by Janine Caldwell

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Rematch by Janine Caldwell

Trent Astor is many things--orphan, runaway, musician. But what's most extraordinary about Trent is that he's a time traveler. His supernatural gift sends him on missions to the past to save unsuspecting victims from harm. However, when he fails to save the life of a young girl, his life changes in ways he could never have dreamed.

At eleven-years-old, Cassie Moore suffered through a horrific shooting. Tragically scarred from the ordeal, the once promising tennis prodigy was forced to throw away all hope of a future in tennis. Now, as she begins her senior year of high school, the past continues to haunt her. She struggles to find herself, her self-esteem at an all time low. If only she could resolve the past, she might be able to move on with her life. She never imagined that possible until she meets the intriguing new student in her PE class who radically alters her life once again.

Set in contemporary Northern California, The Vortex Series is a teen romance for those who enjoy a mashup of science fiction, fantasy, a little music, and tennis. This story is told from dual perspectives for the reader's intimate view into both Cassie and Trent's worlds. Family relationships, how they interconnect and drive our personalities, is the heart and soul of this YA time travel novel.

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BN ID: 2940014320610
Publisher: Janine Caldwell
Publication date: 03/12/2012
Series: The Vortex Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 231
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About the Author

Janine Caldwell was raised in the small San Francisco Bay Area town of Clayton. Four days after high school graduation, she attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and graduated with a degree in English.

Janine now lives in Anthem, AZ with her husband and two sons. When she's not trying to stay cool, she's playing tennis, practicing yoga, banging on the drums or reading. As a lifelong literature fanatic, she knew it was a matter of time before she'd become obsessed with writing her own work. With relatives like the Brothers Grimm and Anita Loos (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), she hopes fantasy writing is in her DNA.

Books published by Janine include The Vortex Series: REMATCH, DOUBLE FAULT, DEUCE and VISITED, a YA coming-of-age fantasy. Listen to Janine's recent radio interview to learn more about her work.

