Removing The Veil Of Illusion: A Guide To Ascension

Removing The Veil Of Illusion: A Guide To Ascension

by Kathye Kaan INC

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We are all part of a huge conscious awakening of humanity therefore bridging the vibration frequency of the changes on earth for years now, and still bringing enormous changes to our world as we know it. I urge most of humanity to ask themselves: Is my perception still in the illusion? Or am I able to perceive the truth?

We all have come to Earth to learn and experience the shadow side of our Self to the greatest extents of both of these. As a soul, we have chosen to learn and experience this and to be part of the change on Earth during the process of ascension at present time.

It is up to you, as a individual being of light, and your free will, to accept the truth or reject it on a conscious level. The choice is yours, and yours alone. It is also your choice to release the veil of illusion or hang onto it.

This book is a guide to help you understand and release the veil of illusion, in another sense take the necessary steps forward towards enlightenment and ascension.

Seek, listen, and you shall surely find what you were looking for. Happy travels!

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Publisher: Kathye Kaan INC
Publication date: 08/30/2015
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About the Author

I am the founder of the Dutch 'Ziel Zoektocht' blog / website for Quantum healing skills, blog writings and Energy reading video's. It is an understatement that I have seen the need to help people remove the veil of illusion, to wake up and seek the (real) truth.

At the age of six I sat in a church, on that day a scene took place that lead me to find out if there was more to life than just what I had been experiencing since my short period of time on this planet. That is were my journey began, fast forward after living and working within the matrix in 3 different continents, I found myself at peace and at home in Europe, finding time to help others with a blog that transferred into a website, naturally followed by Youtube video’s - monthly & weekly energy readings - besides my regular career.

After much blogging, it was inevitable I would write my first book, this book is dedicated to my mother, father, son and grandmother, who have blessed me with the love and protection to choose this journey as a Quantum healer. They have all touched my life in a unique way, that have helped me move along. My parents and grandmother have always encouraged me to explore unique paths in life. Their faith and support inspired me to reach for the moon and stars, where I have set my sights on the heavens, where my parents and grandmother remain now.

There's more than meets the eye, look out for it. Open up your heart and awaken yourself to the wonders of the universe. By this I would like to extend my gratitude that is well overdue to Source creator, my Guides, Angels and the Spirit world. Without their insights, you wouldn't be reading this. ;-)

Enjoy these readings!
Lots of love,

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