Reprograming The Overweight Mind (Interactive Audio/Data CD)

Reprograming The Overweight Mind (Interactive Audio/Data CD)

by Kelly Burris

Audiobook(CD - Audio CD and 23 Page Booklet)


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ISBN-13: 9780964424104
Publisher: Illumine Studios
Publication date: 03/03/2004
Edition description: Audio CD and 23 Page Booklet
Product dimensions: 5.22(w) x 7.68(h) x 0.59(d)

What People are Saying About This

Lisa Watford

I have tried many weight-loss programs and over two years of professional counseling and have literally spent 1000's of dollars to no avail. In one short week Mr. Burris gave me control over my life. Notice I said "life" not just my eating. His program showed me how I could regain control over all compulsive activity.
—Lisa Watford, School Teacher

R. J. Koval

Over the past 27 years of my medical practice, I've always felt that there was something missing from the weight loss equation. I've slowly come to realize that all diets, including Medifast are "externally" imposed. To be truly effective, long term, the weight loss has to originate "internally". Success has to come from "within", not from "without". Maybe that's why so many people regain their weight-very few have been practicing the "techniques" to effectively control their actions! The Burris Program is the first treatment that directly attacks this problem!
—R.J. Koval MD, BSP Administrator of Clinical Studies

Kay Pitsenberger

Responses were very positive and in patient contact a year later, patients revealed a positive on-going effects and affirmations of beginning life changes as a result of classes attended. I highly recommend this program process to all.
—Kay Pitsenberger, Psychologist M.A., Program Director, Charter Hospital

Linda Crawford

As a physician, I found Mr. Burris' program to be well thought out and presented in such a manner that most patients with obesity problems would understand and follow. We know that a diet alone is not sufficient in bringing about permanent weight loss; there must be a component to deal with the underlying factors that contribute to obesity.

This program was of great benefit to me personally. I learned how to ask myself the questions that propelled me into new patterns of thinking and self-talk. As a result I have been able to shed over 30 pounds and have maintained a regular program of aerobic exercise that I find fun and enjoyable.
—Linda Crawford, D.O.

Tish Ramos

I feel Kelly's program and his approach to behavior disorders is innovative and conducive to initiating permanent change with all behavior disorders because of its ability to put the control of the behavior in the hands of the patient.
—Tish Ramos, Behavior Change Counselor, Charter Hospital

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