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Rematch 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
PiecesofWhimsy More than 1 year ago
I really, really enjoyed this book! The writing is incredible and the story is really fun and engaging; I don't think the synopsis gives enough credit to just how good this book is! Rematch is a great YA sci-fi/time-travel/romance story that anyone can enjoy! The book is told in alternating POVs from our two main characters Cassie and Trent. Trent travels through time, saving people from their horrible fates (death, pain, suffering, you get the picture) only one day he messes up. He's too slow and the girl he's meant to save dies before his eyes... or so he thought. When he returns back to his time he meets Cassie, the girl he'd "failed" to save. This is when things really get crazy. I loved Cassie and Trent and I could really connect with both of them. Cassie really reminded me of how I was in high school, especially her awkwardness, so I really loved her as a character, and her relationship with Trent.. well lets just say you don't want to miss it! I haven't read all that many books with time-travel in them but I thought that the author did a great job of putting her own spin on time-travel. I loved how it was done/how it happened and the action and romance woven into the story was just brilliant! This is a great YA read and I would highly recommend it!
BooksDirect More than 1 year ago
A mysterious boy who goes on "missions" and is camera-shy, tries to save a ten-year-old girl from being shot while playing a tennis match. Who is he and how did he know what was going to happen?  Cassie is about to start her senior year of high school. Her footballer boyfriend Jeff wants to move their relationship to the next level, but Cassie isn't ready. Her dad wants her to take up tennis again, but Cassie is plagued by insecurities and a lack of self-confidence. When a new boy comes to town and joins the school band, Cassie can't shake the feeling that she's seen him somewhere before. Who is he and why does he seem so familiar? The story is told alternately in the first person from Cassie's and Trent's points-of-view, however there is no confusion as to who is speaking, as they both have different voices. I especially liked the way the author depicted the growing relationship between Cassie and Trent. The author has a great natural conversational writing style, but there are a number of minor editing errors. And just when I was starting to wish for more of the story from Trent's points-of-view, especially when he goes on his missions, my wish was granted. Can't wait to read the next one.  I received this book in return for an honest review.
skizzles22 More than 1 year ago
*I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review. The beginning started off great! Trent is on a mission that will set up how the rest of the book plays out. It's a mission that changes lives. The question is: would Trent go back and change it if he could? Trent Astor is a time-traveller who gets sent back in time to save people. It's admirable, and the only thing he does with this supernatural power. And it's the only thing he knows about it. Trent knows as much as we do about his time-travelling abilities, which leaves much to be desired. Most of the book centers around Cassie and Trent's "budding" relationship. The time-travel rarely shows up, and rarely plays a role until Trent gets hurt in the 1930s. I really liked Trent, and I enjoyed his POV the most. But I wanted more of the supernatural; I wanted to see him go back in time more often. Instead, his three trips take very little time, and the rest is all about Trent and Cassie, their "love," and how guilty he feels for how her life turned out. He has this hero complex that makes him question everything; what his abilities mean, why he meets his last mission in the present. He feels guilty about what happened, and so he tries to right the wrong. But he should have known not to mess with the past. I was indifferent about Cassie. She doesn't have any personality. And I noticed that she constantly brings herself down so other people will feel bad about her insecurities and appease her by giving her compliments. She doesn't do it on purpose, but she has no confidence in herself. I didn't like her, but I didn't hate her. I think her constant self-deprecation just put me off. She didn't feel very genuine to me as a character. And there wasn't any character development with her. Plus, she drops everything, drops her friends and her family, for this guy she's only known a few weeks because she's just so in love with him! He's obviously much more important than everything else. Their relationship jumped from A to Z in the space of two weeks. I wouldn't have minded so much, if there was any sort of relationship development. Their "love" is unbelievable and unauthentic. The other relationships didn't have any development either, and when Cassie and Trent started dating, it was all about them. But I did love the relationship between Trent and his sister, Lorelei. I actually felt the sibling love between them, and I wish there'd been more with them. :) The plot was very boring, and I was just waiting for something exciting to happen. The only exciting thing that happened was when Trent got hurt in 1932 and met someone who changed his life. Trent did talk to Cassie about why he and his sister moved around all the time, but that never made sense to me. You want me to believe that there's this crazy and mad scientist who wants you as a lab rat? WHERE'S THE SUSPENSE? WHERE'S THE FREAKING DANGER? No. There was no sense of a lurking creeper, nor was there any sense that Trent actually cares about where his supernatural powers came from. Not much was explained, and most of the time I was confused about why he had this power. And the time-travel didn't matter once Trent and Cassie met. Except when Trent decided to try and change fate. But that didn't work out at all like he planned. God forbid there was any sort of conflict in their relationship, any sort of angst or hurt. Sure, when he left, Cassie worried until she knew when he was safe and back home. And that's understandable, because I would do the same thing. But I didn't even feel that Trent's angst near the end was at all genuine. Why? Because I thought their relationship had progressed too quickly and was not authentic. If there had been any development, I might have actually felt the pain and anguish. But then everything worked out perfectly anyway, so that didn't even matter. Rematch was more about the romance than the supernatural. It wasn't balanced evenly enough for me. I'm not invested in this story or these characters, but I'm going to read the second book. Who knows, I might just like it.
