Remembering Communism

Remembering Communism


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Remembering Communism examines the formation and transformation of the memory of communism in the post-communist period. The majority of the articles focus on memory practices in the post-Stalinist era in Bulgaria and Romania, with occasional references to the cases of Poland and the GDR. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, including history, anthropology, cultural studies and sociology, the volume examines the mechanisms and processes that influence, determine and mint the private and public memory of communism in the post-1989 era. The common denominator to all essays is the emphasis on the process of remembering in the present, and the modalities by means of which the present perspective shapes processes of remembering, including practices of commemoration and representation of the past.

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ISBN-13: 9789633860342
Publisher: Central European University Press
Publication date: 10/01/2014
Pages: 640
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About the Author

Maria Todorova is Gutgsell Professor of History, Department of History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Table of Contents

List of figures ix

Acknowledgements xi

1 Introduction: Similar Trajectories, Different Memories Maria Todorova 1

Part I The State of the Art of Eastern European Remembrance

2 Experts with a Cause: A Future for GDR History beyond Memory Governance and Ostalgie in Unified Germany Thomas Lindenberger 29

3 The Canon of Remembering Romanian Communism: From Autobiographical Recollections to Collective Representations Cristina Petrescu Dragos Petrescu 43

4 How Is Communism Remembered in Bulgaria? Research, Literature, Projects Iskra Baeva Petya Kabakchieva 71

5 The Memory of Communism in Poland Izabeila Main 97

6 Remembering Dictatorship: Eastern and Southern Europe Compared Stefan Troebst 119

Part II Thinking Through Things: Popular Culture and the Everyday

7 Communism Reloaded Milla Mineva 155

8 Daily Life and Constraints in Communist Romania in the Late 1980s: From the Semiotics of Food to the Semiotics of Power Smaranda Vultur 175

9 "Forbidden Images"? Visual Memories of Romanian Communism Before and After 1989 Simina Badica 201

10 Remembering the Private Display of Decorative Things under Communism Audi Mihalache 217

Part III Memories of Socialist Childhood

11 "Loan Memory": Communism and the Youngest Generation Albena Hranova 233

12 Talking Memories of the Socialist Age: School, Childhood, Regime Catalina Mihalache 251

13 Within (and Without) the "Stem Cell" of Socialist Society Anny Kirilova 267

Part IV What Was Socialist Labor?

14 Remembering Communism: Field Studies in Pernik, 1960-1964 Tania Boneva 285

15 "Remembering the Old City, Building a New One": The Plural Memories of a Multiethnic City Tamás Lönhárt Virgilia Târau 307

16 Workers in the Workers' State: Industrialization, Labor, and Everyday Life in the Industrial City of Rovinari Corina Cimpoieru 325

17 "We Build for Our Country!" Visual Memories about the Brigadier Movement Tsvetana Manova 343

Part V The Unfading Problem of the Secret Police

18 How Post-1989 Bulgarian Society Perceives the Role of the State Security Service Iskra Baeva 367

19 The Afterlife of the Securitate: On Moral Correctness in Postcommunist Romania Cristina Petrescu 385

20 Daily Life And Surveillance in the 1970s and 1980s Smaranda Vultur 417

Part VI The "Cultural Front" then and Now

21 From Memory to Canon: How Do Bulgarian Historians Remember Communism? Liliana Deyanova 439

22 Theater Artists and the Bulgarian Authorities in the 1960s: Memories of Conflicts, Conflict of Memories Natalia Hristova 459

23 Bulgarian Intellectuals Remember Communist Culture Vasil Markov 411

24 "By Their Memoirs You Shall Know Them": Ivan and Petko Venedikov about Themselves and about Communism Iliana Marcheva 495

25 Cum Ira et Studio: Visualizing the Recent Past Varna Stoyanova 513

Part VII Remembering Extraordinary Events and the "System"

26 The Revolution of 1989 and the Rashomon Effect: Recollections of the Collapse of Communism in Romania Dragos Petrescu 533

27 Remembrance of Communism on the Former Day of Socialist Victory: The 9th of September in Ritual Ceremonies of Post-1989 Bulgaria Nikolai Vukov 549

28 Remembering the "Revival Process" in Post-1989 Bulgaria Evgenia Kalinova 567

29 Websites of Memory: In Search of the Forgotten Past Cristina Petrescu 595

List of Contributors 615

Index 617

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