Resilient Leaders--The Resilience Trilogy

Resilient Leaders--The Resilience Trilogy

by Robert F. Dees
Resilient Leaders--The Resilience Trilogy

Resilient Leaders--The Resilience Trilogy

by Robert F. Dees

Paperback(New Edition)

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Resilient Warriors Given the “body slams” which afflict all of us at times, how do we prepare for the storms of life, how do we weather those storms, and how do we then bounce back without getting stuck in the toxic emotions of guilt, false guilt, anger, and bitterness? Resilient Warriors is written in military metaphor but applies to all of us, whether a business executive, a military professional, a young mom with three in diapers, or anyone else on the battlefield of life. Taking a holistic approach to include full integration of Biblical truth, General Dees has provided an essential guide for individual resilience, a critical life skill. This book is complemented by the Resilient Warriors Advanced Study Guide, allowing readers to personalize and apply what they read to their own life situations.

Resilient Leaders Leadership is a contact sport! As an experienced military, business, ministry, academic, and political leader, General Dees explains how leaders can selflessly serve over time from a platform of character and competence. In addition to unique, Biblically-based discussions regarding key leader characteristics, key leader competencies, and the wisdom of the leader, Resilient Leaders includes an invaluable section on leader self-care. This book provides a unique window into how leaders lead well, stay resilient, and help the organizations and individuals they lead do the same.

Resilient Nations God Himself breathed life into the soul and spirit of America. While there are many infrastructures that undergird our nation (economic, military, energy, transportation, etc.), the most critical one of all is our spiritual infrastructure which is also an “element of national power” and the unseen glue that makes America the most exceptional nation on earth. Resilient Nations identifies the ingredients which comprise spiritual infrastructure as it relates to national resilience, and assesses this from the founding of America to our current state of moral decay. Taking a deeper dive into Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; Resilient Nations then provides mandates for We The People, We The Church, and We The Statesmen. As a closing challenge, General Dees asks, “If not now, then when? If not us, then who?”

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