Remembering Softly: A Life in Poems

Remembering Softly: A Life in Poems

by Catherine Lawton


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Honest poetry coming out of everyday life, joys and struggles, keen observations of nature, family, friends, and faith.

A beautifully-presented collection composed at various times throughout the author's life. Many of these poems have been published in national periodicals and are collected here in book form for the first time. Together, they offer a spiritual and emotional memoir of a life of searching faith, faltering bu constantly clinging to hope, while learning to love. Both metered rhyme and free verse are employed. Original color illustrations are interspersed among the 73 poems.

From the INTRODUCTION (copyright 2016):

Poets compose poems and readers enjoy them because nothing quite distills the feelings of a moment as does a piece of verse with its resonance, sound, and form. A poem comes from someplace in the heart. And when read, it can reveal something about the heart. Like music, it may employ major or minor tones. I hope the poems in this volume, selected expressions from each stage of my life, will touch a chord for you, my reader - perhaps in a major key of delight or consolation; perhaps with minor overtones of grief or longing. May you find something here to illumine your path and lighten your soul at whatever place of life you find yourself.

From my wanderings in and wondering about nature; from opening more and more to the Divine; from faith, family, and friends; out of noisy living and quiet places; out of whelming emotions, questionings and questing ... come poems to help cope, to make sense of it all, to ennoble earthly life. In crisis has come hope; in fear has come faith; in fragility has come strength; in joy has come affirmation; in loss has come bounteous grace. I want to remember it all, but softly.


I.Poems from Adult Years (in reverse chronology)

In the Cleft of a Cold White Rock

Weights of Glory

Earth and Heaven

Snow On Good Friday

God's Anvil

A Choice



A Man With a Sword


In My Heart an Altar

Longing For Home


Sitting In the Grass On an Autumn Day


After the Reunion

God's Inexplicable Work

Living Wounds

Autumn Walk Along the Poudre River

Rhymes For Grandchildren

Waves On the Cladach

After Saying Good-bye

If I Hadn t Looked

On a Walk In Ferndale

A Walk At Dusk


Evening Light

Three 'First' Poems

God Plus One Is a Winning Majority

A River Is Flowing

Cleansing, Healing and Deliverance

Footprints In the Snow

He Calms the Storm

Window Washer


God's Husbandman


A Friend

Wings of Faith

Why Me?

Blue Asters

Leafy Lament

She Prays

It's Fall





Sleep Baby

II. Poems from Childhood and Teen-age Years (written under the pen name Katie Estell)



A Book

My Thoughts



I Have a Friend

For Us

To Larry

He Loves Me


I Like To Eat!


Solution For a Soul In Torment


It's a Beautiful Day

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ISBN-13: 9780989101455
Publisher: CLADACH Publishing
Publication date: 10/10/2016
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Born in Colorado, Catherine (Cathy) Lawton lived most of her life in California, moving from one town to another as a preacher's daughter. She learned to love evocative language, spoken or written from the heart, that paints a picture in the mind and awakens the spirit. She became a keen observer of human nature as well as the wilds of nature in the outdoors. During college Catherine married her high-school sweetheart, and they raised their children near the Redwood Coast of Northern California. In midlife she returned to Colorado with her husband, Larry, where they enjoy hiking and observing wildlife in the Rocky Mountains, gardening and birding. Inner healing is a theme running through Catherine's writing, as she explores the depths of our relationships with - and need for - God, nature, and each other. Catherine Lawton's more recent poems will appear in the forthcoming collection (2020): Glimpsing Glory: Poems of Living and Dying, Praying and Playing, Belonging and Longing

Table of Contents

Introduction 9 I. Poems from Adult Years (in reverse chronology) 11 In the Cleft of a Cold, White Rock 17 Weights of Glory 19 Earth and Heaven 20 Snow on Good Friday 21 God's Anvil 22 A Choice 23 Glory 25 Gladwin 26 A Man with a Sword 27 Consolation 29 In My Heart an Altar 30 Longing for Home 31 Friends 32 Sitting in the Grass on an Autumn Day 33 Deborah 34 After the Reunion 35 God's Inexplicable Work 36 Living Wounds 37 Autumn Walk along the Poudre River 38 Rhymes for Grandchildren 39-43 Waves on the Cladach 44 After Saying Good-bye 45 If I Hadn't Looked 46 On a Walk in Ferndale 48 A Walk at Dusk 49 Affirmation 50 Evening Light 51 Three "First" Poems for David 52-55 God Plus One is a Winning Majority 56 A River is Flowing 58 Cleansing, Healing, and Deliverance 60 Footprints in the Snow 61 He Calms the Storm 62 Window Washer 63 Antidote 65 God's Husbandman 66 Beauty 67 A Friend 68 Wings of Faith 69 Why Me? 70 Blue Asters 71 Leafy Lament 73 She Prays 74 It's Fall 76 Shadows 77 Release 78 Autumn 80 Renewal 81 Sleep, Baby 83 Poems from Childhood and Teen-age Years (written under the pen name Katie Estell) 85 Meditation 89 Daydreams 90 A Book 91 My Thoughts 93 Dreams 94 Spring 95 I Have a Friend 97 For Us 98 To Larry 100 He Loves Me 101 Limerick 102 I Like to Eat! 103 Delight 104 Solution for a Soul in Torment 105 Joy 106 It's a Beautiful Day 109

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