Renewable Energy in China: Towards a Green Economy: 3-Volume Set

Renewable Energy in China: Towards a Green Economy: 3-Volume Set


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Renewable Energy in China: Towards a Green Economy: 3-Volume Set by Enrich Professional Publishing

Prefaced by Nobel Prize Winner Mohan Munasinghe
Renewable Energy in China: Towards a Green Economy presents a complete look at China’s efforts to become a “green” nation. This three-volume series uses an overview of contemporary issues of sustainable development, as well as a set of 25 unique case studies (from leading companies and industry experts in China and the West), to highlight China’s unique “green” role. The key concepts of sustainable development, including the rising use of solar and wind power, present complex challenges for China and shape the nation’s geopolitical role. With a preface from renowned statesman Cheng Siwei and an introduction from Nobel Prize winner Mohan Munasinghe, Renewable Energy in China: Towards a Green Economy offers an authoritative review of all aspects of China’s progress as a green economy including the nation’s current efforts to promote a culture of sustainable development.

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ISBN-13: 9781623200206
Publisher: Enrich Professional Publishing
Publication date: 10/24/2013
Pages: 881
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Manhong Mannie Liu, Professor and Ph.D. adviser at the School of Finance, Renmin University of China; Financial Adviser to Beijing Municipal Government; Director at Boston China VC Research Center and the Private Equity Research Center at the Renmin University of China. She has written books Concept of Venture Capital, China Venture Capital Yearbook 2002, Venture Capital and the Second Board Market, and other works.

Haifeng Huang obtained his doctorate at Humboldt University of Berlin. He is serving as professor and the director of the Center for Green Economy, Peking University HSBC Business School, as Asian Chairman in the Ecological Development Union International, and as supervisor of the Ministry of Land and Resources.

Mike Henry is Associate Dean of the School of Business, Macewan University. His career spans the public and private sectors. He received his education at the University of Ottawa, the University of Alberta, and the University of Southern Queensland

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China has been experiencing more than 30 years of rapid growth since the start of Reform and Opening Up in 1978. During the global financial crisis, China’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) still grew at 8.7% and reached CNY33.5 trillion (USD4.9 trillion) in 2009. However, China’s high-investment, low-efficiency development model has contributed to the rise of severe pollution issues. In 2003, China accounted for 4% of global GDP, but consumed 30%, 40%, and 31% of the total world outputs of steel, cement, and coal, respectively, and the losses caused by environmental pollution and ecological destruction equaled 15% of its GDP. In 2006, China overtook the U.S. as the world’s largest annual carbon dioxide emitter with 610 billion tons of emissions, an increase of 153% over 1990.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Issues in China
1. A Brief History of the Renewable Energy Industry in China
2. Energy Efficiency and its Impact on Renewable Energy
3. Green Supply Chain: Improving Energy Efficiency and Environmental Performance
Part 2 Renewable Energy: China and the World
1. China’s Energy Development from a Global Perspective
2. The European Union, China, and Renewable Energy
3. China-U.S. Energy Policies
4. China’s Intellectual Property Issues in Renewable Energy Technology
Part 3 Major Renewable Energy Development in China
1. China’s Solar Energy: Solar Photovoltaic
2. Overview of China’s Bio-Energy Industry
3. A Summary of China’s Biodiesel Field
4. Hydro Power in China
5. Nuclear Power in China: Current Development, Relationship with Renewables, and Strengthening Safety Post-Fukushima
Part 4 Financing Renewable Energy
1. Clean Energy Investment in China
2. Green Investment in Wind Energy
3. Green Investment in Solar Energy
4. Green Insurance and Renewable Energy
5. Carbon Finance in China
Part 5 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Case Studies
1. Tsing Capital: Doing Well by Doing Good
2. Qing Dao: The Development and Utilization of Ocean Energy
3. The Solar City: De Zhou
4. Low Carbon City: Guangyuan
5. Forestry Carbon Exchange Practice in China
6. Offshore Wind Power by CNOOC

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