Reports from America: William Howard Russell and the Civil War

Reports from America: William Howard Russell and the Civil War

by Ilana D. Miller


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William Howard Russell, battle-hardened journalist and veteran of the Crimean War, was sent to New York in 1861 to report on America's Civil War for the Times of London. His was an important role. When Russell was first introduced to Abraham Lincoln in Washington, the President remarked: 'The London Times is one of the greatest powers in the world -- in fact, I don't know anything which has more power -- except perhaps the Mississippi.' The newspaper was regarded as an authentic mouthpiece of the British government and consequently Russell was courted by prominent figures both in the North and South.

This is the story of Russell's year in America based on the three volumes of diaries and countless articles he wrote about his experiences. His eloquent words describe the important men of the time, including Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, and General William Tecumseh Sherman, as well as some of the key events of the period. His extensive travelling led him to New York, Washington D.C., the South and ultimately to the first real engagement, the Battle of Bull Run. He visited forts, military installations, the Northern and Southern seats of government, seeing everything necessary to form a detailed picture of the discordant conflict. Throughout the year, Russell's impartial reporting took the British reader through the baffling issues and events of the war. Unfortunately his honesty created powerful enemies on both sides, and, as a result of reporting the brutal truth about Bull Run and other sensitive issues, he was barred from travelling under the aegis of the Northern armies. He could no longer continue his scrutiny under such circumstances and left the country.

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Table of Contents

Part 1The North. Spring, 1861
1."The Gentleman from The Times"3
2."... the sewer of the nations ..." New York City, March, 186122
3."... the insalubrious swamp ..." Washington, D.C. March-April, 186143
Part 2The South. April - June, 1861
4."Too small for a republic ..." Washington, D.C.--Charleston, South Carolina, April, 186165
5."... two-legged cattle ..." Charleston--Savannah, Georgia, April-May, 186181
6."... 'possums', raccoons, frogs and other delicacies ..." Macon, Georgia--Mobile, Alabama, May, 186195
7."... all the unanimity of a conspiracy ..." Mobile--Up the Mississippi, May-June, 1861111
8."Along the 'Mrs. Sippy'" the Mississippi--Cairo, Illinois, June, 1861130
Part 3The North. June, 1861-April, 1862
9."... fast churning up--a great fight ..." Illinois--Washington, D.C., June-July, 1861141
10."... the magnitude of the disaster ..." Bull Run, July 21, 1861161
11."Bull Run Russell" Washington, D.C., July-August, 1861175
12."Mint Juleps and Prairie Dogs" Washington, D.C.--Wisconsin, August-October, 1861192
13."The Trent Affair" Washington, D.C.--New York City, October-December, 1861207
14."Ave atque vale ..." New York City--England, January-April, 1862222
Epilogue: "... so illuminating a record ..." 1862-1907230

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