Researching Children Researching the World: 5x5x5=creativity

Researching Children Researching the World: 5x5x5=creativity


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ISBN-13: 9781858564340
Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 08/28/2008
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Mary Fawcett

Penny Hay

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements; Preface—Mike Young; Authors; Contributors; Introduction—Penny Hay; 1) Our Philosophical Framework—Penny Hay; 2) The Wider Context—Mary Fawcett and Penny Hay; 3) Making 5x5x5=creativity Work: The Invisible Framework: a) The Role of Documentation—Andrea Sully and Ed Harker; b) Creative and Reflective Cycle—Susi Bancroft and Mary Fawcett; c) Collaboration and Partnership—Susi Bancroft and Mary Fawcett; d) The Role of the Mentor in 5x5x5=creativity—Mary Fawcett and Penny Hay; e) Evaluation and Research—Susi Bancroft and Mary Fawcett; f) Professional Development—Susi Bancroft and Mary Fawcett; 4) 5x5x5=creativity in Practice: a) Kinder Garden Nursery—Liz Elders, Deborah Aguirre Jones and Mary Fawcett; b) Twerton Infant School—Anna Ashby, Jayne Rochford Smith and Mary Fawcett; c) St Saviour’s Nursery and Infant School—Ed Harker and Mary Fawcett; d) John: A Child Study—Karen Wallis; LEARNING STORIES: a) Freshford Primary School—Tessa Richardson Jones, Catharine Naylor and Sam Mosley; b) Bishop Henderson Primary School—Annabelle Macfadyen and Sandy Shepherd; c) The Bog Square Footprints Children’s Centre—Lindsey Fuller; d) Three Ways Special School—Lesley Hunt and Helen Jury; LINES OF INQUIRY: a) Learning Dispositions—Susi Bancroft, Mary Fawcett and Penny Hay; b) Fantasy Play—Susi Bancroft; c) The Outdoors—Liz Elders and Mary Fawcett; d) Musical Intelligences—Mandy Adams and Mary Fawcett; e) Creative Digital Technologies—Liz Elders, Mary Fawcett, Lindsey Fuller and Ed Harker; 5) Perspectives on 5x5x5=creativity: a) Educators’ Perspectives—Edited by Mary Fawcett and David Allinson; b) Parents’ Perspectives—Edited by Mary Fawcett and Penny Hay; 6) Artists in 5x5x5=creativity: a) The Role of the Artist in 5x5x5=creativity—Deborah Aguirre Jones and Gill Nichol, Edited by Penny Hay and Mary Fawcett; b) AND (Artists Network Development)—Penny Hay, Catherine Lamont Robinson and Karen Wallis; c) An Artist’s Journal—Catherine Lamont-Robinson, Edited by Susi Bancroft and Mary Fawcett; 7) Cultural Centres and 5x5x5=creativity—Kate Cross and Penny Ha; 8) 5x5x5=creativity: Our Learning, Our Legacy—Penny Hay; References; Index.

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