Research and Documentation in the Electronic Age / Edition 3

Research and Documentation in the Electronic Age / Edition 3

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Bedford/St. Martin's

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Research and Documentation in the Electronic Age / Edition 3

With advice for finding, evaluating, and documenting sources, this handy booklet covers the essential information students need for college research assignments in any discipline. The fourth edition includes new visual examples and new advice for distinguishing among many types of print and online sources.

Research and Documentation Online offers key sections of the print version on a free, easy-to-use Web site: annotated lists of and links to the best specialized resources in more than 30 disciplines and up-to-date documentation models and sample papers in MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE styles.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780312258627
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's
Publication date: 02/28/2002
Edition description: Third Edition
Pages: 269
Product dimensions: 5.36(w) x 6.94(h) x 0.38(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
Research Questions and Search Strategies     2
Posing a research question     2
Choosing a narrow question     3
Choosing a challenging question     3
Choosing a grounded question     4
Mapping out a search strategy     5
Getting started     5
Including the library in your plan     6
Choosing an appropriate search strategy     6
Finding and Evaluating Sources     8
Finding sources     8
Finding articles using a database or print index     8
What databases offer     8
How to search a database     11
When to use a print index     11
Finding books in the library's catalog     11
Finding a wide variety of sources on the Web     14
Search engines     15
Directories     15
Digital archives     16
Government and news sites     17
Discussion forums     18
Considering other search tools     18
Reference works     19
Bibliographies and scholarly citations     20
Evaluating sources     22
Selecting sources worth your attention     22
Scanning search results     22
Previewing sources     23
Distinguishing between primary and secondary sources     26
Selecting appropriate versions of electronic sources     27
Reading with an open mind and a critical eye     30
Being alert for signs of bias     30
Assessing the author's argument     31
Assessing Web sources with special care     31
Specialized Library and Web Resources     34
Researching in the humanities     34
General resources in the humanities     35
Databases and indexes in the humanities     35
Web resources in the humanities     35
Reference books in the humanities     36
Art and architecture     36
Databases and indexes in art and architecture     36
Web resources in art and architecture     37
Reference books in art and architecture     38
Special resources in art and architecture     39
Classics     39
Databases and indexes in classics     39
Web resources in classics     40
Reference books in classics     41
Literature     42
Databases and indexes in literature      42
Web resources in literature     43
Reference books in literature     44
Music     46
Databases and indexes in music     46
Web resources in music     46
Reference books in music     47
Philosophy     48
Databases and indexes in philosophy     48
Web resources in philosophy     48
Reference books in philosophy     49
Religion     50
Databases and indexes in religion     50
Web resources in religion     50
Reference books in religion     52
Theater, dance, and film     53
Databases and indexes in theater, dance, and film     53
Web resources in theater, dance, and film     54
Reference books in theater, dance, and film     55
World languages and linguistics     56
Databases and indexes in world languages and linguistics     56
Web resources in world languages and linguistics     56
Reference books in world languages and linguistics     57
Researching in history     59
General resources in history     60
Databases and indexes in history     60
Web resources in history      61
Reference books in history     61
World history     62
Databases and indexes in world history     62
Web resources in world history     62
Reference books in world history     62
American history     65
Databases and indexes in American history     65
Web resources in American history     65
Reference books in American history     65
Primary sources     67
Databases and indexes: The popular press     67
Web resources: Primary documents     69
Web resources: Government documents     70
Reprint series     70
Oral and local history collections     71
Researching in the social sciences     72
General resources in the social sciences     73
Databases and indexes in the social sciences     73
Web resources in the social sciences     73
Reference books in the social sciences     74
Anthropology     75
Databases and indexes in anthropology     75
Web resources in anthropology     76
Reference books in anthropology     76
Business and economics     77
Databases and indexes in business and economics      77
Web resources in business and economics     78
Reference books in business and economics     80
Communication studies     81
Databases and indexes in communication studies     81
Web resources in communication studies     81
Reference books in communication studies     82
Criminal Justice     83
Databases and indexes in criminal justice     83
Web resources in criminal justice     84
Reference books in criminal justice     84
Education     85
Databases and indexes in education     85
Web resources in education     86
Reference books in education     86
Ethnic and area studies     87
Databases and indexes in ethnic and area studies     87
Web resources in ethnic and area studies     88
Reference books in ethnic and area studies     89
Geography     92
Databases and indexes in geography     92
Web resources in geography     92
Reference books in geography     93
Special resources in geography     93
Law     94
Databases and indexes in law     94
Web resources in law      94
Reference books in law     96
Political science     96
Databases and indexes in political science     96
Web resources in political science     97
Reference books in political science     98
Psychology     100
Databases and indexes in psychology     100
Web resources in psychology     100
Reference books in psychology     101
Sociology     103
Databases and indexes in sociology     103
Web resources in sociology     103
Reference books in sociology     103
Women's studies     104
Databases and indexes in women's studies     104
Web resources in women's studies     105
Reference books in women's studies     106
Researching in the sciences     108
General resources in the sciences     109
Databases and indexes in the sciences     109
Web resources in the sciences     109
Reference books in the sciences     110
Biology     110
Databases and indexes in biology     110
Web resources in biology     111
Reference books in biology     111
Chemistry      112
Databases and indexes in chemistry     112
Web resources in chemistry     113
Reference books in chemistry     114
Computer science     114
Databases and indexes in computer science     114
Web resources in computer science     115
Reference books in computer science     115
Engineering     116
Databases and indexes in engineering     116
Web resources in engineering     116
Reference books in engineering     117
Environmental sciences     118
Databases and indexes in environmental sciences     118
Web resources in environmental sciences     118
Reference books in environmental sciences     119
Geology     120
Databases and indexes in geology     120
Web resources in geology     120
Reference books in geology     121
Mathematics     122
Databases and indexes in mathematics     122
Web resources in mathematics     122
Reference books in mathematics     122
Nursing and health sciences     123
Databases and indexes in nursing and health sciences     123
Web resources in nursing and health sciences      123
Reference books in nursing and health sciences     125
Physics and astronomy     125
Databases and indexes in physics and astronomy     125
Web resources in physics and astronomy     126
Reference books in physics and astronomy     127
Documentation styles     129
MLA style: English and other humanities     129
MLA in-text citations     131
Directory     130
MLA list of works cited     141
Directory     141
MLA information notes (optional)     173
MLA manuscript format     174
Sample research paper: MLA style     177
APA style: The social sciences     186
APA in-text citations     186
Directory     187
APA list of references     193
Directory     194
APA manuscript format     211
Sample research paper: APA style     215
Chicago style: History     229
Chicago documentation style     229
Directory     231
Chicago manuscript format     241
Sample pages from a research paper: Chicago style     244
CSE style: Biology and other sciences      251
CSE number system     251
CSE reference list     253
Directory     254
CSE manuscript format     265
Sample pages: CSE style     267
List of style manuals     273
Glossary of Research Terms     276

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