Rembrandt's Artistic Biblical Interpretations: From the Attic of Civilization

Rembrandt's Artistic Biblical Interpretations: From the Attic of Civilization

by Dr. Leonard S Girsh


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Rembrandt's Artistic Biblical Interpretations: From the Attic of Civilization by Dr. Leonard S Girsh

From the Attic of Civilization can best be described by quoting a reviewer: 5 out of 5 stars "Dr. Girsh has a wonderful grasp of the complex nuances of Rembrandt's works, tying together Biblical references to other important figures in history. He shines light on hidden concepts that eludes even the most analytical of readers. A strong theme of "the origin of thought" branching into many subjects: languages, human thinking and behavior. Truly a masterpiece!" The book also serves as a guide to the paintings in exhibition form enabling readers to enjoy the reproductions of great masterpieces of European art on Biblical themes, from Genesis to Deuteronomy. These are artistic interpretations of scenes in Genesis: Creation, Noah and the Flood, Abraham and the Binding of Isaac, Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph.

Rembrandt, Poussin, Rubens and West are but a few of the prominent artists represented in From the Attic of Civilization. For example, Rembrandt's masterpiece, "Isaac and Rebecca", sensitively depicts the love that Isaac had for his wife, Rebecca. The Biblical scenes are depicted by these classical artists whose art is part of our cultural evolution.

From the Attic of Civilization has been honored by being sold at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the National Gallery of Art in Scotland. This book has been presented in exhibition format throughout the country and has been very well received. To quote a visitor present at an exhibition, "We were treated to a 'feast for our eyes' with some of the greatest Biblical art ever produced."

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Publication date: 09/18/2012
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About the Author

Biblical teachings and interpretations, along with Rembrandt's paintings, provided absorbing reading material and served as an introduction to Dr. Girsh's medical education and seeded the inspiration for this book. He developed a unique interest in Biblical art, including Rembrandt and his contemporaries, that resulted in From the Attic Of Civilization which represents, to him, the location where these Biblical interpretive paintings were stored, when as a boy and he first undertook the study of Biblical interpretation. Since these paintings were not available to him for integrated correlation and were in this loft-like position during his boyhood, he looked upon them as having been stored in The Attic of Civilization.
Directors and curators of museums, as well as art historians, looked forward to this work, which has been described as "a unique contribution to Biblical art." The book contains artistic interpretations by Rembrandt, with original classic language, connotations and interpretations along with the beautiful artistic calligraphy of the original scrolls, framed by analyses of noted scholars. The following quotes from museum curators, directors, and a religious leader describe the results: "An exciting response to an important and favorite theme of the great artist, Rembrandt. A very good response indeed.."; "Dr. Girsh's fantastic interpretations of art, history and Biblical themes is an inspiration to all of us" and "This book of beautiful art and artistic interpretations continues the centuries old tradition of interpreting the People of the Book."
This degree of biblical interpretation by Dr. Girsh is used every day in the detailed study of complex medical literature and its application to patient care and in meeting the patient's request "Hey Doc, just get me better!" Through like methodology, Dr. Girsh has been able to integrate the basic sciences of medicine and have used them to provide the molecules that underlie the cell biology of the sick patient. Harvard has looked at this as the tenth principle of excellence in clinical practice in meeting the challenges that the sickest patients present in helping to turn the world upside down to bring about disease resolution in association with government agency approval.

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