Reluctant Surrender

Reluctant Surrender

by Riley Murphy


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A tightly wound woman with a secret persona meets a prominent Dom who's itching to make her unravel.
Renowned Dom Ethan White offers straitlaced Colin Reneaux an escape from her conventional life. Reluctant at first, she eventually agrees to explore her secret desires with BDSM tapas-small bites of erotic D/s scenarios featuring Ethan as her captor, boss, interrogator, professor and Master. Each eye-opening and sex-fueled scene leaves her more breathless than the last.
Ethan's surprised to find himself challenged by Colin's strength. He quickly connects with her inner submissive, drawing them deeper into the D/s dynamic. Soon she becomes the woman he swore he'd never need, and he, the Master she craves. Together they find the perfect balance...until someone from Ethan's past returns, someone bent on revenge. Ethan's left with no choice. He must break Colin's heart to save her from the vengeance that threatens her dream.
But Colin has other ideas. Like who should wear their heart on their sleeve and who should break and who should ultimately surrender...

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781517326975
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/28/2015
Series: Trust In Me , #2
Pages: 470
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.05(d)

About the Author

Riley Murphy writes sexy, humorous and emotional romance, happy ending guaranteed. An optimist, she believes life is awesome, people are complicated, but in a good way, and we should never stop learning. Riley currently resides in Florida with her gorgeous husband. She has two wonderful kids and one very bossy English Bull terrier. When Riley's not working she enjoys reading, oil painting and getting to the Sunday crossword puzzle before anyone else does, so she can fill-in all the easy answers first. If Riley wasn't a writer she'd be an international spy with top-level security so she could have a peek at Area 51 and decide for herself if those green guys are for real. Riley loves her characters and she hopes you do too. You can visit her website at or on twitter here: or Facebook here:

Customer Reviews

Reluctant Surrender 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
CBell1 More than 1 year ago
About the best dang BDSM book I've ever read! Rarely does a book hit all my happy switches. It was funny, emotional and super sexy and when it was over, I sighed out loud. A satisfying ending, but at the same time, I felt a little wistful it was over. I can't wait until a few months go by so I can re-discover these characters, and even better, judging by the ending, I'm thinking sequel! Things I liked: When Colin and Ethan meet, it's off the charts chemistry right from the word go. I'm a sucker for a book that grabs me from the first page. Even better, as things progressed between them and (panty-melting sexy) Ethan opens Colins eyes to the world of BDSM, we get to sort of walk through it with her and believe me, there is no better person to walk through it with, because Colin is laugh out loud hilarious. If you love spunky female protaganists like Stephanie Plum you will love her as much as I do. I would enjoy this character in any setting. Things I LOVED: Tapas. I don't want to spoil it, but I think it's okay to say that, in order to help Ethan decide what types of scenes Colin might enjoy, he takes her on a journey through about half dozen mini-scenes that he calls tapas. I won't say what they are, but MAN, get out a fan! Totally original, fun and sooooo steamy. Then, let's talk about the bj scene O_0 Yeah, I said it. And it's the best damn bj scene I've ever read. If bj's were cars and I read that scene, I'd be signing on the dotted line and driving that puppy home RIGHT NOW! It was fog the mirrors hot, y'all. And last but not least, this story was also really emotional. There was a real connection between the characters but they also each grew as people over the course of the book, making the HEA extremely satisfying. All in all, if you're in the market for visceral, authentic-feeling BDSM, this is the one to get. It's definitely on my keeper shelf.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one hot, titillating read! Also, you really get to know their "personalities"--they are definitely not one dimentional. Cute story with fun bantar entwined. I thought Reclaimed Surrender wad my fav......however changing my mind.
Phe_BookMusings More than 1 year ago
4.5 Sinfully Sexy Stars! Straight-laced Colin Reneaux is a reputable photographer who has handled events for some of New England’s most prominent citizens. But behind closed doors she secretly blogs as Riling Rita—a fictitious persona—her personal account of the events she attends and the people she meets. Having earned the collective support of a fair number of people in the BDSM community after the collaring ceremony she blogged about at Christmas, the owners of The Carlyn, looking for some good publicity for their preopening, hire her to photograph a wedding/collaring ceremony being held at their resort. But the day of the event, things go terribly wrong when a full-out brawl ensues and her images are stolen then posted on YouTube. Her clients, seeing a fortuitous opportunity at their disposal, present her with a choice … For not having ensured her images were properly secured, she either agrees to stay at the resort for ten days and ‘glowingly’ blog an in-depth piece on The Carlyn, or they sue her for breach of contract.  Ethan White, co-owner of The Carlyn, is a renowned Dominant whom others refer to as The Hypnotist—the Dom with special powers around women. He’s a Master, both figuratively and literally, who is purported to be able to make a woman climax with words alone. As a Dom, he’s felt uninspired—burnt out—for quite some time. He’s grown tired of having his pick of naked, willing women. In truth, his instinct to totally possess a woman had all but vanished … until he meets Colin Reneaux. Ethan offers to give Colin a crash course in basic BDSM principles and some practical experiences to relay to her readers if she chooses to stay at The Carlyn with him. Reluctant at first, she eventually agrees, because the more she reads about the different facets and philosophies behind the BDSM lifestyle, the more convinced she is that she has a few submissive qualities herself. Surprised to find himself challenged by her strength, Ethan quickly connects with Colin’s inner submissive drawing them deeper into the D/s dynamic. Together, they find the perfect balance as she becomes the woman he swore he’d never need, and he, the Master she craves … until someone from his past returns. Someone bent on revenge.  The second installment in Riley Murphy's Trust In Me series, Reluctant Surrender is a well-written, erotic story about a woman exploring her secret D/s fantasies. Colin is genuine and smart. She has an outward confidence and endearing sense of humor. She becomes a jittery, nervous mess around Ethan, and has a tendency to babble, but overall, she’s a very likeable character. Ethan was a wonderful Dom. He was always calm, controlled, and non-threatening in his approach with Colin. He consistently displayed understanding and patience with her even when she was being impulsive and stubborn. She fired all of his primal instincts to dominate, and together they had intense chemistry. Since role play/playacting is a facet of BDSM that does nothing for me, Ethan’s BDSM tapas—sampling of scenes that Colin might encounter in a club—were just meh in my opinion. In all fairness however, many other readers seemed to have really enjoyed them. Despite my issues with the tapas, this was a very enjoyable read overall. Reluctant Surrender is a sexy, erotic and emotional story of self-discovery, desire, sacrifice, and love with light to moderate BDSM and a satisfying HEA.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Snoozy24 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book it had a soft HEA, that you might have expected. 2 people with heart hurt problems. Ethan, a Dom opening a new high end resort/Dungeon, dealing with a blogger giving description of his resort. Colin is a photographer with a secret persona. She gets to spend 10 days experiencing the life and doing what she does best. It was a soft BDSM read, but an enjoyable one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Best bdsm book ever!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book is long, over 600 pages-and they fly by with a great ending
Anonymous More than 1 year ago