Reluctantly Royal: An HRH Novel

Reluctantly Royal: An HRH Novel

by Gillian Archer

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ISBN-13: 9781524797171
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/16/2018
Series: HRH
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 107,028
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Gillian Archer has a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering but prefers to spend her time on happily ever after. She writes the kind of stories she loves to read—the hotter the better! When she’s not pounding away on the keyboard, she can be found surfing the couch, indulging in her latest reality TV fixation, or baking something ridiculously tasty (and horrible for her waist line). Gillian Archer lives in the wilds of Nevada with her amazing husband, gorgeous new baby, and two goofy dogs.

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Juke Joint Bar & Grill
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

She was laughing like a loon the first time I saw her. Her head thrown back, her long blond hair trailing down her shoulders, the most alluring laughter flowing from her perfect mouth.

I had to have her.

She was the embodiment of everything I wasn’t. A carefree twenty-something with nothing more to worry about other than waking up on time tomorrow for work or school. Most of the women in my social sphere were so concerned with appearances they wouldn’t dare move their lips wider than their practiced smiles—their faces almost frozen in exaggerated pouts. But this woman didn’t seem to care that when she smiled her nose scrunched up and her eyes creased with wrinkles. She enjoyed life.

“What do you think of the brunette?” I asked in French to Dimitri. Somehow our group of five men had managed to enter the bar without drawing any undue attention—mostly because I made the guys dress the part and leave their conspicuous suits behind. It also didn’t hurt that my other three guards had taken up spots across the room.
Dimitri surveyed the table I’d asked about. His eyes passed over both women, lingering on the brunette friend, before he shook his head. “Not your usual type, but then again this isn’t your usual hangout, so what do I know?”

“Not for me. You.”

Dimitri snorted into his glass of Perrier sparkling water. “I’m on the clock, monsieur.”

I twisted my chin until my neck cracked. “What did I say about calling me that tonight?”

“Je vous demande pardon, monsieur.”

I grunted in reply, but it was hard to accept his apology when he continued to address me as monsieur.

It had been my choice to come to this particular bar tonight, despite Dimitri’s protests. He’d tried to talk me into a VIP space at some club on the Strip, somewhere he’d be able to control the room, only letting in “appropriate people.” It reminded me too much of my conversation with my brother, only this time I’d literally be behind a Plexiglas cage. No, I wanted to pretend for a night that I was a regular Joe, a faceless guy in the crowd, like the last time I’d visited Las Vegas, before palace protocol had invaded every aspect of my life as the spare.

And I had just found the perfect means for my oblivion.

Unfortunately for me, she’d drawn the attention of every man in the bar with a functioning cock. And that was saying something. There was a loud, boisterous hen party cackling away on the opposite side of the bar—although the way they were waving huge dildos around was a sure boner-killer for most men. No way could any man measure up to their expectations tonight. Then there was the trio of scantily clad women with huge breasts on display in their low-cut blouses, all wearing knee-high go-go boots. I was kinda curious about their act. They’d gone all out, and the way they were drinking meant it’d be an interesting show for sure.

But all those women paled in comparison to the one I wanted. As I watched a second guy approach their table and get shot down, I realized I’d have to come up with a more creative style than those imbéciles.

“At least the music would’ve been better at the club I suggested,” Dimitri muttered as a truly tone-deaf guy caterwauled onstage about lost love.

I tore my stalkerish stare away from my future hookup and shrugged at Dimitri. Right now he was the closest thing I had to a confidant. “Yeah, but at least here no one knows who I am.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing to be . . .” He hesitated for a second and looked over my shoulder before finishing with, “you.”

“You know better than anyone what my life is like, and what’s waiting for me at the end of this trip. Anything is better than being home right now.” Or anytime, really. Not that I could ever say that out loud. “I thought it was bad when it was just the state-sponsored mourning. But ever since Bastien made his wedding announcement, it’s turned into a three-ring circus. No, thank you. I’d rather be back in the desert eating MREs.”

Dimitri snorted. “Nothing could be that bad, monsieur.”

I raised my eyebrows as I took a swig from my beer. He didn’t know. No one could understand. It was times like this that I really missed my twin brother, Julien. He was the one person in the whole world who understood me. The shit with our parents. The pressures of being in the spotlight. The need for something easier, something stable.

Something normal.