KonstanzS More than 1 year ago
I don't think the blurb/synopsis/description, does this book justice! Because when I began reading, I didn't get what I expected. But what I did get was something amazing!!!  I will admit that when I got the the second chapter I was worried with where the scene/talk might lead but was pleasantly surprised with where it didn't go! Janine has written a wonderful, engaging story that keeps you reading and wanting more!  And ohh my goodness, it is a good thing that I had the second book on hand when I finished Rematch because the ending leaves your heart pumping, your eyes leaking, your hands sweaty, and you begging for more! 
WonderWmn More than 1 year ago
First I want to thank the author, Janine Caldwell, for providing me a copy of Rematch for an honest review. Second of all, I want to say WOW! That was one amazing read. I have to be honest, I was initially turned off by the title and cover. It just didn't make me want to read it. When I did start to read, I got sucked into the story and didn't think much more of the former. The book centers around a time traveling teen boy, his sister, and the girl he's met before in her past and fallen for in the present. The story really takes you for a turn during the last quarter of the book. You will not want to put it down. There is a uniqueness to the story that caught my attention. Time travel has been done before, on many levels, but this story was fresh, modern and enjoyable. There were times the story seemed to drag on a bit, when I thought that with all I had read that I should have been farther along than I was but it didn't draw out through the entire book. As a reader, there are answers to questions that were at the back of your mind. The end has given me another question though, who's at the door? When you read the book, you'll understand. I recommend this to all who enjoy paranormal, scifi, romance, YA, etc. I am looking forward reading the second book in the series, Double Fault.
Brooke-The-Cover-Contessa More than 1 year ago
I want to thank the author, Janine Caldwell, for providing me with a copy of this book to read and give an honest review. Blurb from Goodreads: In REMATCH, Cassie and Trent’s worlds are about to collide, but not in the way you might normally expect. After a rocky start to their senior year, Trent is determined to hide from Cassie how their lives are supernaturally linked. But when Cassie’s past continues to torment her, she’s soon looking to Trent for answers. Trent must choose between admitting what he is and his role in her past, or running away from her forever. I actually did not read the blurb before reading this book, so I had no idea what to expect when I went into it. I actually prefer to not read about books that I've been asked to review prior to reviewing them. I especially stayed away from reviews because I wanted to form my own opinion. I am glad I went into this one blind because I was pleasantly surprised with what I found! The first thing that struck me was the cover of this book. It's so unusual. There is such a variety of elements show, I really wasn't sure what to expect. After having finished the book, I now understand all the elements and how they tie into the story that is told. Very clever of the author to choose a cover that would encompass all these things. You rarely see covers that actually tell the story of the book before you even open it to read it! Unfortunately, reading the ecopy, I had a hard time grasping the fact that the author was alternating POVs in the first part and then telling the second and third part from each of the main characters POV. I think this was one of the downfalls of having this book on my Kindle. I actually got annoyed and when I was taking notes, noted to myself that I didn't understand what the author was doing. It wasn't until I put up a status update and Janine answered it that I understood what was going on. This wasn't until about 75% through the book, tho! Perhaps labeling the chapters as such may have thwarted some of my confusion. Despite being annoyed by the alternating POVs, I was really engrossed in this book from the beginning. It starts of mysterious and draws you right in. Janine's writing is really quite good and flows very well. It's natural and doesn't seem like she was searching for words to put on the page as she wrote. The story has a great pace that keeps you riveted. Every time I put the book down, I was anticipating picking it back up so I could see what was going to happen next. The author has a knack for description. I could see the scenes as they were described, which was a great way to fall into the story. I did note that there were some descriptions were a bit repetitive, and this got to be a bit overwhelming. It almost felt like there were times when the story was being filled in to make the chapters longer. This made me feel like the story wasn't moving. And I am a total lover of time travel books, so this one hit the nail right on the head when I found out that was an underlying theme! It's really the only kind of science fiction that I like to read. I read Julie Cross' Tempest not too long ago and this boo is definitely along those lines, and written just as well. And of course the star crossed lover theme is a huge draw, because you can't possibly have a good YA book without there being some kind of love tension happening!!! I really liked how the characters were developed in this book. I do have to say that Cassie did annoy me a bit, a typical teen girl with angst that will drive you nuts. She's self depreciating and is constantly doubting herself. She allows herself to be treated poorly by her boyfriend and does not take the advice of her friends when they give it. This type of character drives me nuts. I felt like it was excessive and could have been handled a bit better. But I know they are many times essential to set the pace and current of the book. Without this, we would not have been able to see Cassie grow as a person. And I love how Cassie feels an immediate connection to Jeremy (aka Trent) when she meets him, but has no idea why. Trent was just such a great character. He is warm and caring, you can feel his anger at the things that are happening to Cassie. I was a bit confused as to why we don't have a name for him until about 20% into the book, tho. He's never referred to anywhere before that by name and I was a little annoyed by it. It made it harder to picture him, to be honest. My favorite character is Trent's sister, Lorelai. I just love her and her reactions. I love the way she is so concerned with Trent and how she doesn't worry about giving up her life to make sure he's safe. I would love to see a novella written from her POV. I think seeing how she views her life with her brother would be a great way to get to know her better. All in all I truly enjoyed this book. I I see a lot of potential in the author's writing and while there were some flaws noted, the book kept my interest from beginning to end. I loved how Calwell incorporated the elements of fear, humor, and romance and look forward to reading the second book in this series. 3 out of 5 stars.
