Rendering Fashion, Fabric and Prints with Adobe Photoshop / Edition 1

Rendering Fashion, Fabric and Prints with Adobe Photoshop / Edition 1

by M. Kathleen Colussy, Steve Greenberg
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Rendering Fashion, Fabric and Prints with Adobe Photoshop / Edition 1

This is the only step-by-step how-to guide of its kind to address all aspects of desired textile/surface design effects using Adobe PhotoShop. From a description of various ways to get results, to the best way for presenting work created in the textile/surface design industry, the combined talents of the two authors successfully addresses the education classroom issues as well as industry related challenges in a volume utilizing the most successful industry standard software on the market today. The authors present understanding the textile you will render, understanding fabric construction, intro to Adobe PhotoShop 7 tools & techniques, design basics with Adobe PhotoShop, understanding color and prints, contending with computers color matching issues, how-to render yarns, woven patterns and knits in Adobe PhotoShop, rendering stripes, check and plaids with Adobe PhotoShop, understanding prints and repeats, advanced rendering prints with Adobe PhotoShop, rendering fashion, PhotoShop and beyond, using plug-ins, proprietary and textile printers. For freelancers, apparel designers, and surface designers.

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ISBN-13: 9780130494092
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 01/30/2004
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 624
Product dimensions: 8.24(w) x 10.74(h) x 1.09(d)

Table of Contents

1. Understand the Textile You Will Render.

2. Understanding Fabric Construction.

3. Intro To Adobe PhotoShop 7 Tools & Techniques.

4. Design Basics with Adobe PhotoShop.

5. Understanding Color and Prints.

6. Contending with Computers Color Matching Issues.

7. How-To Render Yarns, Woven Patterns and Knits in Adobe PhotoShop.

8. Rendering Stripes, Check and Plaids with Adobe PhotoShop.

9. Understanding Prints and Repeats.

10. Advanced Rendering Prints with Adobe PhotoShop.

11. Rendering Fashion.

12. PhotoShop and Beyond, Using Plug-ins, Proprietary and Textile Printers.

Appendix Resources and References.

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Rendering Fashion, Fabric and Prints with Adobe Photoshop 2.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book should have been 1/2 the size and 1/2 the price. I nearly returned it, but since there are so few instructional books on Photoshop geared towards textile/surface design available on the market, I stuck it out. I'd throw out half the content. Too much text is spent explaining the textile industry. While it is important to understand the textile trade/printing process, that's not what I wanted when I bought this book. Much of the book focuses on 'Basic Design' principles, putting together a portofolio, presentation boards, the future of digital printing etc... like a Textile Design 101 class. Some people might find this helpful ... I found it infuriating. This book is NOT about inspiration. The exercises are drab, the illustrations and sample files are plain and artless. Sometimes key information about where to look for tools is missing or mis-labeled. One section refers to a Demo plug-in to use, but it doesn't name the plug-in and there are no plug-ins found on the CD. There are product placement 'advertisements' that annoy me. And the author assumes from the get-go that the 'student' has access to a flatbed scanner and other expensive hardware clearly a textbook geared towards a shared studio/lab classroom situation. The CD is a disaster. NONE of the file folders or names referenced in the text relate to the CD content. Most of the files are there, but not in any logical order and with different file names. When the author references a file in an exercise, you can spend more time looking for the file than actually performing the exercise. There are multiple copies of some files and it's missing other files altogether. Chapter 3 is the first chapter where exercises with CD files begin, but the Chapter 3 folder is empty! There are tons of images of 'Student' work that is completely uninspired and seems more like a way to get the author's favorite student 'published'. This is an unsophisticated and horribly uninspired text. I kept it because there is so little available geared towards textile design. My background is in Fine Arts with an advanced understanding of textiles including weaving, sewing, handprinting textiles and traditional croquis painting. I am very computer literate and am not afraid of software. I've never been able to merge my hands on painting etc to the digital realm and have been looking for instructional aids to help with that. I had high expectations and wanted a fairly sophisticated reference book. I feel like I'm sifting through a lot of chaff for a meager meal. I guess I'm hungry. I'm determined to break through to learn to utilize a very sophisticated product (Photoshop) for my needs. I'll get my inspiration elsewhere. I gave this book 2 stars only because there is some value in working through the exercises which are specifically geared towards pattern and textile design. If you are looking for inspiration, don't buy this book. If you know you'll be dissuaded and frustrated by disorganized and missing references to files and tools - don't buy this book. If you're new to design and don't understand textiles, I'm not sure you will be well-served by the presentation of the 'Basics'. If you buy this book, glean what you can and ignore the discouraging mediocrity.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Absolutely not worth the price it is being sold for. i agree with other reviewers that half of the information is totally not required.Plus the CD's are a mess as half of your time is wasted in searching the relative images in the CD for the excercises and some of them are completely missing!!! I could not render half of the fabrics as per the instructions since as they are very unspecific & confusing.So many pages have been wasted in giving a brief of textiles which is a different subject altogether and the one who would want to use this book has to be thorough with textiles. The information on textiles also is too brief & confusing.Aslo there were too many examples & mini biographies of people who are successful CAD/Textile designers which was totally not required.I hopped & jumped & skipped throughout the book expecting something useful but in vain.I finally gave up and returned it.Please do not waste money on this book.I really would like someone to come up with a more specific and useful book for using such important softwares like Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop specifically for rendering fashion as I desperately want to learn this. I expected that this book would be a good substitute (as this is the only book i hv found till now that uses photoshop to render textiles) for the highly expensive CAD courses here in NY. But unfortunately i was thouroughly disappointed. Can someone please suggest me any other good books related to Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop for rendering fashion, textiles & prints?????Suggestions are welcome -
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found the book entertaining & informative on insights to the fashion industry & what kind of jobs there are. I love to read about fashion success stories. I find them very inspirational. However someone shout go throught this book & correct some of the typos. Also the sample software should be checked for system compatability. I had a little trouble with it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Finally a book that speaks to fashion designers! Really informative and helpful---down-to-earth EZ to understand and full of things a designer NEEDS to know--- I had questions and wrote to the author at the web address included in the text and she wrote back VERY quickly and was extremely helpful when I expressed questions on the CD-exercise she was very informative and helpful...and said downloads and updates would be available soon from her site ...THANK YOU!!!! Now when can we expect a book on Illustrator?! soon I hope!