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Reluctantly Royal: An HRH Novel 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good storyline. I liked it when the health issue came up. It made him more realistic in mind .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a very well-written and entertaining book. I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to anyone who loves a happily ever after ending with a prince. I am a sucker for a royal romance. That being said, I loved the heroine and hero. I really appreciated the emphasis the author put on the common sense precautions the heroine and her girlfriend took to protect themselves from predators. GOOD FOR YOU! I can't ever remember reading a story that actually gave you tips on how to protect yourselves from unknown persons that you might meet in a bar (or other settings) and wish to spend time alone with (date/hook up). Because you never know if the guy is a prince among men or a frog.
carvanz More than 1 year ago
Lucien lost his father and twin brother a year ago in a plane accident. Now he is second in line to the throne of Monaco. A position he does not want. When his brother informs him he will have to pick a wife soon, Luc adamantly argues against it. To momentarily appease him, Bastien sends Luc to Las Vegas on a business trip. It is the perfect place for Luc to forget about responsibilities and experience a bit of freedom. Hannah has a past filled with pain and suffering. Through all of her struggles, she has learned to live life to its fullest. It is in one of those carefree moments that Luc first lays eyes on her and he is enthralled with her effervescent beauty and charm. They indulge in a one night only that leads to more and soon they are in a relationship that has a definite expiration date. I absolutely loved this book! Told completely in Luc’s point of view I enjoyed that his thoughts were what I would think a man would think. Lol! So many times Hannah would be talking and his mind would drift off to other more carnal musings before she’d call him out for it. One moment he was offering the sweetest compliment and then he’d tag on a dirty suggestion. The ending has some angst in it and while I knew that Luc was there to stay, I did worry how things were going to work out with this couple. Ms. Archer did an amazing job bringing life and love to these characters and I look forward to more in this series. This is an honest review of an advanced copy provided by NetGalley and Random House Publishing – Loveswept.
Rainn2978 More than 1 year ago
Based on the synopsis for this book I thought I would love it. I usually love that whole prince sweeps a commoner off her feet story. But this book just didn't do it for me. I had a really hard time getting into it to begin with. It seemed slow. There were parts that I liked. Hannah seemed down to earth. Luc could have been a much better character I think. Them together just didn't seem to work in my opinion. There is some conflict with his family because he chooses someone who doesn't have royal blood. But on a whole, for me this book was just ok. Some people may love it, it just wasn't for me though.
BookloverUT More than 1 year ago
A prince of Monaco is rebelling against the crown by shirking his duties and going barhopping in Las Vegas to find his latest conquest. When he meets her, he has to hide who he is, or risk being exposed to his brother, the new reigning prince, who wants him married off and settled upon his return. In all due respect to NetGalley, the publishers, and the author, I can’t in good conscience give anything more than a one-star review. The book was full of obscenities, with cardboard characters, and the plot was totally boring and repetitious. I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
Pinky1979 Reviews More than 1 year ago
Who doesn't love a fairytale? A modern day fairytale where a commoner catches the eye of a prince and they-hopefully- live happily ever after. We wouldn't be fans of romance if we didn't love happily ever afters or believe in true love. In "Reluctantly Royal" we find a prince, Prince Lucien "Luc" Arthur Beauregard Mathieu Greiner of Monaco, who upon is father and twin brother's deaths finds himself the spare to the throne. It's not only the new responsibility that bothers him, it's also the loss of his twin and the big hole that it leaves not only in his life, but also in his soul. So when his older brother, the sovereign prince Bastian informs him that he has to make a royal marriage and should start to choose from the list that has been prepared, Luc is furious. He doesn't want to be a pawn in his brother's royal game. His brother decides to send him to Las Vegas for a week to work and represent the principality. This will be a sort of send off before real life and real responsibilities take over and Luc has to face his duty to his family and people. In Vegas Luc meets a beautiful and vivacious blonde who shows him how to live life to the fullest. A woman who has no idea who he is but enjoys spending time with him regardless. Even though Hannah Allen seems carefree and up for adventure, there seems to be a tragedy in her past and pain. Pain that she isn't ready to share with Luc yet. What starts off as a weekend fling soon turns into more. But can a foreign prince and a jobless hairdresser make it work and have their happily ever after? I liked Luc at first. Who doesn't love a bad boy prince? A prince that loves to live life according to his own rules. But after a while his constant disregard for his obligations and the fact that he seemed to blame all his actions on the loss of his twin started to get old and began to sound more like a toddler's tantrums than a rebel prince. I also found it very hard to connect with Hannah. Maybe this was due to the fact that the story was told from Luc's point of view and not Hannah's. Yes, there was obviously some attraction between Luc and Hannah, but I didn't feel any sparks or heat. I really wanted to love this book, but unfortunately it fell short on my expectations. Thank you Netgalley and Random House Publishing for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
