Research Methods in Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics: A Practical Guide

Research Methods in Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics: A Practical Guide


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ISBN-13: 9781444335842
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/27/2012
Series: GMLZ - Guides to Research Methods in Language and Linguistics Series , #5
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.60(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Nicole Müller is Professor of CommunicativeDisorders at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and holds aHawthorne-BORSF Endowed Professorship. She is co-editor of thejournal Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics and of the bookseries Communication Disorders Across Languages. She is theco-author of Approaches to Discourse in Dementia (with J. A.Guendouzi, Lawrence Erlbaum Association, 2006), editor ofMultilayered Transcription (Plural, 2007), and co-editor ofThe Handbook of Language and Speech Disorders (with J. S.Damico and M. J. Ball, Wiley-Blackwell, 2010).

Martin J. Ball is Hawthorne-BORSF Endowed Professor atthe University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is co-editor of thejournal Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics and two bookseries: Communication Disorders Across Languages  andLanguage and Speech Disorders (with J. S. Damico). Heco-edited The Handbook of Clinical Linguistics (with M.Perkins, N. Müller and S. Howard, Wiley-Blackwell, 2008) andThe Celtic Languages (with N. Müller, Routledge, 2009),and co-wrote Phonology for Communication Disorders (with N.Müller and B. Rutter, Psychology Press, 2010).

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Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors vii

1 Linguistics, Phonetics, and Speech-Language Pathology:Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics 1
Nicole Müller and Martin J. Ball

2 Research Ethics 10
Thomas W. Powell

3 Experimental and Quasi-experimental Research in ClinicalLinguistics and Phonetics 28
Vesna Mildner

4 The Investigation of Speech Production: Experimental andQuasi-experimental Approaches 48
B. May Bernhardt, Penelope Bacsfalvi, Marcy Adler-Bock,Geetanjalee Modha, and Barbara Purves

5 Investigating Disordered Language: Experimental andQuasi-experimental Approaches 63
Judith D. Oxley

6 Qualitative Research in Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics87
Nicole Müller

7 An Ethnographic Approach to Assessing Communication Success inInteractions Involving Adults with Developmental Delay 107
Jacqueline Guendouzi and Paula S. Currie

8 Conversation Analysis Applied to Disordered Speech andLanguage 126
Scott Barnes and Alison Ferguson

9 Clinical Sociolinguistics 146
Martin J. Ball and Louise Keegan

10 The Recording of Audio and Video Data 160
Ben Rutter and Stuart Cunningham

11 Data Processing: Transcriptional and Impressionistic Methods177
Martin J. Ball, Sara Howard, Nicole Müller, and AngelaGranese

12 Data Processing: Digital Analysis of Speech Audio Signals195
Mark Huckvale

13 Data Processing: Imaging of Speech Data 219
Joan Rahilly

14 Data Analysis and Interpretation: Statistical Methods253
Eleonora Rossi

15 AphasiaBank: Data and Methods 268
Brian MacWhinney, Davida Fromm, Audrey Holland, and MargaretForbes

16 Disseminating Research: Reading, Writing, and Publishing288
Sharynne McLeod

Index 311

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From the Publisher

"Up to date and covering a refreshingly wide range ofapproaches, this is a first-rate guide and resource for bothpractitioners and consumers of research in clinical linguistics andphonetics." – Mick Perkins, University ofSheffield

“This truly outstanding collection of readings,treating a number of critical issues with great clarity, iscertain to be quickly recognized as a valuable resource by thecommunity of researchers.”  – Martin R.Gitterman, The City University of New York

 “This volume offers excellent coverage of bothqualitative and quantitative methods, with clinical examples. Itwill be of great value to students and scholars in clinicallinguistics, speech-language pathology and related fields.”– Tara Whitehill, The University of Hong Kong

"The scope of this volume illustrates just how effectiveclinical linguistics and phonetics has been in the exploration ofspeech and language impairment. This book will be a prime resourcefor researchers and students." – Paul Fletcher, Universityof Cork

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