Replication Research in the Social Sciences

Replication Research in the Social Sciences

by James W. Neuliep


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ISBN-13: 9780803940925
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 01/31/1991
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

James W. Neuliep (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma) conducts research and teaches courses in intercultural communication, communication theory, communication apprehension, ethnocentrism, and research methods at St. Norbert College. In addition to his introductory intercultural communication textbook, he was also written an introductory communication theory textbook, and his research has appeared in many respected journals. He is the former editor of the Journal of Intercultural Communication Research and has served on the editorial boards of Communication Reports, Communication Research Reports, Communication Studies; International and Intercultural Communication, Journal of Communication; Journal of Applied Communication Research; Journal of Social Behavior and Personality; and Communication Quarterly.

Table of Contents

Replication in Behavioral Research - Robert Rosenthal
On the Importance of Replication - P A Lamal
Replication in Behavioral Research - Jane A Jegerski
Replications, Strict Replications, and Conceptual Replications - Clyde Hendrick
Are They Important?
Replication Research - Yehuda Amir and Irit Sharon
A 'Must' for the Scientific Advancement of Psychology
Publication Politics, Experimenter Bias and the Replication Process in Social Science Research - Robert F Bornstein
Personal Comment on Replications - Stuart J Mc Kelvie
Editorial Bias Against Replication Research - James W Neuliep and Rick Crandall
Student Acceptance of a Generalized Personality Description - Stuart J Mc Kelvie
Forer's Graphologist Revisited
Pupillary Dilation Revisited - Wayne E Hensley
The Constriction of a Nonverbal Cue
Einstellung - Stuart J Mc Kelvie
Luchin's Effect Lives On
The Asch Primacy Effect - Stuart J Mc Kelvie
Robust But Not Infallible
Effort and Reward in College - Lester Hill Jr
A Replication of Some Puzzling Findings
The Asch Conformity Experiment - Kund S Larsen
Replication and Transhistorical Comparison
The False Consensus Effect in Public and in Private - Stephanie H Smith and George I Whitehead III
Depression and Complex Attributions on Blame in Self and Others - Gordon L Flett, Kirk R Blankstein and Lew S Holowaty
Judgment of Contingency - Shelley S Lennox, Jeffrey R Bedell, Lyn Y Abramson, Charles Raps and Frederick W Foley
A Replication with Hospitalized Depressed, Schizophrenic and Normal Samples
Further Observations on the Multidimensional Aspects of Masculinity-Femininity - Larry C Bernard and James Wood
The Multidimensional Sex Role Inventory-Revised
When Disconfirmatory Information is Used to Evaluate Personality Hypotheses - Nancy L Asdigian
A Replication of Bassok and Trope (1984)
A Relationship-Specific Version of the Love Attitudes Scale - Clyde Hendrick and Susan S Hendrick
Magical Thinking and Paranormal Beliefs - Jerome J Tobacyk and Lamar V Wilkinson
Stability of Major Personality Factors Under Changing Motivational Conditions - I Montag and Andrew L Comrey
The Use of Cognitive Appraisal to Reduce Stress Reactions - Alison C Dandoy and Alvin G Goldstein
A Replication
Managing Impressions of Individual and Group Achievement Through Self-Presentation - Wayne H Decker
Age and Gender Differences in Boredom Proneness - Stephen J Vodanovich and Steven J Kass
Generalizing About Communication Apprehension and Avoidance - Myron W Lustig and Peter A Anderson
Multiple Replications and Meta-Analyses
Body Accessiblity Re-revisited - Kevin L Hutchinson and Cameron A Davidson
The 60s, 70s and 80s
The Effects of Biological Sex and Egalitarianism on Humor Appreciation - Mark J Butland and D K Ivy
Replication and Extension
An Interaction Goals Perspective on the Relationship Between Preinteraction Expectancies, Attraction and Attributional Confidence in Initial Interaction - James M Honeycutt
Effects of Group Participation on Drinking Behaviors in Public Bars - Richard E Sykes, Richard D Rowley and James M Schaefer
an Observational Survey
Cognitive Style, Family Handedness, and Degree of Laterality Account for Inconsistent Sex Differences in Direction of Gaze - Leonard J Shedletsky
The Impact of Mentoring, Collegial Support, and Information Adequacy on Career Success - Margaret Hilton Bahniuk, Jean Dobos, and Susan E Kogler Hill
A Replication
Gender, Mentoring, and Tacit Knowledge - Dianne D Horgan and Rebecca J Simeon
Sex-Role Orientation and Personal Adjustment - Thomas L Harris and Reiko Schwab
Women's Formal Evening Wear, 1937-1982 - F David Mulcahy and Herbert Sherman
A Quantitative Analysis
The Use of Marijuana for Pleasure - Michael L Hirsch, Randall W Conforti and Carolyn J Graney
A Replication of Howard S Becker's Study of Marijuana Use - |

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