Reprogramming the Overweight Mind: 7 Steps to Taking Control of Your Subconscious

Reprogramming the Overweight Mind: 7 Steps to Taking Control of Your Subconscious

by Kelly Burris

Hardcover(Book with Audio/Data CD)


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ISBN-13: 9780964424128
Publisher: Illumine Studios
Publication date: 11/17/2004
Edition description: Book with Audio/Data CD
Pages: 307
Product dimensions: 6.58(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.06(d)

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Benjamin Franklin Awards

Source - 2005 Benjamin Franklin Awards Book Evaluation - Editorial
The genius/intelligence of the author shines through the printed words. Although I usually dislike graphs, these are incredibly useful ones. I love the index, love the writing, loved the ideas. A truly excellent book, Highly recommended.

Lisa Watford

Lisa Watford, School Teacher
I have tried many weight-loss programs and over two years of professional counseling and have literally spent 1000�s of dollars to no avail. In one short week Mr. Burris gave me control over my life. Notice I said life not just my eating. His program showed me how I could regain control over all compulsive activity.

Linda Crawford

Linda Crawford, D.O.
As a physician, I found Mr. Burris's program to be well thought out and presented in such a manner that most patients with obesity problems would understand and follow. We know that a diet alone is not sufficient in bringing about permanent weight loss; there must be a component to deal with the underlying factors that contribute to obesity. This program was of great benefit to me personally. I learned how to ask myself the questions that propelled me into new patterns of thinking and self-talk. As a result I have been able to shed over 30 pounds and have maintained a regular program of aerobic exercise that I find fun and enjoyable.

Janna Thornton

Janna Thornton, Director of Program Support, Medifast
The mind is dulled, befuddled, and numbed by a host of medications while the root of the problem remains in active force. Your program frees the soul to say, "I can change my mind about myself. I can be in control." It goes beyond the power of positive thinking because it gives the steps, not just the pep talk. This is the "missing ingredient" that is required for long term success!

R.J. Koval

R.J. Koval, M.D., B.S.P Administrator of Clinical Studies
Over the past 27 years of my medical practice, I've always felt that there was something missing from the weight loss equation. I've slowly come to realize that all diets are "externally" imposed. To be truly effective, long term, the weight loss has to originate "internally". Success has to come from "within", not from "without". Maybe that's why so many people regain their weight--very few have been practicing the "techniques" to effectively control their actions! The Burris Program is the first treatment that directly attacks this problem!

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Reprogramming the Overweight Mind: 7 Steps to Taking Control of Your Subconscious 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kelly Burris¿ Reprogramming The Overweight Mind is at the cutting edge and one of the most valuable assets I have come across. I should know. I tried and was successful on Atkin¿s. I loved the thought that I could eat food and still lose weight. But, you know after awhile, you get tired of steak, prime rib, etc. and desire a big fat carb overload. And in fact, that is what I did after losing 20 pounds on Atkins. And soon I was back to my old weight plus a few pounds. As a 55+ male, I felt frustrated and was not eager to start the climb back to monitoring my carbs. So there I was stuck. Again. When I first encountered Kelly¿s book, I was skeptical. Another gimmick. Another diet. So I did nothing. And yet, something happened along the way. I encountered a new mind set. It was NOT done consciously. But I started to look at food differently. I made better choices. I made conscious choices. I started to avoid a few of the key ingredients Kelly pointed out as being ¿bad¿ for you. I read labels and found High Fructose Corn Syrup was all over the place¿even in one famous person¿s Old Fashion Lemonade. I stopped putting sugar in my coffee. I drank more water. I found if I bought convenient size bottled water, I drank more. All of these changes were made by me as a willing accomplice. My mind set had changed. And I had a new perspective. After awhile, I noticed that my pants were loose. That I could bend over more easily. But I didn¿t pay much attention to it. After all, I wasn¿t dieting so I figured I was imaging it. At one point, I decided to get on a scale¿and to my surprise, I found I had lost 20 pounds. I had gone from 251 pounds to 231 without any effort. And yet, I did not feel like I had deprived myself of anything. In fact, I felt well fed. And that is the moment I realized what Kelly was talking about. Reprogramming the Mind. Subconsciously. Indeed, I had done just that without the trauma of dieting, deprivation and all the other things that go along with losing weight. And I have no desire to go back to my old habits. I don¿t know about you. But if you were like me¿overweight, late 50s, less than optimistic¿maybe you should consider Reprogramming Your Mind.