence   Producer
Andy Bradfield   Engineer
James Dean Bradfield   Producer
Guy Chambers   Arranger,Producer
Simon Clarke   Horn Arrangements
Andy Duncan   Programming
Dave Eringa   Producer
Stephen Hague   Producer,Engineer
Nick Ingman   String Arrangements,Brass Arrangment
Jon Jacobs   Producer,Engineer
Niven Garland   Engineer
James Wiltshire   Programming,Engineer
Matt Dunkley   Orchestral Arrangements
Magnus Fiennes   Producer
Tore Johansson   Producer
Mousse T   Producer
Neil Hannon   Producer
Andy Scade   Engineer
Matthew White   Engineer
Chuck Norman   Programming
Tommy D   Producer
Bird   Producer
Marc Lane   Engineer
Bush   Producer
Dave Clews   Programming
Ed Baden-Powell   drum programming,Programming
Hello Bobadee   Horn Arrangements
Steve Price   Engineer
Alan Douglas   Engineer
John Lee   Engineer
Johnny Douglas   Producer
Joby Talbot   Arranger

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Reload 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great for Tom Jones fans.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was vacationing in Costa Rica when I heard the cut ''Mama Told Me Not To Come'' on the radio. It was full of soul and Tom just made it cook. I purchased it and really wasn't happy it cost so much. Then I heard the rest of the album, It was well worth it's price!!! Must have party album.