Royal romances are not my favorite trope but I can honestly say that I did like this one, it just didn't wow me. Luc and Hanna meet under the pretense that he is just a normal man in Vegas when he is anything but normal. There is an instant attraction but going from that to love was a bit quick it seemed to me. It's a sweet story and I do like how it is Luc doing the convincing to give them a chance because it made him more honest and attainable. As with most relationships, theirs is not perfect and does take a bit of work to find their happily ever after but that made it a bit more realistic. This was my first Gillian Archer book and I would read more.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Very enjoyable read. Light and fun with just enough angst to give the story some depth. Luc and Hannah work perfectly together and I could feel their chemistry. The story is very well written and the story has a nice flow making for a relaxing read. Luc was never suppose to be the spare prince. That was his twin brothers role. He's lived his life his way, carefree and unencumbered. After the death of his father and twin brother in an awful accident Luc now finds himself being pressured to calm his playboy ways and settle down with a nice suitable woman. Yet all Luc wants is the American beauty Hannah. From the moment he met her he knew she was different. Not telling who he is immediately may cost him everything though. Definitely a recommended read.
MusicInPrint More than 1 year ago
Quick easy read. I love other Archer books but Luc and Hannah's romance fell a bit short for me. For one thing too many times did the phrase "That is the nicest thing any one has ever said to me" was so overused it was an eye roller for me. Point of view was Luc's but Hannah was the dynamite character. Poor but proud Hannah rocks Luc's world in that she does not fall at this royal feet even when she found out he was a Prince. Luc's brother and mother were interesting characters to this tail as were Luc's security unit. "A copy of this book was provided by Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via NetGalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion."
PennieM More than 1 year ago
This is a thoroughly enjoyable read that hits all the spots. It was sweet, sexy, had a little angst, and the toad of a big brother prince. Luc was not supposed to be the spare prince but when his twin brother died he suddenly became the spare and had to step up and leave his military life for the royal one. A trip to Vegas for a conference and he meets Hannah. Sparks and chemistry and paparazzi galore. This was a well written and fun book. Definitely recommend this one. **Received this ARC from the publisher via NetGalley**
MBurton More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars! This was a whirlwind romance between a reluctant “spare” prince and an unemployed cosmetologist. A big portion of this book was Luc and Hannah going on adventurous dates as they got to know each other during their weeklong fling. At first Luc kept his identity secret but when Hannah found out, he knew he wanted more than a week with her. He just has to convince Hannah to leave her life in Vegas to go home with him to Monaco. This was a cute story with a little bit of serious thrown in. Their story is like a fairytale come true except Hanna lives in reality and it takes some convincing from Luc to give them a chance. Throw in conflict with the true prince, Luc’s brother and that fairytale doesn’t feel like a fairytale anymore. ARC provided by NetGalley.
heater_28 More than 1 year ago
**Advanced copy provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review** I have always enjoyed royal romances, so when I saw this one on NetGalley, I knew I wanted to read it. This was my first Gillian Archer book and I enjoyed it. Prince Lucien Grenier thought he was in a good place in his life. He was in the military and living life the way the wanted to while his family kept the crown going back at home in Monaco. Unfortunately about a year earlier, Luc's life got turned upside down when his father and twin brother were killed in a plane crash meaning that he was suddenly the next in line to the throne behind his older brother. Luc is sent to Las Vegas on the orders of his brother the crown prince and instead of sticking strictly to the agenda set forth by his brother, he decides to take a detour to a karaoke bar. Luc ends up meeting Hannah, who is a local and has no idea who he is. They end up spending time together and it becomes clear very quickly that they are attracted to one another. They go quickly from acquaintances to more and while Luc definitely wants to see where things can go, Hannah isn't as sure. She isn't sure they've known one another long enough and also the small fact that Luc lives in an entirely different country also poses a problem. Will Luc be able to convince Hannah that they deserve a shot or will other issues and circumstances keep them from being together? I enjoyed this story and the relationship that grew between Luc and Hannah. Was it fast? Yes, in the real world things would never move that quickly, but in the book world, anything is possible and I still very much enjoyed the book. It was a nice escape for a few days while I was reading.