Remaking the North American Food System

Remaking the North American Food System

by C. C Hinrichs, Thomas A. Lyson

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ISBN-13: 9780803215788
Publisher: University of Nebraska Press
Publication date: 01/01/2008
Series: Our Sustainable Future
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

C. Clare Hinrichs, an associate professor of rural sociology at Pennsylvania State University, has published numerous articles on rural sociology and agriculture. Thomas A. Lyson (1948–2006) was the Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor of Development Sociology and director of the Community, Food, and Agriculture Program at Cornell University. He is the author of Civic Agriculture: Reconnecting Farm, Food, and Community .
Contributors: Elizabeth Barham, Jim Bingen, Troy C. Blanchard, Holly Born, Linda Brewer, Viviana Carro-Figueroa, Kate Clancy, Laura B. DeLind, Gail Feenstra, Gilbert W. Gillespie Jr., Amy Guptill, Michael W. Hamm, Janet Hammer, Alison H. Harmon, Duncan L. Hilchey, C. Clare Hinrichs, Matthew Hoffman, Raymond A. Jussaume Jr., Larry Lev, Sharon Lezberg, Debra Lippoldt, Thomas A. Lyson, Audrey N. Maretzki, Todd L. Matthews, Marcia Ruth Ostrom, Kathryn Ruhf, Garry Stephenson, G. W. Stevenson, Joan S. Thomson, Elizabeth Tuckermanty, and Jennifer Wilkins

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     xi
Introduction: Practice and Place in Remaking the Food System   C. Clare Hinrichs     1
What's Wrong with the Food System? Orienting Frameworks for Change
Civic Agriculture and the North American Food System   Thomas A. Lyson     19
Warrior, Builder, and Weaver Work: Strategies for Changing the Food System   G. W. Stevenson   Kathryn Ruhf   Sharon Lezberg   Kate Clancy     33
Institutions and Practices to Remake the Food System
Farmers' Markets as Keystones in Rebuilding Local and Regional Food Systems   Gilbert Gillespie   Duncan L. Hilchey   C. Clare Hinrichs   Gail Feenstra     65
Practical Research Methods to Enhance Farmers' Markets   Larry Lev   Garry Stephenson   Linda Brewer     84
Community Supported Agriculture as an Agent of Change: Is It Working?   Marcia Ruth Ostrom     99
Food Policy Councils Past, Present, and Future   Kate Clancy   Janet Hammer   Debra Lippoldt     121
The "Red Label" Poultry System in France Lessons for Renewing an Agriculture-of-the-Middle in the United States   G. W. Stevenson   Holly Born     144
Eating Right Here The Role of Dietary Guidance in Remaking Community-Based Food Systems   Jennifer Wilkins     163
Community-Initiated Dialogue: Strengthening the Community through the Local Food System   Joan S. Thomson   Audrey N. Maretzki   Alison H. Harmon     183
The Importance of Place and Region in Remaking the Food System
Retail Concentration, Food Deserts, and Food-Disadvantaged Communities in Rural America   Troy C. Blanchard   Todd L. Matthews     201
Localization in a Global Context: Invigorating Local Communities in Michigan through the Food System   Michael W. Hamm     216
Assessing the Significance of Direct Farmer-Consumer Linkages as a Change Strategy in Washington State: Civic or Opportunistic?   Marcia Ruth Ostrom   Raymond A. Jussaume, Jr.     235
Emerging Farmers' Markets and the Globalization of Food Retailing: A Perspective from Puerto Rico   Viviana Carro-Figueroa   Amy Guptill     260
The Lamb That Roared: Origin-Labeled Products as Place-Making Strategy in Charlevoix, Quebec   Elizabeth Barham     277
Be Careful What You Wish For: Democratic Challenges and Political Opportunities for the Michigan Organic Community   Laura B. DeLind   Jim Bingen     298
The Social Foundation of Sustainable Agriculture in Southeastern Vermont   Matthew Hoffman     315
Community Food Projects and Food System Sustainability   Audrey N. Maretzki   Elizabeth Tuckermanty     332
A Full Plate: Challenges and Opportunities in Remaking the Food System   C. Clare Hinrichs   Elizabeth Barham     345
List of Contributors     357
Index     363

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