Remembering Harry Kalas: The Life of a Phillies Icon Told by Those Who Knew Him Best

Remembering Harry Kalas: The Life of a Phillies Icon Told by Those Who Knew Him Best

by Rich Wolfe


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A stirring tribute to Harry Kalas, the voice of the Philadelphia Phillies from 1971 until his sudden passing in 2009, this work captures the spirit of the man who became as synonymous with the city of Philadelphia as a Mike Schmidt home run, a cheesesteak sandwich, or the Liberty Bell. Remembering Harry Kalas includes stories about the longtime Phillies voice from a who’s who of national figures and people who were close to the late broadcaster, including Schmidt, Kalas’s family, Tim McCarver, Curt Smith, Phillies president David Montgomery, Ryan Howard, Mike Piazza, and many others. It is the definitive book about one of the most memorable personalities in the City of Brotherly Love.

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ISBN-13: 9781600788123
Publisher: Triumph Books
Publication date: 04/01/2013
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Rich Wolfe is the author of dozens of sports books, including I Remember Harry Carey, Remembering Dale Earnhardt, Remembering Jack Buck, and Ron Santo: A Perfect 10. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona

Table of Contents

Prologue 13

Iowa? It's On All the Maps Now Harry Kalas 14

The Son Also Rises Todd Kalas 16

Poetry in Notion Eileen Kalas 21

Meet the Prez David Montgomery 23

Chapter 1 Hear Me Now, Listen to Me Later 27

It's Hard To Cheer With a Broken Heart Larry Andersen 28

Columbus Didn't Stop and Ask Directions… Why Should Harry? Chris Wheeler 32

Choice Voice Scott Graham 34

Harry Kalas Memories Are Free and They're Worth Every Penny Andy Musser 38

A Visit to Planet McCarver Tim McCarver 41

Of Mikes and Men Curt Smith 48

If the Phone Doesn't Ring It's Harry and Richie Ray Tipton 55

We'll Be Right Back After This: Rob Brooks Mitch Williams Merrill Reese Scott Franzke Tom McCarthy Jim Jackson Al Morganti Milo Hamilton Leslie Gudel Ed Benkin 60

Chapter 2 Put Me in Coach 73

M-I-C-H-A-E-L J-A-C-K Mike Schmidt 74

Sometimes God Just Hands You One Glenn Wilson 77

Take This Job and Love It Larry Christenson 82

Cultural Learnings of the Bullpen for Make Benefit Glorious Kalas Nation Ricky Bottallico 89

Mic-key More…and Dean…EE Mickey Morandini 92

I'm the Man Chase Utley 94

If a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, a Word from Harry Is Worth a Thousand Pictures Doug Glanville 96

The Man with the Graphite Arms Ryan Howard 98

Piazza's Home Runs Were Really Just Extra Base Triples Mike Piazza 100

Life, Liberty and the Happiness of Pursuit Pat Burrell 103

Quick Hits and Interesting Bits Chris Coste Joe McEwing Von Hayes Tom Herr Mike Lieberthal Shane Victorino Randy Wolf 105

Chapter 3 It Was a Ball 111

Larry Shenk Workin' for the Phillies Was Like Playin' Hooky from Life 112

Many People Are Cub Fans Because They Can't Afford World Series Tickets Pat Hughes 118

The Dos and Don'ts of Working with Harry Kalas: Do! Howard Deneroff 124

There's No Expiration Date On Fun Frank Coppenbarger 129

From the Field of Screams and the Land of Ahs Larry Costigan 133

The Big Bopper Bill Giles 137

Fanecdotes Dan Stephenson Art Cassidy Greg Casterioto Gary "Sarge" Matthews Ruben Amaro, Jr. Vince Nauss Larry Bowa Tom Burgoyne Mark "Froggy" Carfagno Christine Negley Milt Thompson Leigh Tobin 141

Chapter 4 The Write Stuff 155

If You're Lucky Enough to Work with Harry Kalas, You're Lucky Enough Ray Didinger 156

These 7 Things Are the 10 Reasons to Love Harry Kalas Kevin Roberts 160

Why Can't Sugar Be as Sweet as Harry Kalas? Paul Hagen 164

Short Stories from Long Memories Bob Ford Marcus Hayes Mike Radano John Finger Bob Brookover Rich Westcott Jim Salisbury Jack Scheuer Skip "Memory Lane" Clayton John Gonzalez Glen Macnow Mike Sielski Jayson Stark Bob Verdi Hal Bodley 168

Chapter 5 Harrypalooza 183

Randy Duncan Is a Lawyer. Why Did You Think He was a Stockbroker? "I Heard He Handled Junk Blondes!" Randy Duncan 184

Beer Was the Reason They Got Up Every Afternoon John Bouma 187

Time Well Wasted Richard Whittington 193

When I Went to High School with Harry, the World was Different. For One Thing It was Flat Gib Drendel 195

Instant Nostalgia? Just Add Tapes and Yearn John Miley 198

If You Run NFL Films Backwards, It Looks Like the Players Are Helping Each Other Up and Showing Them on Their Way Steve Sabol 201

So Say You One, So Say You All Joe Conklin Pat Williams Frank Pecaitis Tyler Kepner Gay Vernon Mike Eaby Michael Barkann Wally Baumgartner Buddy Blattner Angelo Cataldi Anthony L. Gargano Rhea Hughes Evan Cline George Karibjanian Bill White Kevin Lorincz Mike Schwarz Ellyn Phillips 210

We Won't Be Right Back After This Kent Tekulve 227

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