Reset: Heaven No Hell

Reset: Heaven No Hell

by Doc Cole

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It’s Reset Time! Jim Below shook a high ball of scotch. Then he popped ½ Xanax bar. “I’ve got more totem poles than a reservation.” He yelled in the hotel. He sprayed Joop cologne for the babes and hit some more robo. It was not a time to go home. He wanted to be a big shot. He had to have it out with Count Duggan for quitting the team. “Come here you son of ..”growls as he was kneeded by sitting pedestrian. “Look Count, just be honest with me, why did you resist to persist in our ventures? The cigar smoke looked pretty to the Count. “Jim I am sorry, but I am tired of the killing, I mean can we solve our issues without pulling a trigger. Every trigger I pull triggers something else.” The Count said, gripping his Lohenbrowl . “Look I am depending on you man for the missions, and we can’t dig these graves without you, we just can’t.” Jim pounded the table with his elbow. The time was 2. The mission, finding the hotel without collateral damage. Jim and the Count were hammered, feeling right was enough. “Rock of Ages” yes love that song Jim said holding the count under his arm. The Parisian Gazillion Skyline Trees combed Jim’s vision and the Count was down for the count! “L’autobus, sil’vous plait? Echoed Jim as he kept the Count from losing his any more dementia. It was sweltering hot, late May in Paris is way gay, I mean Way gay Jim voiced again. At the bar of the hotel, they began to dance and karaoke to Billy Joel’s “52 Street.” They were whaling and yelling at the top of their lungs while buttons popped from Jim’s shirt. His black shoes flossed the floor like Micheal Jackson’s Moon Walk. “Me I’m trying to get to second..” slurred Jim. The Count grabbed a hotel girl who screamed “Non, Non, Non.” “I am zu Hause Count Duggan, jouer avec vous moi, d’cord. “ending with a drunken laugh. It was mid life crisis time for both of them. Going backward not forward seemed to spiral them out of control at every move. When you’re drunk and have thought what not to do, you do it when buzzed. It never fails. The best plan is to not drink and find another high. Yet even at that level, you pay. There is some Russian proverb about wolves and playing for the masses when you are young. Then in the end the wolves take what they can from you. It is sad but think about it. I know this is a spy vs spy novel ,but I am taking a commercial break here. Why does turning 60 or 70 mean a death kneel to life, love, and liberty. Are we not raised by who, elders. Who is older than God, think about that for a moment. Okay well back at the room with Jim and the Count. One of the other members of the team sent a Party girl dressed like a Healthy Viking with A Horned Helmet up to Jim’s Room. She began singing Abba’s Dancing Queen “See That Girl Watch That Scene, Dig in the Dancing Queen.” As the song played Jim’s heart heat the floor. Tears fell on his bed and the Count did not know why. The girl continued to sing with the song playing on her I-phone. Jim looked at the mirror and shook his head “Why Mom, Why did you go at 54?” He told the girl who was dancing outside the door to hold on. He opened the door with a doorman’s groan: “Hey I know you mean well, but that song kills me. I am sorry, here’s 50 bucks, forget you saw me.” Then he shut the door. “Well that was short of rude dude” slurred the Count. “And if my sentimental vibes kill your buzz, my apologies. Listen tomorrow we, I think should go to Rome and dig up the body of Pope John Paul I.” The Count dropped his beer on the floor. “Auf Wedersein “(phonetic German for good bye) The body of John Paul I held pure rejuvenation bone anti cancer tissue which could be cemented and bonded to the powder bone matter of him and the drugs which we will call Paulacil!” A drug for clean living, no sinning, one for people who really just want peace in their lives. The ones who don’t like to go out much, stay indoors most days and nights. Oh and are also night owls

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ISBN-13: 9781468905083
Publisher: Booktango
Publication date: 05/29/2012
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