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In Primordium Book Two: Renaissance, black geneticist, Truman Justis, the son of Kamau, paleoanthropologist John Lohner's Kenyan assistant in Book One, seeks enlightenment in a universe of shifting realities. Siddhartha meets Rashomon.

When A4-Ni, the mysterious life form nurturing mankind's humanity, dies, humans begin to devolve.

Truman is determined to learn why. But after being transported to 7005 AD by the Shepherd, a UFO of alien design, and given a cure, will Truman step forward as mankind's messiah, when a past of discrimination threatens to overwhelm him?

Confounding his decision is a future populated by proto-humans, "players" of alien origin, and a race of pure humans, the Maraia created by the Shepherd, who wants Truman to insure that they survive intelligent enough so their ancestors can build his creator.

All of this is overseen by the guardian, a golf ball-sized sphere with exotic powers capable of seeing the past and the future. It tests Truman's resolve with shifting realities to the point that Truman questions the nature of reality and whether or not his future, defeating the player Cathcar and helping the Maraia, was of his own free will or preordained.

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Publication date: 02/06/2015
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About the Author

William E. Mason lives in Monument, Colorado with his wife Ulla on 10 acres of trees and red sandstone outcroppings at an elevation of 7,400 feet above sea level. They have two married sons and six grandchildren.

William was born in 1943 while his father was at Yale University obtaining his Doctorate in Anthropology, hence his upbringing and the basis of the anthropological themes in his writing.

The family subsequently moved to Hawaii where he lived until attending Verde Valley School, Sedona, Arizona, then to college at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, then to the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

After graduate school William joined the Peace Corps and was stationed as an architect in Tunis, Tunisia. Subsequently, he worked as a professional architect in New York, Nigeria, Hawaii and Saudi Arabia.

His series, Primordium explores his contention that mankind's humanity is a mistake deriving from stolen DNA planted in an ancient hominid that enabled hominids to evolve as conscious beings, culminating in Homo sapiens, creatures not meant to be, but creatures capable of curiosity and wonder. They look out at a closed universe they were not meant to see nor have the intelligence to comprehend.

When William isn't writing, he enjoys hiking Colorado Fourteeners, biking, cooking, remodeling his house, playing the guitar and carrying concealed. He has a tractor for the woods, uses a chainsaw regularly and plays tennis at a 4.0 USTA level. His favorite song is Hotel California.

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