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Requiem: Images of Ground Zero by Gary Suson

The terrible events of September 11, 2001, reduced a huge portion of the southern tip of New York City to a rubble-strewn disaster area. An unfathomable pile of debris had been dropped to street level in the blink of an eye, killing thousands of people and leaving stunned onlookers around the world to wonder: where do we go from here? Countless volunteers from the United States and around the globe provided the beginnings of an answer by quickly converging on the World Trade Center site. Relief in the form of supplies-food, clothing, equipment-began pouring in from all points. The recovery process-with its enormous physical, psychological, and emotional toll-had begun.

Among those inexorably drawn to the site was New York City photographer Gary Suson, who began shooting on the morning of September 11 and didn't stop until, piece by piece, the site had been cleared. Early on, Suson was allowed extensive and privileged access to the Ground Zero site; thanks to his respectful documentation of the recovery efforts, he was welcomed into the Ground Zero brotherhood, in particular by the firefighters. With the blessing of the Uniformed Firefighters Association and the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, Suson was able to capture intimate scenes of the recovery process: the Honor Guard ceremonies, in which fallen firefighters were carried out of Ground Zero by their FDNY brothers on flag-draped stretchers; recovery workers slowly and painstakingly sifting by hand through the compressed remains of the Twin Towers; haunting devastation underground in the demolished PATH train station; and the many people who came together to support the efforts downtown with candlelight vigils, volunteer assistance, prayer ceremonies, the distribution of "missing" posters, and more.

Requiem: Images of Ground Zero is a singular collection of photographs Suson captured as he worked alongside the dedicated men and women on the ground, sharing in their heartbreaks and triumphs as they struggled to rescue, recover, and remember. It is a unique tribute to the fallen as well as an unflinching portrait of a city and a nation bravely confronting one of the most terrible events of modern history.

About the Author/Photographer:

Gary Suson was the official photographer at Ground Zero for the Uniformed Firefighters Association and the Uniformed Fire Officers Association. His photographs have received a number of awards, including the prestigious Kodak Medallion, which he won at age seventeen. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Suson studied English at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville before winning a drama scholarship to the University of Texas at Austin. He later moved to New York City to study acting with Uta Hagen and William Esper. As a fashion and celebrity portrait photographer (GarySuson.com Photography), he has photographed such stars as B.B. King and Shaquille O'Neal, and for three years was the personal photographer for artist LeRoy Neiman. In 1999, Suson wrote and starred in the well-received Off-Broadway production Taxicab Chronicles. His acting credits also include playing "Ronnie" on the daytime drama Guiding Light and performing numerous voice-overs for animated features.

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ISBN-13: 9780760738115
Publisher: Barnes & Noble
Publication date: 08/15/2002
Pages: 200

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