Remembering What Matters: Stories from an Amazing Place Reveal the Unexpected Lessons of Dementia

Remembering What Matters: Stories from an Amazing Place Reveal the Unexpected Lessons of Dementia

by Suzy LaForge




Chances are you or someone you know have a friend or family member diagnosed with dementia. More than five million Americans diagnosed with some form of dementia translates to over fifteen million caregivers and loved ones affected by the disease. The emotional, physical and financial toll for caregivers and families can be overwhelming. Twenty years ago, when the words \"dementia\" and \"Alzheimer's\" were rarely uttered, support services were not widely available for families who were struggling, often in silence. These men and women needed a safe place for social, physical and mental stimulation; and the caregiving families needed emotional support and well-deserved time off. When The Seniors Place Adult Day Center was founded to meet these needs, it had three participants. Today, that same organization, now called Amazing Place, serves over 3,000 individuals each year through its dementia day program, caregiver support programs and community education. The mission of enriching lives by providing fellowship, memory care and wellness to those with mild to moderate dementia and to support their families continues today. Although, it may seem a diagnosis of dementia is \"the end,\" every day at Amazing Place, we witness how those with dementia still have much to contribute. Our participants show us that in spite of the losses they face, their souls remain intact. Their lives can still have meaning. They can still teach us. When labels are stripped away, as they inevitably are with dementia, we are able to see these people for who they really are. In this very special place-Amazing Place- the lessons of grace and inspiration remind us we are all amazing in our own way. We trust these stories will help you, whether your life has been touched by dementia or not, to remember what truly matters.

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Publication date: 02/01/2017
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About the Author

Suzy LaForge is the Marketing Director and Volunteer Instructor at Amazing Place. In her marketing role, she is grateful for the opportunity to tell stories about those who are served there and to spread the word about dementia. Until there is a cure, she hopes there will be more "Amazing Places" to support those with dementia and their families. Suzy lives with her husband in Houston and has two grown children.

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