Heinzypop More than 1 year ago
If you had the chance to change someone's fate, would you? This is just one of the questions you have yourself asking when you read this book. And would I? I really don't know. I'm a true believer that our Fate's are sort of predestined in that no matter which road you find yourself on, you always end up where you are meant to be, and I guess this is the truth behind the story that is REMATCH. First of all I want to thank the amazing author Janine Caldwell for providing me with a copy of REMATCH for my honest review. And let me just tell you that this little beauty really came out of left field for me. I had never heard of the book before and was completely shocked to discover that I was hooked from the first page. I loved getting so caught up in the story and desperately flicking through my iPhone trying to devour this baby and all the while trying to savour every word written. I love when an author can flawlessly make a reader lose themselves in a story and Janine had me at the edge of my seat. She also was able to make me cry. I'm such a sucker for a tormented guy! And what a guy he is...WHOA!! Okay before I get carried away let me tell you a little about the story. REMATCH is story that is brilliantly told in two alternating POV's. In one corner we have Cassie, our would be tennis star who's life drastically changes when she is 11 years old. In the other corner we have Trent (aka Jeremy), our would be hero and breathtakingly beautiful specimen of a young man. Not only does he always save the day, he also is breathtaking stunning, plays guitar in a rock band and is a tortured soul, who has built these walls up all around, not letting anyone in. This, of course, is not by choice. You see, Trent is special in that when he was 12 years old, the car that he was travelling in with his parents, spun out of control and ended up going over a cliff, killing his parents. By some sort of miracle, he survived. The tragedy of his parents death made Trent "grow up" faster than any child should. He had his younger sister Lorelei to look after and trying to have a normal life was out of the question. Something supernatural happened to Trent while he lay waiting in the wreckage. It's too difficult to try and explain, but I will just let you know that he was able to physically time travel from that point onwards. He would get visions of people getting hurt or injured, and before he knew it, he would end up traveling to that point in time, and he knew that he was meant to change the outcome of sorts. Well, to a young boy this is a terrible and scary burden to bare on top of losing his parents and trying to raise his sister. And if you thought that was bad enough, try having to runaway and change your identity at any given moment because a crazed scientist was after you to dissect your brain and who was totally obsessed with figuring out time travel. Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. But for 6 years, Trent does just that and with no complaint at all. Now, fast forward to the present, when Cassie comes into his life. Their world as they knew it were going to collide in a most delightful and supernatural way. He remembers Cassie from an assignment he once had to intervene and save her from a crazed gunman, and Trent can't help himself but fall in love with Cassie. Cassie has never truly recovered from that day that her life was almost taken away from her, but she never really forgot the young man who hovered over her while she bled. It really is a doomed sort of relationship and I was hooked from the word go. It was amazing to see how the story would unravel and let me tell you I was truly invested in it. I felt everything they were feeling, and Trent's POV really tugged at my heart. I was literally crying out "Noooooo, you can't do that" or asking my iPhone, "why? why?" I really was a mess and my heart was aching. It was beautiful and sad, and exciting and riveting. I'm floored by how much the story affected me, albeit how simple and honest it is. It had me asking this also, would you give up your happiness for the happiness of the one you love? OMG in a heartbeat YES! This story is eloquent and unbelievably wonderful. It's a must read and I can't wait to read the next book. Thank you Janine, you took my breath away.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. The author drew you into the characters so quickly that i had to keep reading. I read the book in 2 days. I was never confused by the flow of the story. It was one of the best YA books that I have read ever. I am so anxious to read the next book - DOUBLE FAULT in the series.
KMatthews More than 1 year ago
Very Good!! 4.5 stars This book starts off with an action packed scene that reaches in and grabs you by the throat. I settled in for the ride and found that the exciting start gave way to a less-action packed middle. It wasn’t bad, just focused more on the “getting to know you” of the MC’s relationship, which was fine, and very nicely drawn out. I just found it to be a bit light on the sci/fi for a good chunk of the story (for my tastes), and more focused on the romance. But it was extremely well-written and the story flowed nicely, taking me right along with it. I found the narrative and the dialogue to be exceptionally believable and rang as authentic. The book is witty, funny, sometimes sarcastic, and I found myself smiling several times throughout as my fingers rapidly turned the pages as I just had to know what happened next. In my opinion Ms. Caldwell crafted a fine novel suitable for teens and anyone who enjoys an excellent tale of romance and twists of fate, and I’ll definitely be looking for the next in the series.
Joelle75 More than 1 year ago
This book was a great read! I really enjoyed it. It flows very smoothly and it is one of those that you just don't want to put down. I would definitely recommend. I am looking forward to the second one!