Republican Party Animal: The

Republican Party Animal: The "Bad Boy of Holocaust History" Blows the Lid Off Hollywood's Secret Right-Wing Underground

by David Cole




"David Stein brought right-wing congressmen, celebrities, writers and entertainment industry figures together for shindigs, closed to outsiders. . . . There was just one problem. Stein was not who he claimed."—The Guardian

"I disagreed with lots of the book and found the depiction of some people to be cruel, but no denying it was also funny, intriguing and eye-opening." —Rory Carroll Author Comandante: Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, reporter for The Guardian

In 2013, Republican "hero" David Stein made international headlines when he was unmasked as David Cole, the notorious Jewish Holocaust denier who made an entirely different set of headlines in the 1990s with his videos from within the gates of Auschwitz and his appearances on shows like 60 Minutes and Donahue.

After a $25,000 bounty was put on his head by a violent extremist group, Cole left behind the bizarre world of Holocaust revisionism, a landscape populated by Hitler fetishists who Cole himself detested. Then, David Stein the Republican organizer was born.

Stein soon became a major force in the closed-door world of Hollywood right-wingers—people who felt as alienated from the mainstream of their profession as Cole had felt as the lone Jewish Holocaust revisionist. Soon enough, Stein was working with major GOP power players and far-right Hollywood A-listers, creating huge private events for the West Coast GOP elite . . . until it all came crashing down when a vengeful former girlfriend outed him publicly.

Condemned by those who had previously lauded him, Cole was left with nothing but his story. And here he tells it, warts and all, including the first-ever exposé of the secretive Hollywood far-right underground, "Friends of Abe."

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ISBN-13: 9781936239917
Publisher: Feral House
Publication date: 06/10/2014
Pages: 320
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About the Author

David Cole was born and raised in Los Angeles. His father, the doctor accused of killing Elvis Presley, delivered David in the building that is now the Church of Scientology headquarters. Things started out weird. And they'd get worse.

Described in the L.A. Times as a “meta-ideologue” (“an existentialist on a quest to understand how ideologues invent their realities”), Cole soon became involved in the controversy that exploded in the early ‘90s regarding the role and function of the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Holocaust, and the extent to which it was used for mass killings. Barely old enough to legally drink, Cole, who is Jewish, found himself appearing as an expert on the camp on such top-rated shows as 60 Minutes, Phil Donahue, Montel Williams, and 48 Hours. He was also interviewed in publications including The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and The Jerusalem Report.

In 1997, a $25,000 bounty was put on Cole’s head by the violent extremist group, Jewish Defense League. He changed his name and faked his death, emerging years later as filmmaker and respected conservative activist and author David Stein. As Stein, his work was carried by every major conservative organ in the U.S., including Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, Commentary, The Weekly Standard, the Breitbart sites, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, and The Washington Times.

Stein also ran one of the largest GOP party organizing operations on the West Coast, mixing congressmen, military leaders, and administration officials with rock and roll, pole dancers, and lots of liquor.

In 2013, Stein’s past as Cole caught up with him, when he was publicly “outed” by his ex-girlfriend. The story of his outing made headlines on The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, AOL News, The Guardian, Gawker, MSN, The Washington Times, and American Spectator, among many other sites and newspapers.

Table of Contents

Introduction 10

1 The Acceptable Level of Tell-All Book Dickishness 14

2 The Meta-Ideologue 20

3 The Jewish Revisionist 26

4 So Just Hot the Hell Do I Believe, Anyway? 32

5 Public Enemy 38

6 The Idiot's Creed 60

7 Sarah May and My First Death 92

8 Both Sides Now 102

9 The Beast and My Second Death 114

10 A Time of Peace 124

Color Image Section 128

11 The Soup Nazi Changes My Life Forever 134

12 The Red Devil 142

13 Alone Again, Unnaturally 150

14 Scatty 162

15 Friends of Abe 170

16 Table for Jew? 176

17 Pros and Cons 188

18 The Republican Party Animal 198

19 Other Losses 218

20 Devil Does Your Dog Bite? 228

21 Big Fucking Babies 244

22 My Third Death 262

23 "Get Him!" 278

Epilogue 288

Appendix A 294

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