Relocating Serendipity

Relocating Serendipity


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Relocating Serendipity by Joseph P. Marasia, Erika Kaunisaho

Georgie is a curious caring character, desperately lonely and mostly overlooked due to his invisibility. He is longing for appreciation, respect, and the ability to understand human emotions, especially love. After countless seemingly normal centuries he hears a calling of unearthly strength as if an earthquake rocked his being to its very core. He is thrown from his worldly abode of slumber into the sky and then dropped back onto Earth. He knows he has been in the wrong place way too long. Our hero walks off into an inhospitable, almost uninhabitable world to find his rag-tag traveling circus of the mind and the elusive pilot to guide him to enlightenment. As the story deteriorates Georgie is faced with a tough dilemma regarding the crew's questionable behavior.

Relocating Serendipity is a raunchy rollercoaster ride of fact and fiction to stimulate your wildest imagination, explore questions of morality and to determine what is reality. It's a tale of humans and animals not of this world seeking to find their way home.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781514156841
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/02/2015
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

Joseph P. Marasia was born and raised in Queens, New York City. At the age of 19 he decided it was time to hit the road and discover his vast beautiful country. Starting his journey in Western America & Hawaii he soon realized the world was much larger and set off for Asia in 1997.

He began writing poetry high in the Himalaya Mountains of India which would turn out to be the beginning of '21st Century Stream of Consciousness' (2013) a work which took him through four continents. It's a collection of poems, essays and short stories which portray the world through a Seeker's eyes. '21st Century Stream of Consciousness' is an example of the kaleidoscope of life.

In 2013 after some times of turbulence and adversity a critical analysis of the past decade came to be in the form of 'Writings in the Light of Darkness' (2013) - a recollection of events both high and low from a Bohemian's eyes. Written from Communist China through the chaos of urban Bangkok to Finland's serene shores this is a story of Truth & Discovery.

After many years of traveling as a gypsy and working as a teacher of English and Sociology Joseph's experiences culminated in his first full length novel 'Where's the Pilot?' (2014). It is a story of fact and fiction to stimulate once imagination. 'Where's the Pilot?' portrays the reality of life in some very intriguing and unusual parts of the world and the kind inspirational people who he met along the way.

In late 2013 Joseph picked up inspiration for his novel 'Relocating Serendipity' (2014), a crazy rollercoaster ride to stimulate your wildest imagination. From the Mongolian desert to arctic China, over the expansive Pacific Ocean to the Americas - disregarding the concept of time - we follow a rag-tag traveling circus of the mind to explore questions of morality and to determine what is reality. It's a tale of humans and animals not of this world seeking to find their way home.

'Resuscitating Humanity' (2015) concludes the Pilot trilogy with new exciting characters on their way to attain freedom.

A 19-years-on-the-trail anniversary collection was published in 2015. It includes the following collections of poetry: '21st Century Stream of Consciousness', 'Writings in the Light of Darkness' and 'The Third Eye of Conception'.

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