Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in the Vietnam and Indochina War

Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in the Vietnam and Indochina War



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ISBN-13: 9780679456575
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/28/1997
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 9.78(w) x 12.30(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Horst Faas was born in Berlin in 1933. He joined the Keystone Agency in 1951, for whom he covered the Indochina peace negotiations in Geneva in 1954. He joined the Associated Press as a photographer in 1956 and covered wars in the Congo and Algeria, and was later sent to Laos. From 1962 to 1974 he was based in Saigon as the AP's chief reporter for Southeast Asia. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 1965 for his work in Vietnam and in 1972 for his photographs of Bangladesh. He has also received the Robert Capa Gold Medal. Since 1976 he has been based in London as the AP's senior editor.

Tim Page's photographic career began in Laos, where at the age of eighteen he covered the civil war for UPI. He photographed the war in Vietnam for the Associated Press, UPI, and Paris Match. He was wounded four times, the final time almost fatally. He returned to England in 1979 and was the subject of the BBC film Mentioned in Dispatches. His search to discover the fate of his friends Sean Flynn and Dana Stone, who disappeared in Cambodia, was the subject of another film, Darkness at the Edge of Town, in 1991, more than twenty years after they vanished. Page's return to Cambodia led him to found the Indochina Media Memorial Foundation in 1994 and was the genesis of Requiem. His books include Tim Page's Nam (1983), Sri Lanka (1984), Ten Years After (1987), Page after Page (1988), Derailed in Uncle Ho's Garden (1990), and Mid-Term Report (1995).

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