Remember Me

Remember Me

by Brian L. Maclearn


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While mowing his lawn, a strange storm creates a black hole and pulls Andrew back through time to 1985, leaving behind his new wife and the life he always dreamed of. With no way back he tries to create a life in the past. The technology in his cell phone promises to make him rich beyond his wildest dreams, but a brief encounter with his ex wife causes a ripple effect that erases his daughter from existence. Now Andrew must try and survive the next 25 years in the hopes the black hole will reappear so he can travel back once more and save his daughter, and himself. But making it twenty-five years is starting to seem less likely as he is plagued by bad luck. Is that all it is, or is it time to get him for meddling in the past?

5 Stars - Remember Me has romance, suspense, intrigue, science, God and characters that become our friends and enemies. Brian has a best seller with Remember Me, It should top the lists for a very long time. I highly recommend this book. "

--Readers Favorite

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ISBN-13: 9781432796044
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 08/06/2012
Pages: 444
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.90(d)

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Remember Me 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Sheri1969 More than 1 year ago
I fell in love from the very beginning. I found that I could disappear from life and get lost in this book. The characters are interesting and the story was fascinating. Andrew at age 50 is pulled back through time during a strange storm. I found myself daydreaming about what I would do if I was transported back to 1985! You know it is a good book when you think about it even when you are not reading it! Oh, and the love story is wonderful. Andrew "lost" his wife Amy when he went back in time. Knowing I have never experienced love like this before, made my heart flutter and also hurt imagining it all. "Remember Me" has touched my spirit and is truly one of the best books I have ever read.
PJtheEMT4 More than 1 year ago
Remember Me, by Brian MacLearn is a unique fiction novel about a content middle aged man who has everything a man could wish for: financial prosperity, and a new marriage to a younger wife, and well adjusted adult children. Andrew Johnson is unexpectedly caught in an electrical storm and enters a wormhole while doing a routine, mundane chore of mowing his lawn in anticipation of having a big birthday bash the following day. Supernaturally he finds himself transported into the past from 2010- to the year 1985. He finds himself standing in the same exact location- only years earlier. He finds that his life as he has known it, no longer exists- and in fact is in danger of never existing. To reduce the impact he may have in changing the lives of his future family: wives, kids and grandchildren, he finds he must isolate himself from anyone he may potentially know, especially family. As a practical matter, he seeks out his parents, and after convincing them of his identity he developes a relationship with his younger parents and sister who help him adjust to life in the past. Fortunately his parents' trusting and gullible nature, make it so that he doesn't need to take long to convince his parents into believing the incredible events that led to his transport into the past. Once he has his parents as his ally to help him get a fresh new start- he slowly adjusts to 1985. After gaining financial independance, he finds he must distance himself from his family to avoid unintentional interventions. The author explores interesting philosophical issues such as purpose and predestination. Andrew comes to the conclusion that the future is not set in stone- and that mankind is not predestined. As human beings we have free will to consciously or unconsciously change the future- for better or worse. For example, Andrew enters a period of despair after a failed attempt to thwart the Challanger rocket explosion which killed the entire crew. And just a brief, insignificant, chance meeting with his ex-wife in a supermarket, changes the entire course of destiny so that his second daughter Emily is wiped from existence, and his ex-wife has instead, a son. The ripple effect, in which each individual life impacts countless other lives, can have far reaching and unexpected consequences. The title itself is a symbol of Andrew's devotion to his wife and family, and specifically the daughter Emily that he inadvertently erased from exiwstence by his time travel into the past. In fact, that becomes his "driving force" and "moral compass to be steadfast and true". (page 156) Andrew finds he must actually repeat the grueling 25 years of his life again- in real time- from the years 1985 back to 2010 after finding no easy and quick way back to the future. Those years as an outsider, living in the sidelines, watching his family from afar take its toll physically and emotionally. He witnessess first hand the changes to his life- new children born, and his lament that his first marriage that did not wind up ending in divorce. He even is forced to live through the events of 9/11 once again- with a strong desire to devise a plan to thwart the tragedy. The plot to give advance warning served to save some of the lives that would have been lost. The one thing he focuses on for purpose is finding his way back to the wormhole on that fateful day in 2010. Eventually he finds himself back in his own time and place- blissfully unaware of what happend. Yet it is not without cost, in an unexpected twist, Amy life is changed forever and she finds herself on the sidelines, alone, watching her younger self live her life of happiness. She has paid the ultimate sacrifice in her love and faith in Andrew, while also having her life profoundly changed by his time travel. The original Andrew that went back in time, sends a handwritten letter as well as the book, he wrote, also titled "Remember Me"- to himself in 2010- years after he dies -delivered by a mysterious older version of his beloved Amy. I cannot help but feel there are many parallels between the life of the author Brian MacLearn and the main character, Andrew. I had to read through this book- just to see the ending! MacLearn's writing displays authentic and genuine emotions expressed through his fictional hero. As a blogger, I receieved this book, published by Outskirts Press for the purpose of writing a review.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers Favorite Did you ever wonder what if . . . I could live my life over again and know what I know now? Andrew gets his chance in “Remember Me” by Brian MacLearn. The date is May 22, 2010, the place is Amy and Andrew Johnson’s backyard with a thunderstorm very near, the time is the day before the big party for Andrew’s 50th birthday. Andrew doesn’t finish mowing the backyard, when the storm hits and the ground shakes and nothing will ever be the same again. Andrew has been swept into a worm hole and now finds himself in 1985. He is alone, confused and very scared. He changes his name to Peter Warren and spends the next 25 years trying to make the world a better place than it was the first time, for his country, his beloved Amy and his family. His goal is to survive until 2010 and find the same worm and return to those he left behind. Brian MacLearn has taken us to a place we all imagine ‘reliving our lives’. As I read this book I could easily put myself in Peter’s shoes and travel with him back to the past. It is a time to remember and reflect on September 11th, Black Monday and life in the 80s but even more than that it is a time to look into a man’s heart and soul. “Remember Me” has romance, suspense, intrigue, science, God and characters that become our friends and enemies. Brian has a best seller with “Remember Me” It should top the lists for a very long time. I highly recommend this book.